Check and Download Vaccine Certificate Online

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Check and Download Vaccine Certificate Online
Check and Download Vaccine Certificate Online – If you haven't checked and downloaded the vaccine certificate, you can check and download the vaccine certificate online using the website below.

If you have been vaccinated, there are two ways to check the vaccine certificate online on the web or in the Pedulilindungi application. On the Pedulilindungi id site, certificates are immediately given.

Checking vaccine certificates online for doses 1 and 2 on the web via the Pedulilindungi application can be done online.

Pedulilindungi is an official website and application from the government which was established to help monitor and combat the spread of Covid-19.

This is a certificate for residents who wish to travel by public transportation during the PPKM implementation to provide proof of vaccine. In addition, vaccine certification is now mandatory for visiting malls and a number of other places.

If you have previously been vaccinated, you can obtain and print a vaccine certificate online independently.

List of ways to check and download vaccine certificates

There are many ways to verify validity vaccine certificate for doses 1 and 2 when doing online examination:

A. How to Check Online Vaccine Certificates for Doses 1 and 2

  1. Open the PeduliLindungi ID site or open the PeduliLindungi application
  2. Enter your full name and NIK
  3. Check the column "we are not robots"
  4. Click “Check“.
  5. Vaccination status will appear

B. How to Download Vaccine Certificate Online at PeduliLindungi id

How to download online vaccine certificates for doses 1 and 2 can be done via the website or application. Here are the steps:

1. Download the Vaccine Certificate from the PeduliLindungi id website

  1. Select the "Vaccine Registration" menu and "Login Now" (if you already have an account). If we don't have an account yet, please click the option "Create a PeduliLindung Account"
  2. If we already have an account, participants must enter their full name, NIK and cellphone number
  3. Enter the 6 digit OTP code sent by PEDULICOVID via SMS
  4. After that, in the top right corner, click “Account Name” (for mobile users, click the 3 stripes icon and select Account Name)
  5. Select the "Vaccine Certificate" menu
  6. Click "Name" to display our online vaccine certificate, then click "Download" to save the certificate.
  7. If our online vaccine certificate is not yet available, we can contact the 119 call center to get help

2. Download the Online Vaccine Certificate for Doses 1 and 2 for the PeduliLindung Application

  1. Download the PeduliLindung application on the Play Store or App Store
  2. Fill in our identity, in the form of full name and enter cellphone number
  3. Fill in the OTP code to verify data. An OTP code will be sent to the cellphone number listed
  4. The account user is directed to the main page column
  5. Complete our identity by including our NIK address and email address in the profile column
  6. Check the vaccine certificate feature
  7. The application will display the first and second dose vaccine certificates
  8. Download first/second dose online vaccine certificate
  9. The online vaccine certificate will automatically be saved to our cellphone gallery/image


That's the article about checking and downloading vaccine certificates online. In the article above we have provided information about how to check vaccine certificates online for dose 1 and dose 2, download vaccine certificates via the PeduliLindung website, and download vaccine certificates with the PeduliLindung application.

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