Synopsis of the film Safe: Action to Save Children Targeted by the Mafia in Trans TV Cinemas – The synopsis of the film Safe tells the story of saving a child from being chased by the mafia. This film will be shown on Trans TV tonight.

The TransTV Cinema tonight, Monday, will show Safe (2012) at 19.30 WIB. The following is a synopsis of the film starring Jason Statham and Catherine Chan.

The film's story focuses on the character of Luke Wright, played by Jason Statham. He is told as a former police officer who turned into a very tough fighter in martial arts.

Unintentionally, in a battle he wins against the popular fighter that was originally arranged. This made the head of the Russian mafia named Emile Docheski furious.

Several old films, especially a type of crime action, are back in existence because the stories are good and not boring to watch again. One of them is the film Safe, a film with a crime action thriller genre based in the United States.

The film Safe was released on April 27, 2012 which was recorded and directed by Boaz Believe. The synopsis for the film Safe was made by Lawrence Bender and Dana Brunetti, successfully pocketing US$40.6 million worldwide at a cost of IDR 431,503,500,000.

Starred by Jason Statham, Chris Sarandon, Robert John Burke, and James Hong. Statham plays Luke Wright, an ex-cop and ex-cage fighter who ends up protecting a potential child but is wanted by the Russian mafia, the Chinese Triads, and the corrupt New York City police.

Synopsis of Safe Action to Save Children Targeted by the Mafia in Trans TV Cinemas

Safe Film Synopsis

Former cop and cage fighter, Luke Wright accidentally wins a battle that infuriates Emile Docheski, head of the Russian Mafia. As punishment Docheski's son Vassily and his men killed Wright's pregnant wife.

He promised to kill anyone associated with Wright. Luke eventually becomes a homeless tramp. At that time in China, Mei, a child who has amazing mathematical abilities, is stolen by a man who works for the Triad boss Han Jiao.

Han wants to use Mei as a calculator to get rid of the searchable digital footprint of his criminal enterprise. Mei is taken to New York City and monitored by Gangster Quan Chang. A year later, Han came from China asking Mei to remember a fairly long number.

On their way to take number two, their vehicle is attacked by Russian mobsters. Mei is taken to Emile who aims for the number, but Mei dismisses him. Initially, Mei is interrogated by the corrupt policeman Wolf Head who works for Han.

Mei manages to escape and meets Wright. Witnessing Mei's misery, Wright killed several people who were hunting down Mei who had killed his wife. Wright continues to do many gripping actions to save Mei, a child genius.


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