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Download FB Lite Apk Small Size - Download the FB lite Apk this time the editor rancak media will provide information that is very popular because the speed and lightness of this FB application is different from the others, namely the FB Lite Apk or Facebook Lite, which is one of the social media with the largest number of users in Indonesia.

Many people make use of the fb app, which is also available as an Android app. To meet user needs and keep up with market developments, FB Lite APK is also here to enliven the world of Android applications.

As the moniker suggests, FB Lite is designed to be faster and lighter than the standard FB application. As a result, a large number of users choose FB Lite. This application is quite fun and is often relied on by smart cellphone owners and users with average hardware.

Apart from cellphones with lower specifications, FB Lite is also suitable for cellphones with higher specifications. FB Lite has its own advantages and disadvantages. As a potential user, you can judge for yourself the quality and whether you can accept this application or not after listening to the application's features.

What is Facebook App and FB Lite Apk

This social media platform created by Mark Zuckerberg never dies. Even though several new social networks have emerged, up to now Facebook still has many users.

Facebook App

Don't know about social media. We also don't need to feel embarrassed about using Facebook. You may be Generation Z or younger who is not familiar with Facebook. Facebook is one of the main social media sites where you can exchange messages, have group conversations, buy and sell, and make friends.

If you have an FB account, the best option is to use the FB app on your Android device. You can bypass FB website completely by using this app. You may receive warnings when there are comments on your posts. Other interesting social media style features can be found inside this app as well.

Through the Facebook application, you can find out what your friends, family and coworkers are doing. You can also get the latest news about what's around you. The FB application is also an ideal medium if you want to find new friends or acquaintances for any reason.

FB Lite Apk

Facebook Lite is a simplified version of Facebook's official software for Android devices with poor processing power or slow Internet connections.

What stands out most about Facebook Lite is its size. This program only takes up about 250 kilobytes of space. As a result, the software is hundreds of times smaller than the standard Facebook application while retaining all its functionality.

In addition to dramatically reducing the size of the program, Facebook Lite also provides unique advantages for people with poor internet connections. This program is intended to function over 2G networks, so you can interact with friends with minimal data plans.

Facebook Lite is an excellent replacement for the main Facebook client, and can be used on Android devices that are not very powerful and have a poor internet connection.

Disadvantages of the Facebook Application

If a Facebook app is so great, it's certainly difficult for Facebook to release an identical app but with a lighter title.

There is something interesting about the latest application FB Lite APK that attracts so many users. The Facebook app is missing something important.

For the avoidance of doubt, here are the cons of the Facebook app for Android.

  1. A lot of space is used by the Facebook application. Apart from its large size, the memory requirements for this application will increase as the application progresses and data is exchanged. As a result, you will get an increase in the amount of data stored in the cellphone memory.
  2. The Facebook app consumes a lot of data when used online. Many people don't like this amount of data because it has the potential to use up their internet data package quickly. This deficiency is complained about quite a lot which makes many people stay away from it.
  3. Facebook app users have to use Facebook Messenger one by one. Therefore, an app download is required. The fact that there are more applications implies that memory is taxed in different ways. This feature is optional but a shame to miss.
  4. Additional components that are considered less superior to the Facebook application are that it lacks performance and functionality. That aspect is the appearance of the application. This is really a matter of personal preference and opinion.

Advantages of the Facebook Lite Application

Facebook Lite is a lightweight version of the Facebook app for Android. If you are already a Facebook user, this application will be very easy for you. Facebook Lite is a full-featured version of the Facebook app. There is no change in terms of function.

This app is optimized for Android Gingerbread 2.3 and above. The app's creators claim that it will use less data than standard Facebook. It is important to note that, despite its name, fb Lite is capable of working on all types of mobile networks.

FB Lite can also be used on various networks and environments. Fb Lite is well-liked for the improvements it brings over the previous app. Facebook for Android is known to be quite large in size. This may load your cellphone memory.

Unlike its predecessor, the FB Lite APK application has been created and simplified. As a result, this application has a more direct and inexpensive measure. Facebook Lite is the best alternative application if you are not satisfied with the experience of using the Facebook application.

  1. Simple and fast setup. Because the application size is small, you can install FB Lite quickly.
  2. HP performance is not affected. Designed to operate on systems and HP with minimal requirements.
  3. Able to work better without burdening HP performance.
  4. Data consumption is minimal. The data used is not as much as in the Facebook application.
  5. Works on all networks with different qualities. FB Lite operates on 2G, 3G, 4G networks and works with slow and fast internet connections.
  6. FB Lite is able to work on all versions of Android phones, from ancient to modern.
  7. You can see for yourself what you can get with this application. Boasting superior functionality, it is definitely unexpected that many people are trying to use this application.

To get to know FB Lite better, of course you need to understand the complete description of its features and benefits.

Differences between Facebook Application Features and Facebook Lite

An explanation of the differences between the Facebook application and the FB Lite APK application needs to be provided. By knowing the differences and comparisons between the two applications, you can compare the advantages and disadvantages of each Facebook application.

Here are the differences and comparisons Facebook app with the Facebook Lite application.

App Size

The size and amount of RAM that can be accessed on Android phones is what often causes difficulties. Sometimes the free space on your cellphone's RAM doesn't seem to run out quickly. To our surprise, the standard Facebook app took up a lot of disk space. This is often debated by users.

The size of this application may ultimately vary greatly on the smartphone you use. The Facebook Lite app is clearly inferior in terms of file size. The size of the Facebook application can exceed 162 MB, while the size of FB Lite is only 2,51 MB. You can see the changes clearly and quite significantly.

Data Usage

FB Lite is a social networking app optimized for low-end smartphones with poor internet connectivity. It's important to remember that FB Lite can run well on 2G networks, even if the internet connection is subpar. Therefore, this application can save data usage.

The quality and experience you have with FB Lite will be sacrificed to save data usage. Automatic data backup is provided. Effective use of this data will be very noticeable. Facebook users, on the other hand, have to consume large amounts of data.

Application View

It's not just the app's size and data usage that suggests a light and basic approach. The app view also receives save and summarize touches. The aesthetic of Facebook Lite can be said to be cleaner and focuses on usability features rather than creative design.

Actually, this is logical because FB Lite prioritizes performance over appearance. For those of you who want to look good visually, I feel this application is not for you. Some symbols and design components in this application look simpler than in the Facebook application.

Between the two fb applications, there are three main differences. From there, you can make your own comparisons. The Facebook app is a great choice if you have a high-end smartphone and don't mind paying for data consumption. If you are bothered by any of these problems, then FB Lite could be the solution for you.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Facebook Lite

From the comparison of the two applications above, you can do calculations and determine what the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Lite APK are. By knowing these two aspects, you can better understand the quality of the current FB Lite APK version 291.765.913 application.

The following is an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the Facebook Lite application.

Disadvantages of Facebook Lite

Weaknesses in the Facebook Lite application may be seen in terms of design and appearance. When something is sacrificed in the form of application size, there must be something that makes this application seem inadequate. The shortcomings of the FB Lite application are felt in terms of quality and lack of Facebook Gaming functionality.

  1. The design and presentation of Facebook Lite is considered less than optimal and less attractive. This is because FB Lite was created with user experience in mind.
  2. The appearance of FB Lite looks so plain that items that damage your eyesight will not be visible in this application.
  3. The app's photos and videos are of lower quality than those on conventional Facebook.
  4. This happens due to reduced data usage. As a result, perfectly good looking photos and movies are supplied in poor quality or have been compressed.
  5. Another negative of the app is the lack of Facebook Gaming functionality.
  6. On regular Facebook, you can use this function directly from the app.
  7. However, you will be sent to your browser to play the game if you use FB Lite.

Advantages of Facebook Lite

After getting an explanation of the shortcomings of Facebook Lite, now is the time for you to know the advantages of this application. Following are the advantages of the latest edition of the Facebook Lite application.

Facebook Lite of course has a minimal application size. The file size is limited to 1,61 MB. Of course, this affects how much space your Android phone can save.
Facebook Lite is lighter to use.

  1. Because it has a compact size, this application is able to perform better and more smoothly. FB Lite is said to function more quietly and with a lighter weight.
  2. FB Lite Apk is a savior for those of you who have difficulty configuring internet data packages.
  3. This application does not use large amounts of data.
  4. In other words, you can save on data package or quota usage with this application.
  5. Facebook Lite can be accessed on all networks, from 2G to 4G LTE.
  6. Whatever network you choose, you can still display the material and features well.
  7. You can still access and use FB Lite if your signal is weak due to its availability.
    Facebook Lite has a simpler appearance.
  8. Prioritizing performance, everything that appears is useful. There is no place for anything that is only of value in sight.
  9. Facebook Lite is easy to use and is perfect for older HP computers with modest hardware requirements. Just switch to FB Lite if the standard version of Facebook is too much for you.

Download the Latest FB Lite APK (UPDATE OCTOBER 2022)

Facebook Lite is the dark horse and the best choice for Facebook social media consumers. Here, Facebook Lite is an APK that requires a separate setup app from other apps. Version 291.765.913 was released on January 24, 2022 as the latest update to this application.

This release is loaded with several fixes and quality improvements. You'll get access to all the new features, all of which are far superior to anything you could get before. Fixes for specific issues should also be provided there. Before downloading, please note the following important information.

  1. Name Facebook Lite APK
  2. Version 291.765.913
  3. Update 18 October 2022
  4. Size 2.42 MB
  5. Android Operating System 5.0 and above
This version of Facebook uses less data and can be used in all network conditions.

Facebook Lite:

  • Quick install smaller apps, so they're quicker to download and use less storage space.
  • Works on older Android phones – You can use Facebook Lite on older Android phones that are not supported by the regular Facebook app
  • Uses less data – more efficiency with mobile data. Save money because it uses less data.
  • Loads fast – this is our fastest app. Faster to upload photos and see updates from friends.
  • Works on all networks – this application is designed for 2G networks and areas with slow or unstable internet connections.


Android 2.2 or higher

Last Updated:

18 October 2022

To get the latest Facebook Lite APK version 291.765.913, please download it from the download link above. Next, you press Download Now and wait until the download link appears. Just click on the app APK file. Wait until Facebook Lite is available on the Android phone you are using.

How to Install the Latest FB Lite Apk

Following the application mentioned above, the next step is to carry out the manual application of FB Lite. Setup is easy, although the app is a bit different from other apps. Unknown sources must be enabled to install the APK version of this app.

To make it clearer, you can listen to the current installation tutorial for FB Lite version 291.765.913 here.

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the FB Lite application 291.765.913.
  2. You also have to delete the previous version of the Facebook Lite application.
  3. Now, go to the Settings menu on your Android phone.
  4. Go to the Security and Privacy section of the toolbar.
  5. There, check the Unknown Sources option.
  6. To activate an option, just tap it.
  7. Now navigate to the location where you saved FB Lite.
  8. Open the software and complete the installation application.
  9. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  10. If so, the latest FB Lite version 291.765.913 can be used.

You will be able to use the application successfully if the installation process is carried out correctly. You can also download this application on the Google Play Store. You can use this app in the same way as the standard Facebook app, but with the added benefit of the various features available.

Is the Latest Version of the FB Lite Apk Safe to Use

Nothing changed to the Facebook Lite APK changes the functionality of the app. All current functions are unaffected. The program interface will be identical to the standard Facebook application, so there should be no surprises. you don't need to be afraid of some things.

The latest version of Facebook Lite APK is risk-free to use. The Android system you use does not conflict or compromise security at all. If you really want to be more vigilant, you can consider using a high-quality, uncompromising antivirus application.

You can download the latest FB Lite APK version 291.765.913 and make the most of it. First, if you currently use the Facebook application, please try this one. Usually after you've tried for a certain period of time, it's hard to go back to relying on the non-Lite version of the Facebook app.

FB Lite is optimized for Android Gingerbread 2.3 and above. Built to use less data than the standard Facebook app. Works on 2G, 3G, 4G networks and on various types of slow and fast internals. Designed to operate on systems and HP with minimal requirements.


FB Lite APK is here to enliven the world of Android applications. This app is designed to be faster and lighter than the standard fb app. FB Lite has its own advantages and disadvantages, and users can judge for themselves whether it is suitable for them or not.

Facebook Lite is a lightweight version of the Facebook app for Android. The Facebook app consumes a lot of data when used online. This deficiency is complained about quite a lot which makes many people stay away from it.

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