The Safest and Lowest Type of Investment – Know the safest and least risky type of investment. Stock investment is currently more popular among young people. One of the reasons is that it is predicted to generate large revenues.

But behind it all, stock investment requires high fortitude. Because investing in stocks requires taking a high degree of risk, it requires guts.

Stock values vary quite quickly. Like a roller coaster, even change can happen in a matter of minutes.

1. Gold Investment

If it suddenly increases, you will feel happy. However, the price may drop dramatically after some time, and you may experience an “uncomfortable stomach”.

If you don't have the 'strength' to carry an extraordinary burden, you may feel depressed. Stock investment is known for its high level of risk and reward.

As a result, you have to prepare psychologically. If you are a more cautious investor, you should stay away from stocks.

List of the Safest Investment Types

The following are the safest and lowest-risk alternative types of investment that are recommended for ordinary people, namely:

1. Gold Investment

Investment gold has been proven to be risk free and less likely to lose. Moreover, the trend of gold prices continues to rise every year. And, the price of gold is also quite constant, so you have nothing to lose.

You can earn from investing in gold if you hold it for a long period of time. The longer the time period, the more profit you get.

How to calculate the profit from this gold investment?

One gram of gold costs around 500 thousand rupiah in 2011, for example. Meanwhile, the current gold price in 2021 will reach 900 thousand rupiah per gram. So, your gold investment is up 80 percent in 10 years.

Imagine what would happen if in 2011 you had 10 grams of gold worth 5 million rupiah. Now, you can sell it for 9 million rupiah.

We have a variety of gold investment alternatives to choose from. At least one of them has been saving gold in multiples of 10,000 rupiah every month.

2. Government Bonds

2. Government Bonds

There are various choices of government bonds that we can try. Among them are Retail Savings Bonds (SBR), Savings Sukuk (ST) and Retail State Bonds (ORI). Although less profitable than stocks, all three carry low risk but high rewards.

When buying government bonds, you often get coupons or interest payments that exceed the initial investment.

In addition, the value of this coupon grows in line with the increase in the Bank Indonesia (BI) benchmark interest rate. However, if interest rates fall, our coupons will remain, you know.

A million rupiah investment in government bonds is also within reach. As a result, saving money instead of spending it on clothes is a wiser investment. Isn't that what the average person thinks?


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about investing, as follows:

List of the Safest Investment Types

What Investments Are Halal?

That is, regardless of the form of property, be it shop houses, houses, or land, property investment is one of the investments that are in accordance with Islamic law, investment in the form of land or buildings is included in halal investment according to sharia principles.


After reading the article above, are you interested in investing with two investment type the safest above?

Thus the article about the safest and lowest risk types of investment, I hope the types of investments we mentioned above can be useful for all of you, good luck.

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