The Latest Tanah Lot Bali Entrance Ticket Prices – Below we will recommend a vacation spot with a unique charm, namely Tanah Lot Bali. To get more detailed information, please read the article that we have provided below.

The location of the temple is very important to Balinese Hindus as it sits on a large rock off the coast. Tanah Lot Temple Bali is a place that must be visited by tourists.

In addition, the leading tourist attractions on the island of Bali that must be visited. Because this tourist spot in Bali is so popular, almost every day this tourist spot is always packed with tourist visitors.

There are various tourist activities in the temple area. Most of them will be walking around, taking photos. Some tourists lie back and relax while eating corn on the cob while waiting for the stunning Tanah Lot sunset view.

History of Tanah Lot Bali

According to local tradition, Tanah Lot in Bali, Indonesia, has an ancient past. One story says that in the 15th century, Bhagawan Dang Hyang Nirartha, also known as Dang Hyang Dwijendra, had a mission to spread Hinduism from the island of Java to the island of Bali.

Raja Dalem Waturenggong ruled for a time on the island of Bali. To ensure that Hinduism reached the most remote villages in Bali, he was happy to see Dang Hyang Nirartha come to help him achieve his goal.

According to the mythology of Dang Hyang Nirartha, on which the history of Tanah Lot is based, he used spiritual powers to move a rock (which served as his meditation place) to the middle of the beach. Because it is located in the middle of the ocean, this stone is named Tanah Lot.

History of Tanah Lot Bali

Since that incident, Bendesa Beraban Sakti has acknowledged that Dang Hyang Nirartha has supernatural abilities. Apart from that, Bendesa Beraban Sakti also became a disciple of Dang Hyang Nirartha and accepted Hinduism, along with the rest of the local community.

In the history of Tanah Lot, before leaving Beraban hamlet, Dang Hyang Nirartha presented a keris to Beraban village. All plant diseases can be eradicated by keris.

The keris is kept at Puri Kediri, and religious rituals are performed at Tanah Lot Temple every six months. Because this is done consistently by the people of Beraban Village, the welfare of the population increases substantially, with abundant agricultural produce, and they live with mutual respect.

Main Attraction of Tanah Lot Bali Tourism

There are various inns along the road to tourist destinations. Up to fancy five-star restaurants, you'll find it all here. This tourist spot on the island of Bali is very crowded with tourists, especially in the afternoon, before sunset.

Many businesses selling a variety of Balinese goods flank the grounds that lead to the temple. For example, the Sukawati Bali art market offers sculptures, paintings, beach towels, trinkets and other items.

The price is also quite affordable for local and international tourists. In addition, there are food and beverage vendors, as well as toilet rentals.

Several hotels in tourist areas also organize evening activities and events along the beach. for example Kecak dance performances, sunset dinners, and weddings.

The main attraction of the Tanah Lot temple in Tabanan as a tourist spot is the unique location of the temple which stands on a large rock, during high tide the temple can be seen floating in the water.

Main Attraction of Tanah Lot Bali Tourism

The splendor of the sunset view is enhanced by the silhouette of the temple. If you are on vacation in Bali and want to see the sunset.

Pre-wedding photos in Bali are often taken at this popular tourist spot. Pre-wedding photo shoots on the main island of Bali are popular among tourists getting ready for their wedding.

Tanah Lot Temple Tabanan Bali

Two separate temples were erected on opposite sides of the main temple. One temple is placed on a giant rock, while the other temple is on a cliff that juts into the sea, similar to the tourist attractions of the Uluwatu Temple in Bali. The temple and the whole island can be reached by this cliff. In addition to designs such as bridges from curved cliffs,

Tanah Lot Temple is part of the Kahyangan Jagat Temple in Bali, created as a site to worship the guardian deity of the sea. The shrine will be completely submerged during high tide. Below it is a small cave in which there are many sea snakes. Meanwhile, you can get closer to the temple location during high tide.

Tanah Lot Bali Entrance Ticket Prices

Tanah Lot has two types of entry tickets that tourists can choose to access, namely:

Entrance Ticket for Local Tourists at Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is accessible to visitors of all ages, including young children, making the festive season even more enjoyable for everyone.

  1. The ticket fee for adults is IDR 20,000 per person.
  2. The ticket fee for children aged 5-10 years is IDR 15,000 per person.

International Tourist Entrance Ticket at Tanah Lot

Ticket costs for international tourists are greater than tickets for local tourists.

International Tourist Entrance Ticket at Tanah Lot

  1. Ticket prices for children aged 6-12 years are IDR 30,000 per person.
  2. The ticket price for adults is IDR 60,000 per person.

Vehicle Parking Entrance Ticket at Tanah Lot

Vehicle ticket costs vary according to the type used at this one tourist destination.

  1. Parking fees for two-wheeled vehicles, IDR 2,000 for one motorbike.
  2. The parking fee for four-wheeled vehicles is IDR 5,000 for one car.
  3. The bus parking fee is IDR 10,000 for one bus.

Best Time to Visit Tanah Lot Bali

Because the main attraction of this tourist attraction lies in the beauty of the sunset view with the silhouette of the temple. So the optimal time to visit is around 17.00 WITA. Most tourists will spend their vacation time visiting this site for an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Best Season for Vacation to Tanah Lot Temple

If we talk about the best holiday season to Tanah Lot Bali, then the answer is often one, namely holidays during low season. So when does low season occur on the island of Bali?

Low Season in Bali

Many Indonesian tourists don't realize what low season is for tourist trips to Bali. To note, the low season for tourist visits to the island of Bali lasts from mid-January to mid-April. In addition, the low season on the island of Bali also occurs from mid-September to mid-December.

There are several advantages that tourists get when on vacation during low season in Bali compared to holidays during peak season in Bali. The advantages include things like reduced traffic jams, less crowding at tourist destinations and, lower hotel room costs.

High Season In Bali

The main season for tourist visits to the island of Bali comes in July, August, the end of December and the first week of January. During the busy season on the island of Bali, road traffic is very congested, and tourist sites in Bali are quite busy. In addition, hotel room prices are quite expensive when compared to hotel room prices during low season.

Facilities at Tanah Lot Bali

Tour Tanah Lot is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali. It shows an attraction that can please the tourists who are enjoying their good times. As a result, Tanah Lot tourist facilities are excellent. Included in this list are the following facilities:

Facilities at Tanah Lot Bali

  1. Spacious and bright parking lot
  2. Restaurant
  3. International standard toilets
  4. Inns or hotels
  5. Information center and
  6. The closest restaurant to the art gallery.

In addition to the public facilities mentioned earlier, there are also klepon and pottery traders, tattoo and drawing sellers, as well as other food and beverage sellers.

Many postcard sellers and photographers can also be found here. Tanah Lot also has adequate cleaning facilities. Even the security facilities, both human and equipment, are quite complete.

Address and Route Location of Tanah Lot Bali

The address for this location on Jalan Tanah Lot in Beraban Village, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency, Bali is the street address for this location. The distance from Tabanan, the nearest city, is about 13 kilometers. If you fly to Ngurah Rai, provide 1 hour 20 minutes travel time.

It's very easy to get here. Because, there are several signposts that will take your travel partner to Tanah Lot. If you are still confused, you can try using a map program on your smartphone.


At Tanah Lot Bali, there are many facilities that are excellent for all tourists, namely international-class toilets and a large parking area.

Tanah Lot Bali also has a main attraction, namely the Tanah Lot Tabanan temple, its uniqueness is as a tourist spot in the location of the temple which stands on a large rock, during high tide, the temple can be seen floating in the water. So for all of you, don't hesitate anymore to go on vacation to Tanah Lot, Bali!

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