What is Travel Insurance in Credit Card

Rancakmedia.com – There is something you need to know about knowing what travel insurance is on a credit card that provides protection for domestic travel from international.

It's true that credit cards can be used for more than cash withdrawals and interest-free loans. Credit cards also provide travel insurance.

You may be covered in case of travel accidents, delays or cancellations, as well as lost or misplaced baggage.

Travel credit cards are not the only ones eligible for this travel insurance feature. This also applies to non-travel credit cards.

Know What is Credit Card Travel Insurance

The amount of insurance or compensation provided by the issuing bank varies from millions to billions of rupiah. This is very lucrative, but you need to understand a few things about credit card travel insurance below!

Know What is Credit Card Travel Insurance

Below are some things you need to know about Credit Card Travel Insurance, including:

1. Terms and Conditions

Travel insurance has been provided free of charge by several credit card companies. However, there are a number of conditions that must be met to get this advantage.

Customers are often asked to make a certain amount of transactions. Airline tickets, for example, require a minimum purchase of 5 million rupiah if paying by credit card.

Therefore, in order to qualify for this travel insurance benefit, make sure you understand the conditions imposed by the issuing bank.

That way, this facility will not be wasted, and later you can enjoy it while traveling or touring.

2. Sum Insured

The guaranteed amount is determined by the issuing bank and varies widely. Credit card platinum and premium, for example, have higher annual fees.

In general, the range of values covered is IDR 250 million to IDR 7 billion for cardholders and their families.

3. Claim Procedure

Every client of insurance products, really needs to understand how to submit a claim to the issuing bank. So, after a travel loss occurs, your insurance money can be distributed according to the policy.


Filling out the claim form and attaching the required documents is the standard method for filing a claim (passport, certificate of cause and chronology of events, photocopy of travel ticket and others).

After that, the bank will conduct an investigation. If approved, the promised money will be disbursed.

4. Things Not Covered by Credit Card Travel Insurance

In addition to understanding the prices covered by travel insurance, you also need to know the list of losses or damages that are not covered. Misunderstandings can be avoided if this is done.

For example, uninsured loss or damage is caused by intentional, suspicious, unexplained loss of goods and others.

5. Travel Insurance Validity Period

Credit card travel insurance benefits are usually accessible for 30 days. Moreover, the insurance policy has expired.

If you still want to use the facility, you have to do an extension. Of course, this additional fee is required.

Return to issuing bank policy. Some banks provide a longer validity period. You should ask this to the bank so that it is clearer in using it.

Credit Card Travel Insurance Benefits

Traveling with a credit card is not difficult if you are a regular user. Of course, by first asking the bank how to take advantage of or obtain protection from it.

Credit Card Travel Insurance Benefits


Below we have summarized some of the frequently asked questions about travel insurance, as follows:

How Much Does Travel Insurance To Europe Cost?

There is a schengen visa travel insurance premium price depending on the length of time the insured is in Europe. Schengen visa travel insurance premiums for 30 days range from Rp. 750,000 to Rp. 1,500,000 per person with coverage up to Rp. 6,000,000,000.


Thus the article about What is Travel Insurance in a Credit Card, after reading the article above, do you have a clear understanding of Travel Insurance in a Credit Card? We hope so.

That's an article about What is Travel Insurance on a Credit Card, hopefully it's useful and can help you all.

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