Translucent 300 Billion For Hotel Room Refunds in Bali

Translucent 300 Billion For Hotel Room Refunds in Bali - The impact was massive, the regulations that came into effect today (18/12) made some potential travelers abandon their vacation ideas.

This regulation was initiated by the Coordinating Minister Luhut Binsjar Pandjiatan in dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak so that the final year holidays will become a new explosion of the Covid-19 problem. In Bali, users of air services must be PCR, while land transportation must be antigen starting 18 December 2020.

Chairman of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) Hariyadi Sukamdani stated that the expected value of the money to return or return was several hundred billion. This figure stems from the suspension of hundreds of thousands of airline tickets, hotels, restaurants and other impacts.

"Colleagues have reported that the effect is up to Rp. 317 billion. Just imagine what caused up to 133 thousand passengers to fail, an increase of 10 times from the normal situation," said Hariyadi Friday (18/12).

Right now hotels, restaurants, travel agencies to airlines are busy. However, it's not only a hassle to serve passengers for traveling, but to serve the return of residents who don't go on vacation. He regretted that the regulations were taken completely suddenly. The problem is that many of the preparations have been made by several other stakeholders.

“If you want to limit it, it shouldn't be like that. We are confused, the government has announced that the Eid Al-Fitr holiday will be shifted to December, the residents are already preparing to schedule it, so the other day buying tickets for hotel bookings was amazing. Indonesians are generally not last minute at the moment, but well organised, suddenly colleagues are becoming difficult," he said.

Apart from having crashed with large ticket refunds, the Bali tourism industry will again have to be hit by a ladder if it sees the economic impact that has arisen due to this government regulation.

"The result of the data processing is that Rp. 967 billion has been affected by the Bali economy, almost Rp. 1 trillion," explained Hariyadi.

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