How to Check and Pay Vehicle Tax Online – For those of you who are still confused about how to check and pay vehicle tax online, you can easily get this information in the article we provide below.

In fact, nowadays there is no need to travel to the local Samsat office which takes time and effort.

The owner only needs to provide a cellphone or laptop, then complete it online on the official Samsat website. Or, you can download the National Digital Samsat application or the 'familiar' one called SIGNAL.

How to Check Vehicle Tax Online through the SAMBARA Application

How to Check Vehicle Tax Online

Visit the link below to find out how to check vehicle tax online throughout Indonesia. You can find out how much tax you have to pay by Click here

How to Pay Vehicle Tax Online

If you want to pay tax vehicle online, you have several options, as follows:


Samsat already has an application called National Digital Samsat (SIGNAL) which can be downloaded on Google Playstore or AppStore

This program can be used to pay car tax online. To get started, just click on the following link and follow the simple instructions.

Click here


Now, you can use BCA ATMs to pay motorbike/car taxes. The e-Samsat feature allows vehicle owners to pay motor vehicle tax online using the BCA ATM network with minimal extra fees.

Check Vehicle Tax Online through the SAMBARA Application

How to pay vehicle tax with a BCA ATM can be seen in the link below.

Click here


Now there is a way to pay motorbike tax at Indomaret which can be a practical choice.

By paying motor vehicle tax at Indomaret, vehicle owners now no longer need to line up at the Samsat counter.

It's easy, really! You can read the complete guide at the link below.

Click here

It's not difficult, right? That's how to check and pay motor vehicle tax online on your cellphone or laptop. You can do it without having to stand in line at the Samsat office. Easy and fast!

Does Vehicle Tax Include Car Insurance?

Calculation of Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) is influenced by many variables. Tax rates and Compulsory Fees for Road Traffic Accident Funds, which are often called SWDKLLJ, are three examples.

It turns out that the tax data you paid does not include car/vehicle insurance. In fact, every car / vehicle that you have must be equipped with vehicle insurance.

When you get a vehicle, usually the price you pay includes car insurance if the vehicle has an accident, theft or danger that causes losses in the future.

With this form of insurance, customers will definitely feel safer knowing that the corporation will pay for any losses they face. The type of compensation may vary in form and amount collected.

However, you don't need to renew your car insurance every year, because this serves to protect your car. At PKB, we only pay for accident insurance in the form of SWDKLLJ.

Types of Special Vehicle Insurance

As information, it turns out that there are also many types of vehicle insurance. Check for more information.

How to Check West Java Vehicle Tax through the Bapenda Website

All-Risk Insurance

All-risk insurance shows the type that covers all forms of unfavorable risks that arise in the vehicle acquired, especially a new car. The damage that can be repaired can vary from minor like abrasions to theft.

Total Loss Only Insurance

This kind of risk relates to the potential loss of the vehicle "as a whole". This type of TLO insurance covers vehicles that are stolen, lost, or damaged by 75 percent or more to the point that they are no longer roadworthy.

For this TLO insurance claim, evidence is required and meets essential standards.

Collision Coverage Insurance

This form of insurance is suitable for individuals who are beginners in driving a car. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance pays for damage to the insured car, up to full replacement costs.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about taxes, as follows:

After paying motorbike tax online, do you have to go to Samsat?

After extending your STNK online through the Signal application, you still have to visit the blocked Samsat to replace your STNK and license plate.


After reading the article above, you can find out how to check vehicle tax, pay vehicle tax, and also specific types of vehicle insurance.

Thus the article on How to Check and Pay Vehicle Tax Online, I hope this article can be useful and can also help all of you in checking and paying vehicle tax online.

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