Check out the Explanation Regarding When 5G Internet Will Come in Indonesia

Check out the Explanation Regarding When 5G Internet Will Come in Indonesia – Carrier 5G setup is underway, including recent network trials. So when will the network be in Indonesia?

“2021 not yet. The spectrum for 5G according to the Job Creation Law will only be auctioned starting in 2022," said President Director of XL Axiata, Dian Siswarini in the Selular Digital Telco Outlook, Tuesday (15/12/2020).

He explained that currently his faction is preparing for 5G. For example providing fiber so that when you want to open a new network later it won't suddenly happen.

Dian said that 5G could be done in several use cases. For example in developed countries that have implemented faster searching and online gaming because it requires fast latency.

But with Covid-19 forging the world as far as 2020 adding new usecases of 5G usage. Namely Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality which were originally used for performances.

According to him, the two technologies are currently being used for more productive implementations, for example in the health sector for remote diagnosis and remote surgery.

This is clearly different from before the outbreak. According to him, the use case that was considered was related to industry.

"But now with the change in behavior, people can go to museums and not go there by using AR. And seeing something doesn't network it using 5G. This led to the realization of 5G," said Dian.

The same thing happened on XL. Previously, on the operational side, there had to be someone on standby monitoring the monitor.

At present, because there are demands for network operations without anyone present, it is easier for employees to carry out various tasks in their homes using 5G.

"Things like that are easier to carry via 5G because the technology in terms of bandwidth and latency is better," said Dian.

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