So easy! Central Java Vehicle Tax Check - You can easily check the Central Java vehicle tax through the New Sakpole application using your smartphone, easily and quickly.

This eliminates the need to visit a specific Samsat office or payment location. From your home or workplace, you can quickly find out the taxes you need to pay.

Thanks to advances in technology, many tasks are now easier to complete in just a few minutes. Using cell phones and computers, for example, makes things simpler and faster. Including when you want to know the amount of vehicle tax and pay it.

By using the application, all you have to do is enter the license plate number of the car or motorbike that you have. Even when you want to pay, you don't have to go far to a bank or a formal payment site.

Alternatively, you can pay your bills at your local small market or use an online account or e-wallet.

How to Check Central Java Vehicle Tax at New Sakpole

Now practically all cities or provinces provide internet facilities for residents to find out the amount of tax to be paid.

Like the New Sakpole application held by the province of Central Java. You only need to verify your vehicle tax at New Sakpole with just a few steps, which are as follows:

  1. First download the New Sakpole application, Click here
  2. Open the New Sakpole application on your smartphone, if you haven't already done so
  3. To get tax information, go to the menu bar at the top of the application
  4. After that, enter the vehicle number plates, both cars and motorbikes, where you want to know the tax amount
  5. Then select or click process
  6. Later complete information will appear regarding the vehicle for which you entered the license plate number. Starting from the physical characteristics, which Samsat is registered, the tax validity period, the vehicle registration validity period as well as the calculation of the tax that must be paid

Not easy to know or verify vehicle tax in New Sakpole for you people of Central Java.

Now that you know this, you are better prepared to pay the necessary tax payments. No more excuses for forgetting or short on cash as it may only be recognized up front.

The New Sakpole application is specifically for Central Java residents and cars at this time, and is still under development.

Be prepared to encounter options or menus that don't work on 100%. Even though the application which is a refinement of the e-samsat has been available since 2020.

With the New Sakpole application, it is believed that individuals will be more diligent and orderly in paying vehicle tax.

There is no reason to forget because now there is a quick and easy solution even in a pandemic. especially given the widespread availability of online and mobile access to nearly all government services.

Just launch the app any time you need to verify your vehicle tax in New Sakpole. Even when there is a pandemic and PPKM is no longer an excuse, you may still know the tax amount and pay it.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about taxes, as follows:

When is the Central Java Vehicle Tax Bleach 2022?

Elimination of motor vehicle tax fines and the fifth year overdue motor vehicle tax principal in Central Java which lasts until 22 November 2022, while the exemption of BBNKB II lasts until 22 December 2022.


Thus the article about Very Easy! Check Vehicle Tax in Central Java, for you Javanese residents you no longer need to bother going to the office to check vehicle tax, now you can use the New Sakpole application to check vehicle tax.

We hope that you can understand the article above well, hope it's useful and good luck.

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