Wunderland Kalkar Tourist Place Built From A Former Nuclear Reactor

Wunderland Kalkar Tourist Place Built From A Former Nuclear Reactor - Some of you have certainly visited the amusement park. But, have you ever been to an amusement park that seems to have been made in the remains of a nuclear reactor? Afraid as well as unique, apparently you can find this garden in Germany, you know.

Its name is Wunderland Kalkar, this anti-mainstream amusement park has various attractions for tourists. This one-of-a-kind garden escape is in Kalkar, on the northern side of Dusseldorf, near the border between Germany and the Netherlands.

besides presenting many facilities, Wunderland Kalkar is truly anti-mainstream. The building uses the remains of a nuclear reactor that was never used and abandoned. At that time, precisely in 1971, the governments of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands agreed to work together to make a nuclear reactor. The construction of the nuclear reactor also proceeded almost without problems.

But in 1991, they chose not to run the finished nuclear reactor. The decision was taken because there was a Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident and there were protests from residents. In the end, the nuclear reactor was also not used and left just like that.

After a while, a businessman from the Netherlands named Hennie van der Most finally bought all the remaining nuclear reactors and started building hotels and recreational complexes there. Until finally Wunderland Kalkar was created, just as we know it today. Wunderland Kalkar was opened to the public in 2001. Since it was opened until now, this picnic park has become one of the favorite tourist destinations in Germany.

Arriving travelers also need not fear exposure to radiation. Because, before it was turned into a picnic park, this nuclear reactor had never been used at all. In total there are 6 hotels and 40 facilities in this amusement park that can be enjoyed by tourists of all ages. Starting from roller coasters, kora-kora boats to various other children's games.

One of them that is taking attention is a vertical swing facility or Vertical Swing that is made right in the chimney of a nuclear reactor. At first glance, this facility is similar to the Hysteria facility in Dufan. When boarding this facility, visitors will be taken up and down on a pole as high as nearly 58 meters. Then they are spun around in the air at a speed that makes your heart beat strong.

It is not surprising that every year, this amusement park is almost always crowded with tourists, no less than 300 thousand tourists come to this picnic park. This picnic park, formerly known as Kernies Family, is open every day from 10.00-18.00 local time. However, there are certain times when Wunderland Kalkar is only open on Saturday and Sunday.

The cost of the entry ticket varies according to height and age. Prices start from 79 Euros (equal to IDR 1.3 million). The ticket price includes the price of drinks and meals that tourists can enjoy at the amusement park.

Source : Kumparan.com

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