Chili Prices Rise, Preservation Machines Are Trusted by the Government

Rancakmedia.comPrice chilies have increased since early 2021 so that the preservative machine is trusted by the government. The price of red chilies has gone up, especially in DKI Jakarta and its surroundings. In fact, from eye to eye, the price of red chilies reached IDR 150,000 per kg in early March 2021.

Chili price increases always occur during the rainy season with extreme rainfall. This season, farmers rarely pick chilies, so stocks start to run low, causing prices to increase.
For the price of chili preservative machine, the government entrusts preservative machine. On the other hand, farmers pick chilies in the summer. Chili stocks this season are abundant and prices are falling. In fact, the price of chillies can be under IDR 20,000 per kg.
Of course the rainy season will benefit farmers who can produce chilies and customers will inevitably buy chilies at high prices. On the other hand, summer will be detrimental to farmers because the price of chilies drops when they are harvested and only customers benefit.
Fluctuations or instability in the price of chilies are consumed by Indonesians every year. Then what's the way out?

Director General of Domestic Trade, Ministry of Trade (Ministry of Trade) explained, his faction is currently preparing a machine that can store chilies with good quality for a long time.

The machine uses ozone technology which allows it to store chilies for up to two months while still maintaining quality.
"For the second planting period, hopefully it can help with tools to store chilies for a long period of time, about two months. So if we exceed the bid, we can place it," said Syailendra to, Wednesday (31 March) 2021)..
The machine will later be allocated to farmers in large chili production centers, including Central Java and East Java. The intention is that this machine can be allocated during the 2nd main harvest season from July to August 2021.
"Hopefully this step to control chilies can be installed with two harvesting equipment in the production center, and the chilies will be much better," said Syailendra.
Besides that, farmers are taught how to pick good chilies so that the quality of the chilies is better. With this, excess chilli stock can be placed at harvest time and allocated when there is no harvest.


So below is a question and answer session about the article above:

What Causes Chili Prices to Rise

What Causes Chili Prices to Rise

Chairman of the Indonesian Chili Agribusiness Association (AACI) Abdul Hamid said there were several factors that had caused chili prices to rise recently. This includes reducing the number of farmers by up to 70 percent and deteriorating soil conditions.

How Long Does It Take To Harvest Chilies?

One chili tree can usually be harvested 14 times. The best harvest comes from five months of age.

How much is the price of dried chilies?

For dry chili, the type of cayenne pepper that was originally sold at Rp. 80,000 per kilo and increased to Rp. 132,000 per kilo from 2020-2021 offered at Rp. 75,000 per kg at a price of Rp. 150,000 per kg.


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