The Right Type of Car Insurance During a Pandemic – Since the pandemic took place, many car users have stayed at home, did you know that there is the right type of car insurance during a pandemic that can make it easier for you to do insurance even if the car is rarely used.

Car insurance can at least create a sense of calm for car owners when parking a car in a garage. Even if it is lost, the car owner can still collect cash that is insured by the insurance company.

The Right Type of Car Insurance

If the car is rarely used, there are several insurance options. Total Loss Online Insurance (TLO) can be the best choice for those who have a limited budget and lower premiums than All Risk.

The Right Type of Car Insurance

However, if the car is lost, stolen or badly damaged, the owner can file a claim.

Severe damage must be at least 75 percent. 75 percent damage is deliberately used as a benchmark because it can be determined that the vehicle cannot be used anymore.

Insurance TLO cars guarantee losses if the vehicle is damaged beyond reasonable damage due to an accident, destroyed by fire, or stolen or confiscated by the government.

This means that if a car that is covered by TLO insurance suffers minor damage, such as a scratch on the body, a broken mirror or other minor damage, the owner cannot demand replacement.

Car owners should have insurance and emergency money in case of unforeseen circumstances. Car repair provided. Separate monthly and annual operating expenses should be segregated to facilitate cash allocations.

Monthly running costs may include things like gas, parking, and tolls. Operating costs yearly can be allocated for annual taxes, car services and insurance, the nominal amount is approximately 8 million rupiah.


In an unpredictable economic climate, having car insurance can provide added security for your most prized possessions.

We can guarantee that it will be safe if we have car insurance. Therefore, car owners do not need to spend money to risk accidents, major damage or even loss.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about car loans, as follows:

Does Car Loan Include Insurance?

For car buyers on credit, the car purchased will be protected by car insurance. This is intended so that the customer or buyer does not bear a very large loss if the vehicle is at risk of damage or loss.


In the article above, we have provided information about the right car insurance, which can make it easier for you even if the car is rarely used.

Thus the article about Car Insurance that is Right During a Pandemic According to Experts, I hope the article above can be useful and help all of you.

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