List of Safe Services at Antam, Check How – If you want to begold investment, you can list the services safe at PT Aneka Tambang or ANTAM (Persero) Tbk which has provided gold buying and storage services.

Apart from offering gold buying and storage services, Safe also offers resale services, printing according to the required denominations and infaq and zakat payments in collaboration with BAZNAS.

How to Register for Safe Services

Below are the steps you need to know, as follows:

  1. Customers can only register at the LM Pulogadung office or LM Boutique Gold by showing their identity and NPWP (if any), filling out the registration form, signing the "Safe Terms and Conditions" on the stamp duty, and paying an annual fee according to the type of membership.
  2. The information provided is accurate and true. If the information changes, the customer needs to notify management
  3. Customers will get a Secure Card and an SMS notification with an activation link once they register for the service. Customer support can help activate your BRANKAS account, and an SMS with further instructions will be sent to the phone number you provided when you registered.
  4. As proof of ownership, Safe Cards cannot be used to make purchases and are non-transferable.
  5. The customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password. Misuse of passwords by third parties is not the responsibility of the company, unless the misuse is the fault of the company.

Safe Membership Fee

Membership payments for safes are valid for one year and can be extended in varying amounts depending on the type of membership and the scope or limit of the facilities provided.

Membership Type

There are several types of membership in the Safe, including:

1. Bronze

Annual administration fee of 100,000 rupiah, with a minimum purchase of 1 gram and a minimum balance of 1 gram. The coverage/limit facility is 100 grams.

2. Silver

Coverage/limit facility of 250 grams, minimum purchase of 1 gram, minimum balance of 1 gram, and administration fee of 150,000 rupiah every year

3. Gold

The coverage/limit facility is 500 grams, minimum purchase is 1 gram, minimum balance is 1 gram, and an administration fee of 300,000 rupiah per year

4. Platinum

The coverage/limit facility is 1,000 grams, a minimum purchase of 1 gram, a minimum balance of 5 grams, and administration fees of 450,000 per year


The coverage/limit facility is 2,500 grams, a minimum purchase of 1 gram, a minimum balance of 10 grams, and administration fees of 900,000 per year

6. Priority

The coverage/limit facility is 10,000 grams, a minimum purchase of 1 gram, a minimum balance of 20 grams and an administration fee of 2,500,000 per year.


  1. Customers are not charged storage fees
  2. The annual fee is valid for one year and can be extended
  3. Upgrades can be made and customers can start a new membership period by upgrading the type after the membership renewal period (10 months) has passed.
  4. To determine printing costs, you need to know the type of denomination and where it was picked up


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about Antam's safes, as follows:

Is Antam's Safe Halal?

In the sale and purchase that took place, in the safe at PT Antam Tbk, there was no physical handover of the gold, so the sale and purchase of gold is illegal.


That's an article about the list of safe services at Antam, check out how you can do it to register. Apart from that, in the article above, we have also prepared safe deposit membership fees and types of membership.

Thus the article regarding the list of safe services at Antam, check how, I hope this article can be useful and can make it easier for those of you who want to register for safe services, good luck.

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