Why Instagram Stories Disappear Before 24 Hours

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Why Instagram Stories Disappear Before 24 Hours

Rancakmedia.com – Have you ever felt that the Instagram story you created suddenly disappeared? Find out the reasons why Instagram stories disappear before 24 hours.

Apart from Tiktok and WhatsApp, Instagram is a popular social networking application where users can easily share photos and videos.

Apart from that, Instagram also includes a feature called Instagram Story or Instagram Story. Here users can publish short films or photos using certain filters.

However, recently many users have complained that the Instagram Stories they uploaded disappeared by themselves. So, why did Instagram (IG) Stories suddenly disappear by themselves?

Instagram Stories Suddenly Disappear

Instagram Stories usually expire after a full day or 24 hours. Unless you delete it manually yourself by using the delete story function.

However, recently many Instagram application users have been wondering why IG Stories fade by themselves even though they haven't touched 24 hours or a full day after creating them.

In fact, Instagram Stories themselves should be automatically deleted after 24 hours or 1 day. We can also delete them manually if we don't want to wait too long.

In fact, many Instagram users stated that the Instagram Story archives of users of this application had also been lost for some time and could not be recovered.

This then causes dissatisfaction for Instagram application users. Especially for people who regularly post material in their stories for commercial reasons or as influencers.

Why do Instagram stories disappear by themselves?

Until now, there is still no official explanation or confirmation regarding the disappearance of stories or archives on Instagram. It hasn't even been featured in mainstream media yet.

However, it is possible that the story itself was deleted due to a malfunction or weak internet connection when uploading the link. There are even some rumors circulating about it all now.

The rumor says that the disappearance of Instagram's Story archives itself is because Instagram will delete archives that are more than a year old, but this rumor cannot be firmly proven.

The reason behind this is because many users have acknowledged that no archives or stories are missing. It is very likely that something like this only happened to a few Instagram account users.

We may wait for an official explanation as to why Instagram Stories have suddenly disappeared from a large number of Instagram account users recently before making a decision in this regard.


In the article above we have provided information on the reasons why the Instagram stories we created before 24 hours suddenly disappear.

That's the article about Why Instagram Stories Disappear Before 24 Hours, hopefully the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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