How to Buy GoTo Shares in the Initial Offering Period – For those of you who are still confused about how to buy GoTo shares during the initial offering. You can easily buy GoTo shares by opening and logging in using your username and password. Potential investors know that PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk shares can be ordered.

From now until March 21, GoTo shares are in the first offering stage and GoTo's effective date is projected to be March 25, 2022.

GoTo's initial public offering on the Indonesia Stock Exchange will take place on April 4, which falls between March 29 and March 31 this year.

How to Buy GoTo Shares on the e-IPO Portal

In fact, the Gojek-Tokopedia joint venture will issue 48 billion series A shares in this IPO, with the possibility of increasing to 52 billion series A shares.

Furthermore, IDR 2.3 trillion came from greenshoes, bringing the total value of the issuance of shares sold to IDR 15.2 trillion (US$2 billion).

Now, potential investors can order GoTo shares during this first offering period. Although it is known in that period GoTo stock price still survive in the price range of Rp. 316-346 per share.

In addition, potential investors can buy GoTo stock with the number of lots and the desired price in accordance with that price range. However, it is stated that 1 lot is equivalent to 100 shares.

How to Buy GoTo Shares on the e-IPO Portal

  1. Open the page click here
  2. Select the List menu.
  3. Please select a valid email account.
  4. Select Investor Type.
  5. Please enter the required information.
  6. Open the email and click on the website URL mentioned in the incoming email to authenticate.
  7. The OTP code must be entered here.
  8. After registering an account, click Login.
  9. Click Login after entering your email address and password.
  10. The page will display a number of current initial public offerings (IPOs). Select GoTo and click More Info.
  11. Read the information connected to GoTo shares carefully. Also read the GoTo brochure.
  12. Click Message.
  13. In the Participant column, select the broker name you want. You have the option of using an existing account with a security broker or dealer.
  14. Enter the desired price and number of lots. The price range specified by the company should be followed when entering the price.
  15. Choose three questions with yes or no.
  16. To send the message, click the Send button.
  17. Check the data that has been filled in correctly, then click Save.

Can You Still Buy GoTo Shares?

Enter the one-time code sent to the registered phone number. To save your order, click Save Changes.

When an order is submitted, it is automatically saved and awaits review by a System Participant.

In accordance with OJK regulations, interest shown directly by potential investors during the book building period must be validated by potential investors if they wish to advance to the Offering period.

There are various methods to confirm your suspicions:

  1. Open the Active Order option on your e-IPO page.
  2. When prompted, click "I have read the prospectus."
  3. The amount of money to be deposited into the Customer Fund Account (RDN) is in accordance with the total price paid for the shares ordered before the end of the public offering period.
  4. The number of verified purchases of GoTo shares can be seen on the website from time to time.
  5. After receiving confirmation, the GoTo IPO shares that were officially ordered become the property of the potential investor 1 day before the date of listing of the shares.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about GoTo stock, as follows:

Can You Still Buy GoTo Shares?

Not a few thought that GoTo shares could no longer be bought because the initial offering period was over. Even though many investors still have the opportunity to become GoTo shareholders through a public offering from April 1 to April 7, 2022.



Offer share GoTo's premiere on the Indonesia Stock Exchange will take place on April 4, which falls between March 29 and March 31 this year. GoTo's share price remains in the price range of IDR 316-346 per share.

This is information about how to buy GoTo shares during the initial offering period, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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