What is Mango Live Apk Premium and its superior features

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What is Mango Live Apk Premium and Features

Rancakmedia.com – As we all know, there are lots of streaming applications that you can use, one of which is Mango Live. What is Mango Live apk? To find out more details, read the article below until the end.

Many people want the mod version because it offers more benefits and features than the original version.

For those of you who are curious about the nuances of Mango Live mod apk, on this occasion we will discuss in full about this currently popular live application.

About Mango Live Apk Old and Latest Version

Mango Live is a live streaming application that has a similar concept to other live streaming applications such as Bigo Live, Mlive, and so on.

Like Instagram, on Mango Live you can feel the excitement of social media based on live streaming.

Even though popular social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and others already have their own live streaming features, these platforms do not fully focus on live streaming content.

This is different from applications like Mango Live which are specifically designed for live streaming.

Therefore, all content on Mango Live is related to live streaming. This platform is suitable for those who like watching other people live streaming.

You can find many people doing live streaming in their own style.

Regarding negative content, you must be able to filter it yourself and determine which live streams are suitable to watch according to your age and which are not.

Nowadays, negative content on platforms like these has reduced. Apart from that, Mango Live has almost the same concept as live streaming applications in general, where some live streaming rooms cannot be watched by free users.

The live streaming room is locked and not everyone can access it. You need special items to upgrade your account to a VIP account so you can watch this special room.

Mango Live Mod Apk Features

After knowing what Mango Live apk is, Mango Live now presents a mod version, not without reason. Of course, many features have been developed from the first version of the program.

You will get various advantages and benefits compared to using the original version of this program.

For those of you who want to take advantage of the mod apk version of the Mango Live program but are still confused about what features the application offers, just take a look at the complete discussion regarding the Mango Live mod apk features below:

1. Open all locked rooms

Feeling frustrated because you can't enjoy all live streaming on Mango Live apk because you can't become a VIP member? Stay calm. Now you don't need to be a VIP member to be able to access paid live streaming material.

Because of the characteristics of Mango Live Apk (Unlock All Rooms) Old & Latest Version 2022, it can give you free access to all previously locked rooms while you are still using the original free version of the Mango Live program.

With this function, you can more freely view premium live streaming which offers more interesting material than free live streaming content. Moreover, you can view it without paying a subscription fee if you are not a VIP member.

While watching, the streamer you're watching also won't know that you didn't pay anything to watch their live stream, so there's no need to worry. you can still have regular conversations with them.

2. Video Calls

Who says it Mango Live mod apk can only be used to view live streaming. Here, you can also take advantage of other features that are no less interesting.

They make a video call with one of them. Yes, our platform allows you to make video calls with other users.

You can also video call streamers and live stream together, which is much more fun. For those of you who still can't understand the concept, consider live streaming on Instagram as an analogy.

Because so many people can view it live on Instagram, live streaming together is also known as video call chat.

This function is certainly very interesting because it allows you and other viewers in a very wide area to connect with your idol's stream. However, this is not an easy task as video conferencing between two people requires consent from both parties.

3. Anti-Banned

For any program, including Mango Live, mod applications are strictly prohibited by the official developers because they are dangerous for them. The danger for individuals found using mod versions of these programs is that their accounts are blocked and can no longer be used for live viewing.

For broadcasters, if they are detected using unauthorized programs, they will also be blocked by the official Mango Live developer.

However, this is not possible if you use the mod program that we will offer below. Because of the anti-ban function included in this software. Even so, you will not be completely safe from danger with this function. Therefore, use it with caution.

This functionality only works by masking your activity in the mod program. As a result, the system cannot detect it. Our advice is to carry out normal activities, as anomalous behavior in applications is very susceptible to being noticed by the system.

4. No Ads

Another aspect that is no less interesting in the Mango Live mod apk program is that there are no advertisements while the application is functioning. While watching live broadcasts, you may find that this mod program is very useful for those who are annoyed by advertisements.

For obvious reasons, excessive advertising and placements that are considered inappropriate will greatly hinder the use of the app. Ads often hide in-app buttons or explanations when used for navigation.

It's very annoying if ads fill the entire screen straight away. Luckily there are no ads in Mango Live Apk (Unlock All Room) Old & Latest Version 2022, so it's easier to use.

5. More Virtual Gifts

It is impossible to have a live streaming app without a gift function. Attractive and easy to get prizes can be found in the official application. These awards can be in the form of products, prizes for ribbons, or items that can be exchanged for real money.

In other words, the more prizes you win, the more money you can make using this app.

Unfortunately, the number of prizes awarded to genuine applicants is rather small. Due to this, the time required to receive money from Mango Live has increased.

The remedy, of course, is that you can use the Mango Live mod apk program. Because of the features that have been set for rewards in this application. As a result of using this enhanced app, you will be eligible for more incentives.

6. SelfieCast Keyboard

Mango Live has some unusual features not found anywhere else. Namely keyboard cast selfie. With this function, you can offer stickers directly from the keyboard you are currently using. Of course, this makes it very easy for you to communicate with the streamer you watch.

However, to use it, you have to be ready to change your normal keyboard settings and change it to the Mango Live apk keyboard. Yes, the keyboard is included with the Mango Live apk download.

It's very simple. You can change the default keyboard on your smartphone by going to the input options and selecting a different keyboard from the list. Keyboard settings can be changed as usual after the live stream has finished.

7. More Sticker Options

Still related to the previous point, where you can freely use stickers instantly using the keyboard. There are many types of stickers that you can send.

With Mango Live Apk (Unlock All Rooms) Old & Latest Version 2022, you will have more options.

A great method to interact with streamers you follow is to use these stickers to greet them. Additionally, you can also send emails to other Mango Live users in the chat function. As a result, it is not limited to live streaming.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mango Live Mod

After knowing what mango live apk is and its features, here are the advantages and disadvantages of mango live apk, as follows:

Advantages of Mango Live Apk

  1. Watch live broadcasts for free
  2. Attractive appearance
  3. Become a streamer or host
  4. Equipped with high definition or HD graphics
  5. All rooms are open
  6. VIP features can be accessed for free
  7. Go live streaming anytime
  8. Interesting prizes
  9. Etc

Disadvantages of Mango Live Apk

  1. Not available on Google Playstore
  2. Not all cellphones support this application
  3. Illegal and unofficial
  4. Its use carries risks
  5. All features are still locked
  6. Paid and not free
  7. And others

Download Mango Live Apk

This event is indeed entertaining enough to be used as entertainment by watching other people do live streaming.

In addition, with the changes made, users will receive additional functions that cannot be enjoyed in the original and free version of the program.

If you already know what mango live apk is and want to download it, see below:

  1. Application name Mango Live mod apk
  2. Size 52.8 MB
  3. Android 5.0+ operating system
  4. Entertainment Category

Meanwhile, the installation technique cannot be done like the applications you usually download from the Play Store or App Store. Because you can only find this mod program on third party sources or websites outside the Play Store and App Store.

How to Install Mango Live Apk

So, you can only carry out the installation as in the steps we share below:

  1. First, you download the Mango Live mod apk file via the link we shared above
    After that, first save the downloaded file then open the settings on your cellphone
    On the settings page, go to the Privacy and Security option
    Then look for the installation settings on the smartphone
  2. Look for the “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources” option, this option is usually at the bottom of the menu so scroll down until you find it
  3. Once found, just activate the option
  4. Next exit settings
  5. Then go to folder management on your cellphone
  6. Go to the folder where you saved the Mango Live mod apk file that you downloaded earlier.
  7. If nothing has changed, the file should be in the download folder of the internal memory
  8. Once the file is found, click on it and start the installation
  9. Wait until the installation process is complete and you can start using the Mango Live mod apk application

In the method above, we only explain the concept in outline. Because the settings on one smartphone and another smartphone are likely to be different.

In essence, you need to first open the installation security on your cellphone. With the method explained above, we only provide a high-level overview of the subject.

Because smartphone settings with other smartphones will most likely be different. In essence, you must first access the security installation on your phone.

Because by default, HP will limit installations from unknown sources because they are considered risky. Then, once the installation is complete, you can close the security again or leave it for the next installation of applications from external sources.

Safe Tips for Using the Mango Live Application (Unlock All Rooms)

We share the modified version of Mango Live because the original version does not have developer approval. As a result, there is a risk that must be accepted if you force yourself to use this program.

So, to stay safe using Mango Live mod without worrying about getting banned or other digital crimes, you can do the following tips:

1. Update applications regularly

This Mango Live mod has really been featured with an anti-ban function that allows it to hide your actions so that the system doesn't know that you are using a mod application. This strategy, however, does not guarantee a perfect score.

However, they will continue to provide improvements from this sector so that the features remain sophisticated and follow the evolution of the system from the manufacturer itself.

Unless you keep an eye out for updates, your system will continue to run on an outdated version. As a result, you will be very vulnerable to being discovered by the more advanced systems that the official creators of Mango Live have built the technology into.

2. Not using important data

Because this program is a product of third-party developer updates, it will be very unsafe if you use your data that is too sensitive and critical. The security of this kind of application is very weak from an indirect point of view.

No security mechanism is truly as secure as that of major developers, including the original creators of Mango Live. So, whenever possible avoid providing important information if the program asks for it.

3. Avoid overusing features

Excessive activity in learning a feature will be very risky because it can be easily identified by the system. You will immediately be considered cheating in the application by carrying out this behavior.

So try to use Mango Live Apk Old & Latest Version (Unlock All Room) 2022 as naturally as possible like you use a regular application. Just take advantage of the additional options. Don't be too flamboyant.

Behind the various exciting features and features contained in this mod version of Mango Live, there are dangers that must be accepted. Using mod applications should only be done with caution. If you already have enough money, you should use the original version of the program because it is much safer than the modification.

Why Mango Live Is Not in Play Store

The disappearance of Mango Live from the Play Store was caused by a viral case that recently occurred. A creator apparently used the Mango Live platform to create pornographic content.

This news is quite shocking because the creator admitted that he had been broadcasting live with this content for 9 months. Of course, this is a matter of concern and at the same time a matter of concern.

Mango Live on the Play Store has an age limit, but you can still download it for free. Therefore, Kominfo has temporarily removed Mango Live from the Play Store.

Mango Live can still be accessed on other official marketplaces, such as the App Store, for iOS-based smartphone and tablet users. Of course iPhone owners can download it.

Mango Live can be obtained via third-party download sites other than the App Store. There are various third parties that offer Mango Live app downloads.

However, it is worth mentioning that downloading apps outside the official store is very unsafe. Therefore, readers should choose the right download site so that the software is also safe for the device.


Mango Live is a live streaming application that has a similar concept to other live streaming applications such as Bigo Live, Mlive, and so on.

That's the information about what Mango Live premium apk is and its superior features, hopefully the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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