MPL Season 8 Week 1 Schedule Today, RBG Debuts, RRQ Hoshi Against Geek Fam – Following is the MPL Season 8 Week 1 Schedule for the first day, RBG debuted in the opening match and RRQ Hoshi started a new way this season, Friday (13/8/2021). Mobile Legends Professional League or MPL Season 8 finally rolled back earlier today. A fierce battle for prestige will be presented between the 8 best teams in the Indonesian professional Mobile Legends scene.

Bringing up the topic of “New Era”, the Rebellion Genflix (RBG) debut team immediately made their debut in MPL Season 8.
RBG will face the strong team that was last season's grand finalist, namely Bigetron Alpha in the first match of the season. The ability of RBG itself is still rare.

This is because RBG contains former MPL and MDL players who made this debut team possible the strength of new skills that could pose a threat to the supremacy of some of its pioneers.

Former Aura Fire and EVOS esports player, namely SUGAR will lead RBG in this first season. On the other hand, Bigetron Alpha still wants to know about the MPL Indonesia title. Participating since MPL Season 1, the best achievement from the team with the robot logo was just runner up last season.

Even so, Bigetron continues to increase revenue every season. This makes BTR a capability that deserves suspicion. That's not all, the inclusion of the Bottle from Genflix Aerowolf opens up many opportunities that can occur for Bigetron Alpha's performance.

The opening match of MPL Season 8 between RBG version of Bigetron Alpha will start broadcasting at 15.00 WIB today.

MPL Season 8 Week 1 Schedule Today, RBG Debuts, RRQ Hoshi Against Geek Fam

RRQ Hoshi Begins a New Era

RRQ Hoshi sees a new era in MPL Season 8. For the first time without its veteran player, RRQ Lemon, on the roster, the team that has won for about 3 times will prove it.

After appearing disappointing in the playoffs last season, RRQ Hoshi has improved himself. The entry of Clay as a midlaner will add to the fighting power of the king's army of all kings.

Not only that, the return of two veteran players namely Liam and XINNN will give him a new desire for RRQ Hoshi to return to dominate MPL Indonesia. In the first match of the season, RRQ Hoshi will face Geek FAM.

Geek Fam is still determined to qualify for the playoffs for the first time. This is because Renv et al have never advanced to the playoff set since the first time they participated in MPL Season 4 yesterday. Geek Fam's own performance last season was quite promising at the start of the season.

But the reduction in the second half of the season made them again have to give up a ticket to the playoffs. This time, with a new coach, namely Ruben Sutanto, RENV and friends will have a strong desire to be able to perform optimally.

From the experience of the former coach of Bigetron Alpha and RRQ Sena, this will be a plus point for Geek Fam through this season. Will Geek Fam be able to surprise the first week, or will RRQ Hoshi be able to make a strong comeback in MPL Season 8?

MPL Season 8 Week 1 Schedule Today, RBG Debuts, RRQ Hoshi Against Geek Fam

The following is the schedule for MPL Season 8 Week 1 today, Friday 13 August 2021

  1. Friday 13 August 2021
    15.00 WIB RBG version of Bigetron Alpha
    17.30 WIB Geek Fam version of RRQ Hoshi
  2. Saturday 14 August 2021
    13.00 WIB Onic esports version of RBG
    15.30 WIB Alter Ego version of Geek Fam
    18.00 WIB Bigetron Alpha version of Evos Legends
  3. Sunday 15 August 2021
    15.00 WIB EVOS Legends version of Aura Fire
    17.30 WIB Alter Ego version of RRQ Hoshi

MPL Season 8 Live Streaming Link

  1. Click the link here

About MPL Season 8

MPL has been held since the beginning of 2018, along with the increasing interest of citizens in the world of esports, especially in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, making Moonton as a developer continue to hold MPL and other competitions.

Now MPL has entered its 8th season and will hold regular season matches. Meanwhile, regular season matches will face each team 2 times in a season.

The eight teams that will compete in the regular season are Alter Ego, Aura Fire, Bigetron Alpha, Evos esports, Geek Fam, Onic esports, Rebellion Genflix, RRQ Hoshi. At the end of the regular season, only 6 out of 8 teams will advance to the playoffs.

In the playoff set, 6 teams will compete to win prizes of more than 300,000 USD or equal to 4.5 billion Rupiah. The excitement of MPL Season 7 matches can still be watched live every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Youtube, Nimo TV, Facebook.

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