How to Buy a PayPal Balance Via BCA – How to buy PayPal balance through BCA ATMs and other bank accounts? This question is often asked by PayPal account users on social media and forums that are spread across the internet. In this post, a solution will be given, the funds in your bank account may actually turn into a PayPal balance. How to? Please read the following discussion until it's finished.

PayPal is a virtual account that can be used to send and receive money, withdraw cash, and buy physical and digital goods online. Today, many businesses offer PayPal as a payment option.

When using PayPal to make payments, the procedure is practically fast. In addition, security is guaranteed because the regulations made by PayPal are very strict, fraud rarely occurs. For this reason, PayPal is highly recommended for those of you who frequently make purchases online.

The only downside to using PayPal is that it's difficult to top up the balance. In contrast to other digital accounts or wallets, most of which can be topped up through various businesses in Indonesia. PayPal balance cannot be purchased at local online businesses or physical kiosks on the street.

Most individuals fill their PayPal balance by doing business online, be it with paid online surveys, downloads application certain activities, contribute to online forums, and so on.

This is a method to get free PayPal balance, but it requires a lot of effort and patience. Because, to get only $1 USD, it takes a long time. Well, if you have urgent requirements that must be paid via PayPal then this method is not recommended. As the title suggests, an easy and fast way to top up your PayPal balance is to use a BCA ATM.

How to Buy PayPal Balance via BCA

Especially for those of you who have a BCA bank account and currently need a PayPal balance, you can buy it at Yes, you might think this is a currency exchange service.

Funds in your BCA bank account can be exchanged for PayPal balance by first transferring some funds to our bank account. Is this method safe? 100 percent safe because we are a PayPal balance exchange service provider that has been operating for more than 5 years.

This method is also not prohibited by PayPal as long as the source of the balance is lawful. The benefit of topping up the balance in this way is that it is practical and does not require prior permission or authorization from the bank. Immediately, see How to Buy a PayPal Balance using the following BCA ATM.

How to Buy PayPal Balance via BCA

  1. Open the website
  2. Before placing an order, it would be nice if you read the transaction policy on the "Full Terms & Conditions" page. This is done to anticipate the possibility of errors during transactions.
  3. After reading each item in full on the terms and conditions page, please return to the main menu on the website. There it says the exchange rate per 1 dollar today which is updated to the exchange rate from BCA bank. To place an order, please click "Buy PayPal Balance Now".
  4. Next, you will be taken directly to the WhatsApp website. Inform us of the nominal balance you want to buy (no minimum purchase limit) (no minimum purchase limit). Please note, the ordering procedure is only done via WhatsApp conversation.
  5. After informing us of the balance you wish to purchase, we will inform you of the money you must transfer to us together with the bank account to which you wish to transfer.
  6. Make payments using your BCA ATM according to the predetermined price.
  7. After the transfer to the target account, immediately your PayPal balance will be replenished immediately. If you haven't received your balance, please wait a maximum of 3 hours for the incoming balance to be processed.

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