List of the Best Used Car Buying and Selling Applications


List of the Best Used Car Buying and Selling Applications – With today's developments, you can market or want to buy a car using the buying and selling application which we will discuss in this article.

In most cases, those looking to buy or sell an old car will place an ad in the local newspaper to advertise the fact. However, did you know that the cost of placing an advertisement in a newspaper is quite expensive?

Not to mention that your ad won't appear in the newspaper for several days. Why don't you directly sell or buy a car using the application?

There are a number of useful car buying and selling apps available in today's digital world for those looking to sell their old car. In fact, most of these applications allow users to advertise for free. Looking for car buying and selling application Indonesia's best?

The following is a list of car buying and selling applications

So, what are you waiting for? Pay attention to the following list!

Mobil123 Car Buying and Selling Application

The largest and leading automotive portal site in Indonesia,, started as a website and has developed into an application. Mobil123 is an application that can be downloaded to your smartphone. This application has sold more than 200 thousand car advertisements.

Not only that, Mobil123 also provides complete information, starting from price, year, seller's location, car mileage, and other important information. As a buyer, you don't need to worry because Mobil123 only offers space to reputable and certified vendors.

Carmudi Car Buying and Selling Application

Are you looking for a private car, pick-up car, or used truck? Carmudi, a highly rated app with a 4,3 star rating, might be useful to you. For those of you who want to sell cars and motorbikes, you can also use this application. It only takes 2 minutes, then the vehicle you are going to sell will be seen by thousands of potential consumers using our car buying and selling application.

Not only that, Carmudi also provides vehicle reviews and information about the latest cars. The Carmudi app, which has been downloaded more than 5 million times, allows people to buy used and new cars.

OLX Car Buying and Selling Application

Who doesn't know OLX? Since OLX was one of the first online marketplaces in Indonesia, it is now easier for people to use it than before. There are many types of commodities offered on OLX, including cars.

Therefore, we also propose OLX as a car buying and selling application with quite complete features. You can find various types of cars here.

Find your dream car with the right price, color, brand and features on OLX. Apart from having an easy-to-use interface, this application can be used by almost anyone.


Different from the two applications that we discussed previously, Auto2000 is an application built by PT Astra Internasional to offer capabilities for Toyota car owners. Can you tell us more about the features included in this app?

Auto2000 provides the latest information about Auto2000 dealers spread throughout Indonesia, product catalogs about new Toyota cars, information on Auto2000 dealer locations, and ordering services. There is a lot of value in this app for Toyota car owners.

KASKUS Buying and Selling

In Indonesia, KASKUS is known as a forum with many members from various regions. However, it turns out KASKUS isn't just up for debate, you know. because KASKUS also has a booth for buying and selling goods.

Car buying and selling booths are an option for buyers and sellers. Therefore, KASKUS is favored in the car buying and selling application category. Here, you can find the car you want at a decent price. You can also make agreements with vendors. Interested? Click here to get the application.


OTO is also one of the most reliable and full-featured car buying and selling applications. Many car manufacturers, including Daihatsu, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and others, are represented in this application. You can choose a car from dealers in cities in Indonesia or from various car brands.

Actually, the list of dealers in this application is not only limited to Indonesia, because OTO also contains a list of various international vendors. As is known, there are more than 1.000 official dealers registered on So, it is completely reliable and safe.

Bukalapak Car Buying Application

Recently Bukalapak launched a new service, namely buying and selling cars. Yes, Bukalapak is not just for buying clothes, credit and other important needs, because today you can buy a car at Bukalapak. Just download the Bukalapak application and select the BukaMobil function to get started.

Buying a car at Bukalapak has several advantages, including the possibility of getting a discount and the guarantee that car supplies will always be available. You should know that there is a full money back guarantee. Installment payments are also an option. How should you consider buying a car at Bukalapak?

Among the largest used car buying and selling sites in Indonesia is Why? because of the clean and attractive design of this website. Customers can quickly find the car they are looking for. In fact, there is a price statement in every part of the ad.

However, if you are a used car vendor, then you must register first to be able to place advertisements on our site. There is no need to hesitate to register at because this website does not charge any fees. You are free to advertise your car through our site.

Having trouble selling your old car? Why not try placing a car ad on as an alternative? This is a website dedicated to car news, as well as a place where people can buy and sell cars.

Not only selling old or new cars, on this site you can also sell or look for motorbikes. This website also provides news and recommendations regarding the automotive sector. Want to see the latest car prices at the dealer? is the place.

The largest car buying and selling application in Indonesia has made it easy to place car sales advertisements. Is your current vehicle for sale or are you looking for a new one? Please choose one of these suggested apps or websites to sell and search for cars.

Trovit Car Buying and Selling Application

Then there is Trovit, if this application is done abroad. So it's natural that car prices are given in dollars. Even though they come from abroad, the cars sold are actually quite diverse.

Mobile it may be cheap or very expensive, depending on its features and specifications. Apart from a fairly complete choice of cars, Trovit also offers features that make things easier for buyers.

To find the car you want, you can search based on car brand, price, or location and country where the car is sold. So, now it's much easier to find your ideal car at a reasonable price and within driving distance of your home.

Just like Mobil123, this car buying and selling service is also equipped with a car gateway which makes it easier for customers to buy and sell new and used cars. To help prospective car buyers at, this site offers simulations finance and insurance.

To complete the user's understanding, this application also offers the latest news about automotive. News is delivered in full, accompanied by pictures or videos. Car buying and selling activities have become easier since You can choose the car of your choice via the internet here.


Even though it's not an app, you can still choose your ideal car by visiting the Carsome website. With this site, you can easily choose the car you want to buy. Carsome allows you to buy and sell vehicles. Don't worry, all transactions at Carsome are transparent and uncomplicated. If you are interested, you can check out this link., like Carsome, is a great car for individuals looking to buy a new or used car. Here, you can immediately sort by price, car brand, car year, and even choose where you sell the car. also allows you to pay for your car in monthly installments. What's interesting is that you can also trade in cars, just by typing in your personal information, the car you own, and the car you want to trade in. Very simple, right?


Want to buy a car? Then you can also visit the Otomart website where you can choose your dream car based on brand, model, type of car, even domicile. You can also use Otomart to narrow your vehicle search depending on your budget by entering a specific price range.

You can also choose a car from one of the many official car dealers in Indonesia if you want to be safe. If you want to buy a used car, you can check directly at Otomart because this site also provides stalls for used cars that are still in good condition.

Open the best and fastest browser application on your smartphone and access the site. On this site, you can get good used cars at different prices. Search for cars by year, make, type, price and area using this website.

Selling used cars on our site might be of interest to you. To get started, go to and fill out the form to register your car for sale. Continue to negotiate or finalize the car with potential used car buyers.

Garage24 Car Buying and Selling Application

One of the best used car buying and selling platforms in Indonesia is Because the appearance and interface provided by this application appear simple and beautiful, making it easier for users.

It is not difficult for buyers to find their dream car, whether it is Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu, or other brands. In fact, there is a price declaration in each advertising area. However, you must first register as a used car dealer if you want to sell vehicles on the site.

You can insert ads in this application after logging in. Don't hesitate to register at because this application does not charge any fees. This application allows you to place free advertisements for your car.


List of the best used car buying and selling applications for those who want to sell their old car. Most of these apps allow users to advertise for free, and also provide them with important information such as price, year, seller location, car mileage and other important information.

In Indonesia, KASKUS is known as a forum with many members from various regions. Here, you can find the car you want at a decent price and also make deals with vendors. Click here to get the application. is a trusted and full-featured car buying and selling application. Many car manufacturers, including Daihatsu, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and others, are represented on Buying a car at Bukalapak has several advantages, including discounts and a guarantee that stock is always available.

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