The Function of Mobile Phones as a Business Tool Today


The Function of Mobile Phones as a Business Tool Today
The Function of Mobile Phones as a Business Tool Today – Mobile phones are a versatile business tool that can be used for various purposes, the importance of mobile phones today in business is undeniable, and communication today is developing all the time.

Who doesn't use a cell phone these days? When cell phones first appeared, they were intended to replace pagers as a practical means of communication. The creator was Martin Cooper in 1973, who at that time worked at the Motorola company. Until now, no businessman has missed using a smartphone.

Current Functions of Mobile Phones as Business Tools

Both telephones and mobile phones are used for communication, although they serve different purposes. If you are just starting a business, you need to know exactly what its function is. Especially now in the digital era that requires this smart equipment.

Based on research in 2009 by LAB MUSEA Erricsson, there are five main functions of cellphones. Apart from functioning as a means of communication, it also functions as a symbol of society, helping business, shifting social boundaries, and relieving stress.

Judging from these statistics, one cannot ignore the role of smartphones in business. If we explain further about usage smartphone in business, there are 7 additional functions that can be noted as follows:

Means for creating an online store

Where in the world do you want to start a business? You can use a smartphone which is currently easily accessible. Using social media as a sales channel, various apps are available for download. The process of setting up an internet business, creating ads, and selling goods only takes a few clicks.

Techniques for obtaining various kinds of business data

Are you not sure where to go to get the latest news on business developments? The main purpose of mobile phones is to make it easier for people to stay up to date with the latest news. You can learn about the current state of the economy, as well as how to become a successful entrepreneur and many other topics.

The current function of mobile phones is as a sales transaction facility

Do you still have to go to the bank or ATM to make a purchase transaction from a distributor or check whether the consumer has completed the payment? Because everything is in the palm of your hand via mobile, there is no need to do it anymore. You only need to activate e-banking services, so all transactions can be taken easily.

Tools to Edit Products To Spice Things Up

The good influence of these phones extends beyond business advancement to increased mobile capabilities. Consumers tend to be more interested in a product if the image is visually appealing, which you can do using your cell phone. Starting from taking product photos to editing so that it gives a 'wow' impression. There are several applications that you can use, both for editing images and videos.

Current Cell Phone Functions Mean Contact with Customers

Communication is very important, but with mobile there are various ways to communicate with customers. First, you can talk directly both in the marketplace application and on social media.

Third party video calls can be made by calling directly or by using special chat software such as Whatsapp.

This number of alternatives makes it easier for users to choose according to the application they have. As a result, more people can afford to buy.

Tools for Measuring Business and Staff Performance

If you are a business owner with multiple locations, it can be difficult to keep tabs on business trends and progress. By using your cellphone, you can find the answer right now. Every day, managed businesses offer a wide variety of monitoring and reporting tools.

So it will be very easy to improve the business and make plans for smooth daily business operations. You can also more easily manage your employee performance because monitoring can be done in various places.

Facilities for Safe Storage of Vital Data

Another feature that cannot be ignored is the ability to store and transport all your important data wherever you go. If you are going to store a lot of information on your cellphone, you should choose one that has more memory. Documents, photos and movies of all types can be stored easily.


Mobile phones are versatile business tools that can be used for a variety of purposes. There are five main functions of cellphones, as well as 7 additional functions that can be noted from using smartphones in business. This list is based on 2009 research by LAB MUSEA Erricsson.

With mobile there are various ways to communicate with customers and measure business performance. E-banking services mean all transactions can be taken in the palm of your hand, no more trips to the bank or ATM. The ability to store and transport important data wherever you go is another must-have.

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