Synopsis of soap opera Elsa's Love Bond in Grebek Police – Synopsis Love Bond July 29, 2021 Elsa at Grebek Police. The police moved quickly to arrest Elsa. The arrest was made because the police already had strong evidence of Elsa's involvement in Roy's murder. But will Mama Sarah be free after Elsa's arrest?

Police have strong evidence after Catherine's smartphone returns to normal. At first, Mama Elsa kept covering it up and tried to keep Elsa from going to jail. But now with her life, Catherine's smartphone makes Elsa powerless again.

The reason is that on Catherine's smartphone there is a recording of Mama Sarah. Mama Sarah can't lie again to cover up Elsa's crimes. To see the beloved soap opera film Ikatan Cinta July 29, 2021, you can watch it via live streaming.

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This evening will present the excitement for lovers of soap operas, Bonds of Love, especially those who hate Elsa's role.

Soap opera Love Bond July 29, 2021

The following is a brief synopsis of the soap opera Ikatan Cinta

Synopsis of Love Bonds July 29, 2021 Elsa at Grebek Police. Elsa (Glenca Chysara) is angry at Papah Surya (Surya Saputra) for dissecting his crimes. He saw that his parents did not give him support because they had already reported him to the police.

"I'm happy daddy, I'm relieved now, daddy must be happy I've been reported to the police. I know dad loves Ms. Andin (Amanda Manopo) more than me. But if Ms. Andin was in my position, papa certainly wouldn't report it," said Elsa.

Listen to what his daughter said, Papa Surya was really hurt. He told Elsa that he had never discriminated against his affection for his two daughters.

“Stop! enough, daddy loves you, Andin, you two are daddy's beloved daughters, if Andin were in your status daddy would do the same thing," said dad Surya.

Behind that, Aldebaran (Arya Saloka) has planned to bring Elsa to testify. So that the idea is successful. Andin's husband also asks Nino (Evan Sandres) to work together.

"Papa Surya has given a police report and Sumarno has testified, tomorrow Elsa will be invited to testify at the police station," said Aldebaran.

“So I hope you can work together,” he added.

Nino also agreed to Aldebaran's wishes. Because behind that he has prepared other evidence told by Catherine (Nadya Arina). For Nino, all of Elsa's lies ruined her life and her former marriage to Andin.

"You just take it easy, so I have the tape proof, you will like it," said Nino to himself.
"Don't worry, the actor has actually ruined my life and my family must be secured," said Nino.

Apparently Aldebaran's idea went well. When the police visit Nino's house, he manages to pressure Elsa (Glenca Chysara) to enter the police station.

“Where do you want to go, just follow the police. If you are like this, you think it will complicate the investigation and the law will be more severe. If you're not wrong, of course you're freed, you shouldn't be afraid like this," said Nino.

Nio also admitted that he did this to clear Andin's name. He wants his ex-wife to get justice. "This time, even though Andin is not my wife again, he must get justice," he said.

Synopsis of Love Bonds July 29, 2021 Elsa at Grebek Police. The news that Elsa was successfully brought to the police station has also reached Aldebaran (Arya Saloka). Dianya is also increasingly impatient to see Elsa go to prison to pay for all her crimes.
"It's your day of misery begins Elsa, it's your day!" Aldebaran insisted.

Meanwhile, upon arriving at the police station Elsa is seen giving him false information. He maintained his innocence. Waiting for the results of Aldebaran's investigation, Papah Surya and Nino arrive at the police station.

"Yes, I did pay Sumarno because I resented my brother. I do not like that he always flattered my father. My dad decided to love me first, Ms. Andin, I emphasize that I don't kill!" said Elsa.

After testifying, Elsa and Papa Surya joined the conversation. Her daughter insisted on asking for help from Nino to help her get away from the police's grip.

Witnessing that, Surya's father asked his daughter to work together.
"Unfortunately, I'm not wrong, don't let them arrest me. I am not the accused, this is too much," said Elsa.

"Elsa daddy asks for your help, just do it, please Elsa," Papah Surya said.
The police, who witnessed the riot, immediately informed the results of Elsa's testimony.

Synopsis of Love Bonds July 29, 2021 Elsa at Grebek Police. As a result, the police continued to investigate the Roy (Fiki Alman) murder case due to a lack of evidence. But to his surprise, Elsa's status is now under house arrest.

"Indeed, right now we can't arrest Elsa, what's more, Mrs. Sarah (Natasha Dewanti) still insists she is the actor. And as long as this investigation is ongoing, early today we have determined Mrs. Elsa's status to be under house arrest," said the police.

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