How to Check East Java Regional Vehicle Taxes Online – For those of you who want to know how to check vehicle tax, here's how to check the East Java regional vehicle tax that you can use to check taxes online, see below.

To find out how to check online vehicle tax in Prov. East Java is very simple. No need to stand in line before registering at the actual office. Because it's designed to make life simpler for the general public.

How to Check East Java Vehicle Tax Correctly

Following government regulations on how to check online vehicle tax Prov. East Java has many who feel the benefits. Because now they are more hesitant to get information related to vehicle taxes.

Residents of East Java no longer need to worry. For more information, see the official provincial government website. The broker's ability to avoid extortion is not necessary.

How to Check East Java Vehicle Tax Correctly

Through the official website of the province of East Java, you can save verification time tax vehicle. So, what's the procedure?

  1. To check your motorized vehicle tax, the East Java Provincial Government portal also offers a paid code information service. Certification of your motorized vehicle status is included.
  2. Information links related to online vehicle tax checks are specifically provided by the Regional Office. Namely, using collaboration mechanisms with Samsat as needed
  3. In the third stage, you can enter your number, alias police number, plate type, into the frame number
  4. Go to to check your tax amount

Advantages of How to Check East Java Regional Vehicle Taxes Online

Unlike the conventional method, this method of checking vehicle tax is considered beneficial to the user. What are the advantages?

More practical

With only a smartphone and quota capital, you can immediately log-in to the official East Java Provincial Government website


If you have an Android or other smartphone, you can take advantage of the complexities of tax technology with one click. This innovation allows consumers to access information more quickly and in depth.

Advantages of How to Check East Java Regional Vehicle Taxes Online

Safe and comfortable

Presenting accurate data will make you more secure and comfortable. With just one click, you can find everything from tax rates to your transaction specifications. Of course, the incoming data will be very safe if it comes from a trusted and controlled source within the provincial government.

Avoid Extortion

Extortion by brokers and the like can be avoided with this online technique. While this brokerage service is considered hassle-free, above-average pricing standards may sometimes be pressing.

Through this approach, it is intended that even previously busy individuals can access it simply. As a result, there is no reason not to be aware of any changes to your vehicle tax.


This database belonging to the Provincial Government is presented with complete data, so that other information is also available.

Pay Taxes on Time

Although sometimes the amount of vehicle tax has a small nominal. you have to pay it on time. This will also make it easier for you to keep track of your money. By doing this, you can prevent the accumulation of taxes that will incur fines in the future. Of course this problem will be very burdensome for you right?

It's easy to check the East Java vehicle tax status online, right? Come on, check it right now, and get the latest information on the vehicle of your choice.

Safe and Comfortable


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about East Java vehicle taxes, as follows:

When is the East Java Vehicle Tax Bleaching 2022?

The East Java vehicle tax leniency is valid until September 30 2022. Taxpayers who wish to apply for motor vehicle tax (PKB), motor vehicle ownership transfer fees (BBNKB) and other taxes can be enjoyed without administrative sanctions.


Thus the article regarding how to check vehicle tax East Java area, for you, the people of East Java, you no longer need to bother going to the Samsat office to check vehicle taxes.

Now, you can check vehicle tax just by using the website above, good luck, hope it's useful.

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