Check Kalbar Vehicle Tax Online in the Samsat Application – If you are a resident of West Kalimantan, you can check Kalbar vehicle tax online in the Samsat Application without the hassle of coming directly to the Samsat office, for those of you who don't know about it, you can see below.

Today, everything is digital and online. You don't need to come to a location again if there are already services that can be done online.

In fact, every province in Indonesia currently has a dedicated application for checking and paying vehicle tax you.

Taxes, as you all know, are an important part of keeping the state treasury full. The vehicle industry is one of several taxation domains. As a result, taxes will be owed by everyone who drives a vehicle.

West Nusa Tenggara

In the past, paying these vehicle taxes was very difficult. you have to go to a particular office that serves this, and it's not uncommon to have to queue for a long time. However, online payments are now possible, but social interaction is still limited.

Definition of Tax

Taxes are mandatory contributions to the state owed by individuals or entities that are coercive in accordance with applicable laws.

By not getting compensation directly and using it for state purposes and the role of the taxpayer to directly and jointly carry out tax obligations for state financing and national development.

The responsibility for the obligation to pay taxes as a reflection of state obligations in the field of taxation rests with the members of the community themselves to fulfill these obligations.

Tax Function in Indonesia

Below are the tax functions in Indonesia, namely:

1. Budget Function (Budgetair)

Taxes are a source of state revenue and function to fund government-related expenditures.

In principle, the state needs money to be able to carry out routine state tasks and pursue development.

The costs required by the state can be obtained through tax receipts from citizens who are registered as taxpayers with the state.

What is Motor Vehicle Tax

Taxes can be used by the state for ongoing financing such as personnel costs, material costs, maintenance, and others.

In matters related to development financing, the costs used can come from government savings, namely domestic revenues minus current expenditures.

Government savings need to be increased every year in line with the increasing need for development financing, and this increase in government savings is also expected to come from the tax sector.

An example is the financing of routine activities, government spending, personnel spending, development budgets, and so on.

2. Regulating Function (Regulerend)

Through taxation policies, it can help the government regulate economic growth.

Through this regulatory function, taxes are intended to be used as a tool to achieve one goal, namely the welfare of the people.

These regulatory functions include:

  1. Taxes can be used to curb inflation
  2. Taxes can be used as a tool to encourage and increase export activities, such as export taxes on goods
  3. Taxes can provide protection for domestically produced goods, such as: VAT
  4. Taxes can regulate and attract capital investment to help the economy become more productive

3. Stability Function

Taxes also serve to support the government in retaining funds that can be used to implement price stability measures so that matters related to inflation can be properly controlled.


To maintain the stability of the country's economy, this can be achieved by regulating the circulation of money in society, collecting taxes, and using effective and efficient taxes.

An example is when a country experiences inflation, the country will impose a relatively higher nominal mandatory levy.

Meanwhile, if the country experiences deflation, the state will set a relatively low nominal levy.

4. Income Redistribution Function

Taxes collected by the government or the state are then used to fund all public interests, including financing development, to open up job opportunities that can be utilized by citizens who need jobs, which in turn results in an increase in people's income.

For example, government revenue is used to create new jobs in an area or regions.

Later the people in the area will get a new source of income, so that people's income will also increase.

How to Check Kalbar Vehicle Tax Online in the Samsat Application

Currently the online samsat application and site for use by residents in West Kalimantan is ideal, but unfortunately there are still many people who don't know how to use the online samsat application properly.

The fact that so many people still prefer visiting Samsat offices in person is well demonstrated by the current state of affairs.

As such, socialization is absolutely necessary for the app and site to go according to plan. However, for those of you wondering, here's how:

  1. Download and install the Samsat Kalbar Application Here
  2. Grant access permission for and open the app
  3. On the front page, select the PKB Info menu
  4. You will be asked to enter Police Number information again then click Search
  5. Information on the amount of your vehicle tax will appear there


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about West Kalimantan taxes, as follows:

How Much Does a 5 Year Plate Change Cost?

For those of you who want to replace a 5-year STNK, you need to pay Rp. 200,000, while for an extended 5-year STNK, the fee needed is Rp. 200,000.

And for validation of STNK, the required fee is IDR 50,000 per year.


From now on, it is no longer a difficult thing to make payments to government agencies. Even now, to pay motor vehicle tax, you can do it only through the application, including checking online vehicle tax in the West Kalimantan area.

Thus the article regarding Checking Kalbar Vehicle Tax Online in the Samsat Application, I hope this article can be useful and can help you in checking vehicle tax.

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