How to Check North Sulawesi Vehicle Taxes Online – Many individuals are looking for ways to check North Sulawesi vehicle tax online by using the e-Samsat website, because by using the website you can easily check taxes anywhere and anytime.

Many people think that development in a location like Sulawesi is far behind compared to areas like Jakarta. However, this is not completely justified.

This is because growth in the Sulawesi region, including North Sulawesi, is also experiencing growth. One of them is the existence of a website that can be used to check vehicle taxes.

How to Check Bali Vehicle Tax Through the Official E-Samsat Website

By utilizing this website, the people of North Sulawesi no longer need to come to the Samsat just to verify the tax amount. To make it easier for people to learn about vehicle tax.

How to Check North Sulawesi Vehicle Tax Online with e-Samsat

Maybe there are still some people in North Sulawesi who don't know how to check vehicle tax via the web. No need to worry if you are one of the members who don't know about it yet.

Because in this post we have provided a strategy or process for checking vehicle tax using the e-Samsat website.

You can quickly verify your vehicle tax status by following these simple steps, namely:

  1. Visit the online Samsat link on the website of the Regional Revenue Agency for North Sulawesi Province
  2. Then press enter to go to the website
  3. After the web opens, enter the required data
  4. In the police number section, there will be three columns
  5. In the first column, enter the area code
  6. In the second column, enter your vehicle's license plate number
  7. In the third column enter the letter on your license plate
  8. Next, select the type of your vehicle plate between black, yellow and red
  9. Enter the code that has been given
  10. Click calculate
  11. Done

Ease of Checking Vehicle Taxes Using E-Samsat

It only takes a few minutes to find out how to look up vehicle tax status online. Apart from that, you can use a number of other features, including the following:

This is Checking South Sulawesi's Vehicle Tax Online

1. Anyone Can Check

No need to worry if you don't have time to check the vehicle tax. Because you can ask someone else to do it. Plat number a vehicle is all that is needed.

2. Practical

If you want to look up vehicle tax, all you need is your laptop or smartphone and the steps outlined above.

This is a no-brainer, as almost everyone has access to a smartphone these days.


Thus the article on how to check North Sulawesi vehicle tax online, now the people of North Sulawesi can check vehicle tax exclusively via cellphone.

By checking vehicle tax using E-Samsat it only takes a few minutes, this technique of checking vehicle tax status online is quite easy to do.

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