Check Java Island Vehicle Taxes Online – During the current pandemic, many are worried about vehicle tax checks. Now there is an online way to check Java vehicle tax that you can use to avoid crowds and so on.

There are still many people who do not know the basics of using this digital service. Let's look at three different ways to verify your vehicle's tax status online, one for each province, just to be sure. Here's the discussion:

How to Check Java Island Vehicle Taxes with the PKB Apk

How to Check Java Island Vehicle Taxes with the PKB Apk

To facilitate service, each province on the island of Java also provides access to instruments for online car tax inspection purposes.

Below we have provided a link that you can open to check Java island vehicle tax, as follows:

  1. Central Java New Sakpole e-Samsat Central Java
  2. Yogyakarta infopkbdiy application
  3. West Java SAMBARA application
  4. East Java East Java Bapenda website
  5. DKI Jakarta DKI Jakarta Ranmor & Tax Application

Each service will be easy to use. We will be able to enter information such as VIN, NIK and order number directly from the main menu. After entering this, information about the amount of tax due will be displayed.

In most cases, you will have to enter another menu if the program does not immediately offer a menu for entering car data. Try looking for the CLA check option or the check menu item tax.

Usually after navigating through a few options, we'll be able to send data to see the tax amount immediately.

Although there are services that make it easy, not all of these applications can be accessed easily. Since the servers are unreachable, some of them cannot be downloaded at all.

You will have to use another access method if you are not using the tools mentioned above.

Provincial Samsat SMS

Even though the website/application above is easy to use, the connection to the Polri server often fails. For those who can't wait for the connection to improve, we can take advantage of the Provincial Samsat SMS service. It is more reliable due to faster reaction.

Provincial Samsat SMS

Below there are numbers from Samsat that you can try to check Java island vehicle taxes, including:

  1. Central Java: Type JATENG(space)[vehicle license plate number without spaces] send to 9600
  2. Yogyakarta: Type DIY(space)[vehicle license plate number without spaces] send to 9600
  3. East Java: Type JATIM(space)[vehicle license plate number without spaces] send to 7070
  4. West Java: Type poldajbr(space)[vehicle license plate number without spaces] send to 3977
  5. DKI Jakarta: Type METRO(space)[vehicle license plate number without spaces] and send to 1717
  6. Banten: Type esamsat(space)[vehicle license plate number without spaces](space)[your NIK] send to 0811-211-9211

By using this SMS service, your car tax information will be provided. Anyone experiencing issues with other Samsat Online services can consider using this approach as their last resort.

Example: BMW X5. Tax Amount

The BMW X5 is undoubtedly the choice of many because of the quality of the car.

If you look at the price of the car, of course it's not surprising that the BMW X5 tax is also quite large or expensive.

BMW X5 Car Tax

Where the tax that this car has every year, of course, varies based on the type. The following is an explanation regarding the amount of BMW X5 car tax from the beginning of the year until now:

  1. 2000 BMW X5 Tax
    3.7 Million – 5.9 Million
  2. BMW X5 Tax 2001
    3 Million – 7.2 Million
  3. 2002 BMW X5 Tax
    4.3 Million – 7.3 Million
  4. 2003 BMW X5 Tax
    4.6 Million – 8 Million
  5. 2004 BMW X5 Tax
    5.4 Million – 10.2 Million
  6. 2005 BMW X5 Tax
    6.9 Million – 12.5 Million
  7. BMW X5 Tax 2006
    8 Million – 14.3 Million
  8. BMW X5 Tax 2007
    9.6 Million – 16.6 Million
  9. BMW X5 Tax 2008
    11.7 Million – 20.3 Million
  10. BMW X5 Tax 2009
    9.8 Million – 23.3 Million
  11. BMW X5 Tax 2010
    10.9 Million – 24.8 Million
  12. BMW X5 Tax 2011
    12.1 Million – 26.6 Million
  13. BMW X5 Tax 2012
    13.5 Million – 25.7 Million
  14. BMW X5 Tax 2013
    14.7 Million – 28.5 Million
  15. BMW X5 Tax 2014
    15.7 Million – 26.9 Million
  16. BMW X5 Tax 2015
    14.2 Million – 39.1 Million
  17. BMW X5 Tax Year 2017
    15.3 Million – 44.5 Million
  18. BMW X5 Tax Year 2018
    13.7 Million – 42.3 Million
  19. BMW X5 Tax Year 2019
    14.5 Million – 42.3 Million
  20. BMW X5 Tax Year 2020
    15.5 Million – 42.5 Million
  21. BMW X5 Tax Year 2021
    16.3 Million – 46.6 Million

BMW X5 Car Tax


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about taxes, as follows:

How to Check Number Plates?

The first way to check the vehicle number plate and owner is by using an SMS, with the format METRO (space) for the police license plate, then sending it to number 1717. An example of using SMS to check car plates in Jakarta is METRO B8790COW.


Now, you no longer need to bother going to the nearest Samsat office to take care of vehicle tax, because now you can check your vehicle tax via the local Web or application.

Thus the article about checking Java vehicle tax online, I hope the above information can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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