Electrocuted by iPhone while bathing, this Russian model dies

Electrocuted by iPhone while bathing, this Russian model dies – A 24-year-old fashion model from Arkhangelsk, Russia, was found dead in her apartment by Olesya Semenova.

Semenova's roommate, Daria, first noticed Semenova's body lying stiff in the bathroom. While trying to save Semenova, Daria said she felt an electric shock on her friend's skin.

At the scene of the incident, Daria also found Semenova's iPhone 8 immersed in the bathtub. It turned out that the cellphone was on charge, so it was calculated that it would generate an electric current in the bathtub where Semenova was bathing.

“When I touched her (Semenova), I was electrocuted. Apparently there is one cell phone that is being charged immersed in water," said Daria.

After further investigations were carried out, the paramedic team also said that the cause of Semenova's death was caused by an electric shock.

Usually, cellphones that fall into water don't pose a danger. The iPhone 8 itself has IP67 certification, so it can function even if it has been dropped in water with a maximum depth of 1 meter. all 30 minutes.

But in this case, Semenova's cell phone is currently on charge. So, the electric current from the charging port will have the potential to stab if it falls into the water.

Before she died, Semenova was found to have often taken her cellphone with her when she was going to take a shower. This can be seen from the various collections of pictures and videos in his cellphone gallery.

Tragically, this is not the first case of death stemming from a cell phone being charged in the bathroom.

Last August, a 15-year-old girl from Moscow, Russia was declared dead from an electric shock in her bathroom.

The same incident was felt by international poker star, Liliya Novikova. The 26-year-old woman was found dead after she was electrocuted while taking a shower.

The Russian Ministry has even issued a warning regarding the dangers of using a cellphone while charging it while in the bathroom.

Source: Kompas.com

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