5 Applications to Watch Korean Dramas with Indo Subs for Free

rancakmedia.com – The Korean Drama Watch application is the most popular drama around the world, including in Indonesia. For an era as great as this, film companies and Android developers have improved many applications to be able to watch Korean dramas on Android cellphones and iPhones in particular.

Episode after episode of Korean dramas always seem to be favored by some young women. In fact, many women and men enjoy watching Korean dramas.

But unfortunately, not all local TV stations broadcast Korean dramas. Sometimes, we have to stream it first or buy the DVD so we don't miss a single scene from our favorite Korean drama.

Actually, if you know, now we can watch our favorite K-Drama via Android phones. As long as we are connected to the internet, we can watch our favorite Korean dramas as much as we like with unlimited internet packages.

Well, here are some lists application for those of you who want to see Indonesian sub Korean dramas for free. Come on, read the full discussion below!

Application to watch Korean dramas with Indo subtitles

1. KDrama Zone

The first list is KDrama Zone. As the name implies, this application provides some special Korean drama content for users. With this application made by Droid Mobi you can watch Korean films or dramas for free.

There are various Korean drama titles starting from the latest to old dramas with complete scenes from start to finish, and can also use Indonesian subtitles. The interface is also easy to understand so you don't get confused when using it.

The KDrama Zone application will provide notifications if there are updates or the latest episodes of Korean dramas that you follow.

2. Viu – Latest Korean Drama, Offline Sub Indo

If this application is certainly no stranger to Korean drama fans. There are tons of Korean dramas with Indonesian subtitles that you can enjoy with this application.

This application made by Vuclip Mobile Video provides features to retrieve content so you can watch Korean dramas offline.

You can download and enjoy the Viu application for free, there are several versions of content with various types starting from Drama, Action, Horror, Comedy, Romance, Thriller to Sports that you can enjoy. But if you don't want ads while viewing, you can subscribe to the Premium version of Viu.

3. HOOQs

HOOQ can be a reference application for those of you who want to watch Korean dramas on an Android phone. Even though it's not as detailed as VIU, this application offers relief for those of you who want to watch Korean dramas for free.

With only internet package capital, you can see your favorite Korean dramas as much as you like with this application.

4. iFlix

This film streaming service can be said to be developing quite fast in Southeast Asia. In addition to several Hollywood and box office films, this application provides Korean drama films and series, starting from the old to the newest.

On iFlix you can enjoy Korean Drama series with Indonesian subtitles. You can enjoy everything for free as long as you are connected to the internet.

Want to try the iFlix app? download here

5. Drakor.id Plus

Watching Korean dramas on an Android phone during free time is indeed a joy. For those of you who like watching KDrama, you can try the Drama korea.id Plus application. You can enjoy various types of Korean Drama titles through this application.

The interface, which is simple but still beautiful, will make it easier for you to access the desired Korean drama. Access is also easy and fast so that it can make users feel comfortable when watching Korean dramas.

Those are 5 applications that you can use to watch Korean dramas with Indonesian subtitles for free. Please select one or several applications that you think are most suitable for your needs. With some of the applications above, you don't have to worry anymore about missing episodes of your favorite Korean drama.

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