Here's how to sync Instagram and WhatsApp chats

Here's how to sync Instagram and WhatsApp chats – Instagram released a new method that makes it easier for users to contact business account owners via WhatsApp directly from the Instagram program.

As the first country in Asia Pacific to get this feature, business people in Indonesia can now link their WhatsApp number with their business Instagram profile.

Through this feature, users can immediately contact and start conversations with sellers via WhatsApp with just one click after discovering the business on Instagram.

Steps to connect Instagram with WhatsApp Chat:

  1. Adding a Whatsapp button to a business Instagram profile.
  2. Go to your Instagram business account page, then select Change Profile.
  3. Select the contact option, then add your WhatsApp number.
  4. Enter the authentication code that you received, then your business Instagram account will be connected automatically with your WhatsApp account.
  5. Failed to link the Instagram account with WhatsApp via the WhatsApp program.
  6. Open Business Features and select Settings.
  7. Tap the linked account.
  8. Define Instagram and tap Fail Link.

Initially, Instagram users had to manually enter the business WhatsApp number listed on the business Instagram profile. But through this new feature, loyal customers can connect with the businesses they like more quickly and easily so they can speed up the business transaction process.

Facebook's Country Director in Indonesia, Pieter Lydian, explained that Instagram intends to help MSMEs and businesses in marketing their products and activating marketing, especially during the Covid-19 outbreak.

"We know that many businesses use Instagram as a virtual storefront, and WhatsApp as the final gateway to create further conversations about products with loyal consumers to drive marketing," said Pieter via registered information, Friday (18/12).


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