Strategies for Travel Entrepreneurs to Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic

Strategies for Travel Entrepreneurs to Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic – Travel agent businessman TX Travel Anton Thedy tells how he survived starting his business during the epidemic period.

It is known that the travel and tourism business has been seriously affected due to the Covid-19 outbreak which has been running for more than nine months in Indonesia.

Responding to the impact of Covid-19, Anton did not remain silent and was also mired in the economic downturn. However, he chose to implement his complete overhaul of his office.

First, he explained that his office had asked people to change their way of recreation from group tours to road trips.

"Since July, when we were able to open an office, we completely replaced it. For example a group, the name of the group is of course clustered together, there are two to 6 people combined to become a traveling companion. It's an old routine. We change the meaning of a new routine, traveling is not a tour group but a road trip," said Anton in a virtual dialogue themed "Applying Health Procedures Ahead of the Year-End Holidays" Tuesday (15/12/2020).

Anton explained, road trips are meant for tourists who travel using private vehicles.

Road trip holidays, he said, travelers are not combined into one similar vehicle. In a vehicle, generally it is a known person or family.

"Well, they are in their respective vehicles, then join in one direction of recreation. I take an example, we organize it to Tanjung Lesung, as soon as we enter, all the routines are in one place there. The problem of physical distancing can definitely be done because of the large area," he said.

Second, Anton has changed the pattern of ordering tickets served online. He explained, since July his business unit will not allow people or guests to come to his office to order travel tickets.

"We forbid guests from arriving at this time, why? Because now everything can be done without the need to come. Order tickets, book hotels, send documents, all now you don't need to come back, you can do it online," he said.

In fact, before Covid-19 spread, all guests had to come to the office to order travel tickets.

In fact, said Anton, before every day 100 people came to his office. Now, he doesn't let guests come to the office to place orders.

"Currently they order using programs like WhatsApp, or chat to us," he explained.

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