10 Android Emulators for Low Specification PCs

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rancakmedia.com – The increasing variety of games on the Android platform, here we recommend 10 Android emulators for low specification PCs. It attracts some people, especially gamers, to play on computers because of the limited specs of the cellphones they use or because they want to play on a big screen.

Android emulator for low spec PC. Interestingly, all of these emulators can be downloaded for free on the internet. There are several lightweight Android emulators that can be run on computers or laptops with low specifications, with 1GB to 2GB RAM.

The increase in various platforms attracts some people, especially some people who play because of the limited specs used because they want to play. All of them can be downloaded for free. There are several easy ones that can be run.

10 Android Emulators for Low Specification PCs


NOX is a well-known emulator and is installed by many people because it is light. It's not wrong if Nox Player is confirmed as one of the kings of Android emulators and is the favorite choice of many gamers because of its good optimization and speed. NOX doesn't need a lot of settings like the previously famous BlueStack. The NOX application continues to be optimized to improve the experience gamers get.

10 Android Emulators for Low Specification PCs

NOX features and advantages:

  1. Supports Android 9.0 Pie.
  2. Can be used for Mobile Legends or PUBGM games.
  3. Customizable RAM repository.
  4. Complete driver support for various laptops and PCs.
  5. Can play various games without settings.
  6. Supports Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.
  7. Choice of various topics according to your mood.
  8. Official Site https://www.bignox.com/


LeapDroid is a newcomer emulator and the best Android emulator. LeapDroid has the advantage of many tweaks and optimizations so that it can run smoothly and smoothly. Unfortunately Leapdroid is currently no longer being developed and is not supported by the developer, but Leapdroid users can still use it.

Leapdroid features and advantages:

  1. No need for high computer specifications.
  2. Runs with the latest Android system to date.
  3. Can run various Android applications and games currently.
  4. Easy appearance and simple to use.
  5. Official Site: https://www.bignox.com/


Koplayer is one of the emulators specifically designed for playing games, the optimization provided is no joke. You will feel the difference if you use this emulator. KoPlayer has an interface that is very pleasing to the eye.

KoPlayer features and advantages:

  1. Supports Intel and AMD CPUs.
  2. Supports gamepad. Adaptive screen resolution.
  3. Compatible with all games and apps from Google Play.
  4. Can be played on memory up to 1 GB.
  5. Official Site: https://www.bignox.com/

Bluestack 4 Android Emulator For PC

Bluestacks is one of the lightweight Android emulators that is often used in the world. Bluestacks 4 as the latest version newly developed by the Bluestacks developer has the power of multiple windows so you can play many games at once or the same game several times.

Bluestacks 4 improvements prioritize speed, so it can be used on PCs with low specifications.

Bluestack 4 features and advantages:

  1. Supports Android 9.0 Pie.
  2. Hyper-G Graphic feature for maximum gaming.
  3. Can have multiple emulators.
  4. Complete compatibility support with several hardware devices.
  5. Can use mouse smoothly and keyboard.
  6. Official Site: https://www.bignox.com/


The lightest Android emulator that has received the Best Rendering award in graphics. Droid4X is increasingly being used by PC users who loyally use Android emulators. Generally, those who use Droid4X are initially Bluestacks emulator users because Droid4X provides a controller for gaming.

Droid4x features and advantages:

  1. Drag and drop APKs from PC directly to the application screen.
  2. Double click the app or game application and install via Droid4X.
  3. Setup is not difficult.
  4. Graphic back.
  5. Game no lag.
  6. Official Site: https://www.bignox.com/


MEmu is known as one of the most responsive and fast Android emulators. MEmu supports Android Jelly Bean, Lollipop, Kit Kat versions.

Apart from having maximum power, this Android emulator can be proven to be completely safe from various viruses. It has been considered by McAfee, Norton, ESET and others.

MEmu features and advantages:

  1. Completely safe, considered by many antivirus companies.
  2. Supports the latest Android operating system today.
  3. Doesn't take up a lot of RAM, can be played on a PC/laptop with 1-2GB RAM.
  4. Supports both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.
  5. Perfect for playing games.
  6. Official site: https://www.bignox.com/

10 Android Emulators for Low Specification PCs


Genymotion has fast performance so it is not a hassle when used, has faster performance, is equipped with sensors such as battery, GPS and accelerometer.

Official Site: https://www.bignox.com/

LDPlayer PC Android Emulator

The capabilities of this emulator can improve the performance of the game, so that the game appears with smoother movements.

This Android emulator can also be used on a PC and on Android with at least Android 5.1 and Android 7.1 versions. For those who want to download this simulator, you can visit the website directly.


The next Android emulator for low specification PCs that is commonly used by some gamers is Genymotion.

This emulator allows it to be run with various versions of Android according to the Android capabilities of the cellphone you own. It could be that you are using a cellphone with an Android version in the form of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The minimum specifications that can be used to run Genymotion are 2 GB RAM and 117 MB capacity. If you are interested in using this emulator, you can directly visit the official website. If this website cannot be reached in Indonesian and the only language available is English.

This emulator is not free and only within a certain period of time is it allowed to be used for free. In the past, all Genymotion users had to pay 5 cents USD per minute.

Bliss OS

Android game emulators for low specification PCs can use an emulator called Bliss OS. This emulator has such a different appearance that really stands out compared to other web emulators.

You will be amazed because the appearance is so wow on the Bliss OS website. This emulator is always being improved by the developer and can now be used by Android 10, which is called the latest version of Android.

Final Closing

That's the discussion about the Android Emulator for Low Specification PCs. Now you can play several Android games using a PC or laptop for a bigger display. To get the best performance, use good computer or laptop specifications and feel the pleasure of playing several popular Android games on your monitor screen.

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