How to Check the Latest Indihome Internet Number


How to Check the Latest Indihome Internet Number – You can search for your Indihome internet number in many ways, one of which is using the official website provided by Indihome, to find out how to read this information to the end.

All participants or users must know how to check Indihome internet numbers. Knowing the number used to make payments is very important. Because it can also be utilized for other reasons such as updating services.

Unfortunately, this is a skill that not everyone has. So you don't experience difficulties when you want to change services or handle payments. It is wise to listen carefully to some of the topics that will be mentioned below.

To find out the remaining quota, you can contact the Indihome internet number. So, continue to learn how to verify internet numbers and other data in them with the simplest methods by checking out some of the reviews that will be discussed below.

What is an Indihome Internet Number

Telkom Speedy is the initial name of the Indihome service. This service has developed in the early 2000s and serves various places in Indonesia. Moreover, Telkom services already exist in various sub-district cities, including outside the city.

After undergoing various adjustments, a rebonding procedure was finally carried out so that the name became Indihome. Only now has the internet offered by PT Telkom become indihome and reaches most locations in Indonesia.

The services provided are very diverse, ranging from internet only services to connecting several other digital services. In most services, internet and landline are the primary communications services. Cable television is one option, but it's not the only one.

As a result of an extensive intra-Indonesian network. However Internet Network provided by Indihome can reach quite deep areas. So internet connectivity can operate well even when you are in a very distant area.

Especially considering the increasingly wide range of services offered. Even the speed is quite high and can be changed according to your wishes. As a result, the internet service you get can meet everyone's needs.

Types of Indihome Services

Indihome offers various services to its users. It is possible to make the best use of the following types of services:


Usually the internet service provided by Indihome will be one with the cable telephone service. Some individuals, however, exclusively use the internet to fulfill their own personal or professional goals.

So you don't need to use a telephone but still use internet services according to the type of package provided by Indihome. In this package there will usually be a registration fee and also a fee for renting equipment for the first time.

Telephone and Telephone

An immediate option of this service is available if desired. Internet-integrated toy phones are great for individuals who own companies or businesses that require robust communications and a strong internet network.

Internet, Telephone and Cable TV

The newest services used or the most used ones are the most complete. Internet, telephone, and cable TV are all forms of these services. So all digital and internet services can be accessed easily.

You can use Wi-Fi for various purposes, such as work or business, if you sign up for this service. Apart from that, the telephone can also be used so that communication can run well.

Lastly, high-quality entertainment services are available through cable TV. To avoid weather adjustments at that time, you can simply use a weather adaptive TV network.

How to Check Indihome Internet Number

How to check your Indihome internet number can be done by following the procedure below. You have the option to choose the one that is right for you.

Receipt of payment

The fastest way to find out the number from Indihome is to use the previous payment receipt. In most cases, proof of payment receipt will include the member number issued when subscribing to this internet service.

If you're sure you don't know, it's best to look for the structure or when you pay the bill at the credit counter. Usually they will offer services like this and also issue a kind of receipt containing information on the bill amount and also the member number.

As soon as you get it, you can start saving data to your mobile device. So if in the future the vehicle is lost, you may have a spare so that when you pay, you only need to read the note on your cellphone.

Digital Receipt

Some consumers choose to make payments at home by utilizing digital services. By utilizing this digital service, you can get credit or pay Indihome bills more easily and get proof of payment via email.

In most cases, proof of payment is there, along with information about the nature of the payment. Apart from that, you also don't need to worry about the participant number because it is usually displayed there so you can download it to print.

If you don't want to print, you can directly record the number of members or participants present. So you don't need to worry if you don't want to log in or use the My Indihome application that is provided by the provider when registering.

Official Site

Checking invoices and membership numbers can be done on the official Indihome website. By using this site you can also find out approximately how much quota has been used within 1 month.

To be able to verify your home internet number on this official site. To get started, you must first fill out the online registration form. There is no need to pay for this registration. After that, you will have access to the user account to check the data.

If you experience problems during the registration procedure, there's no harm in contacting Indihome. As a result, they will help ensure that the entire procedure goes without a hitch.

My Indihome application

The My Indihome application can also be used to verify participant or member numbers. Apart from that, the application can also be used to check the data quota that has been used in 1 day.

My Indihome application is a basic and straightforward website. So you can use the account you already have on the internet to log in using the My Indihome application.

How to Check Indihome Quota

Apart from understanding how to check Indihome internet numbers. Additionally, you should know how to check internet limits. Checking your Indihome quota can be done in several ways.

Using SMS

The first action you can take to check is to use the SMS service. To be able to take advantage of this service, complete the procedure described below.

To get started, open the SMS app on your Android or iOS phone and type in your phone number.
Next, type the SMS following the format below:
ISPs IH Location + IndiHome Telephone Number.

Once the format is built and uses the right numbers. Send a text message to 98108 ASAP.
Wait a few moments because information will usually appear regarding the remaining quota that has been used.

Using My Indihome

Then you can use the My indihome application. Follow the actions outlined in the following paragraphs if you want to use this application.

  1. First, enter the My Indihome application.
  2. If you don't have it yet, you can download it via the Play Store and then create an account there.
  3. After visiting the My Indihome main page, you can immediately find out the quota used.
  4. Apart from that, it can also be used to display the member number used and various other important information.

Use the Official Site

Finally, there is always an official website to turn to. To be able to use the official website, you only need to carry out the login procedure first, just like verifying the Indihome participant number.

Open the details section to see the remaining quota you have provided. There is data on how much of a particular quota has been used over time.

Wifi Router Modem

By using a modem, you can find out your Indihome customer number:

  • You can also access the router modem IP via the Indihome wifi network to find out the Indihome number.
  • Connect to a wifi network if you haven't already.
  • Visit the IP address or, via your PC, Laptop or Mobile browser.
  • Enter admin password.
  • Go to Interface Settings > Internet.
  • In the Username area, you will find your Indihome customer number.
  • Also change the settings menu on the WiFi router modem you are currently using.
  • WiFi router modem brands may vary greatly because every consumer is an individual.
  • For those of you who have Huawei modems, or other manufacturers, you may want to change your approach.

Via Official Twitter

To see the Indihome number on official Twitter, follow these steps:

  1. The next option is to follow IndihomeCare on Twitter.
  2. Ask the customer care admin for the Indihome customer number by sending a Direct Message (DM) to their inbox.

Via Indihome Service Center

  1. Visiting the Indihome service facility is the fifth option to get an Indihome internet ID number.
  2. Visit the Indihome Help Center link.
  3. The official service number to contact CS, or Customer Service, on this site is 147.
    You can also contact via email, or you can also ask questions directly via live chat called Indita.

Tips for Using Indihome

As previously mentioned, services from Indihome still have standard usage restrictions. Speed ​​will be reduced substantially if this limit is exceeded. That's why, you should follow some of the ideas below.

Monitor Daily Usage

The best advice for using Indihome and what everyone can do is to check consumption every day. Typically, no more than 10-20 GB of storage is used per day.

If it is more than that, at the end of the month the internet speed will drop quite badly. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your internet usage to a minimum every day. It is best to install some type of instrument that can identify internet usage.

So, in one day you can effectively see how many GB have been used. If it is more than that, then the next day the use must be reduced. Or, if you don't use up all your credits in one day, you can save them for later.

Avoid Downloading Large Files

There are several benefits to getting your internet through a broadband provider. One of the benefits is that it downloads various types of data easily. Even very large files can be downloaded quickly and quickly.

Unfortunately, if you download very large files regularly, you risk damaging your computer. Fair use limits will be easy to achieve. If it's not even half a month, there's a good chance that internet speed will drop so you won't be able to move quickly.

One approach that can be taken to prevent this is to create restrictions when downloading. You should limit how many items you have to download in one day to keep the speed consistent.

Limit Users

It is better to restrict users from the internet being used. Usually Wi-Fi will be quite slow if more than 5 people will use it in one residence. Apart from that, make sure your internet subscription does not have a speed that is too high.

If you don't want to go through that, minimize your exposure at first. This limitation is done to reduce the amount of bandwidth that will be used by a large number of users. Additionally, all users can download simultaneously.

Apart from limiting users, you can also partition Wi-Fi into different users. you can, for example, divide the first users by a few percent before using the rest yourself. Since other people will be using the shared network, your download and upload speeds will be stable.

Weekly Usage Control

Sometimes people cannot manage or are slow to control their daily internet use. So, instead of having to worry about having to monitor your daily internet usage, you can change your weekly check once a week.

For example, in one week you only print a maximum of 100 GB. If in one week it exceeds that. As a result, in the next week, it will be necessary to make savings to maintain constant internet speed for all destinations.

As a result, the speed will be constant all the time, even if it is higher than the normal usage limit. You will not be surprised by the second FUP so that the internet speed will only be up to 40 percent.

Provided Password

Usually the Wi-Fi that comes from Indihome will have a password. As a result, anyone who happens to be at home and has access to it can use it straight away. If you do this, internet speed will drop.

Plus, it's not just people at home who can use it. Sometimes other people outside can also use it because the wi-fi used is not given a watcher or password so joining is quite simple.

Providing a password is one method to get around this. Apart from that, this password must also be updated regularly every day. So users who are already using and connected will not be able to connect automatically.

Make Decisions Based on Packages

As previously mentioned, indihome offers various internet packages to suit the needs of all customers. Starting with available bandwidth or speed, each packet has its own set of parameters. Until the specified minimum consumption has been reached.

If the number of users at home is modest, then using even the smallest package will not be a problem. On the other hand, if there are a lot of users, then you have to use a larger package because the speed is higher and the FUP is also significant.

In reality, there is not much difference in price between the various plans. Therefore, it would be ideal if you could choose the most suitable or affordable package while still within your budget.

Beware of Intruders

Last but not least is to be careful of intruders or people who exploit the entire network for their own gain.

If they get into it then you will find it difficult to get fast speeds because they will use up the bandwidth you have for downloads or the like.

Therefore, it is recommended that you carry out daily checks. You will be able to find out whether there is an attacker or not this way. Next, you also have to update your password regularly every day.

There are many ways to find out your Indihome internet number. As previously explained, one effort that can be made is to utilize this application. Additionally, reusing payment receipts is the quickest route.

The idea is that you can start the saving procedure once you have determined your home internet number. That way, if needed at a later date, the information can be utilized without having to go through a screening procedure first. Especially in a hurry.


Knowing the number used to make payments is very important. By using a receipt, application, or other method, you can search for your Indihome Internet Number.

To find out the remaining quota, you can contact the Indihome internet number. How to check your Indihome internet number can be done by following the procedure below.

Internet-integrated toy phones are great for individuals who own companies or businesses that require robust communications and a strong internet network.

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