How to Reset Xiaomi Mobile and Wipe Data – How to reset this cellphone is really easy and can handle various errors that occur on your cellphone. For those who want to reset this Xiaomi cellphone, you can see the following information.

Xiaomi cellphones are one of the brands that are often used. But this cellphone sometimes experiences errors or is slow when used. The method that can restore it is by resetting the cellphone, even so there are many people who don't understand how to reset this Xiaomi cellphone.

How to Reset Xiaomi Mobile

Resetting is the best way to make your cellphone like new again. No lag, slow and various other problems. You can also use the 2 reset methods that I share on other Xiaomi cellphones such as the Redmi Note 7 Pro.

How to Reset Xiaomi Mobile

Before you try to reset, make sure you still remember the Xiaomi and Google accounts that are registered on your Xiaomi! If you don't remember, you should cancel the desire to reset, because it will actually make the condition of your cellphone worse.

How to Hard Reset Through Mi Recovery

  • First, press the VOLUME UP button and the POWER button together and hold down, then release after the Mi symbol appears
  • If correct, the process will enter Mi Recovery. Select Wipe Data by using the Volume buttons as up and down navigation and the POWER button as "Enter".
  • Then you select the Wipe All Data menu which is above the Back to main menu button.
  • Then there will be a Confirm Wipe of all data?, you select Confirm if you are sure to Reset data.
  • If there is already Data Wipe Successfully, specify the Back button to main menu then Reboot and specify Reboot System to revive the cellphone.

How to Factory Reset Xiaomi Mobile Through Factory Settings

  • Open Settings after that select Additional Settings then Back up and reset
  • The next step Restore to factory settings in that menu you select Personal Data. If you select Delete stored content, all photos, videos and more will be deleted as well.
  • Wait for the reset process to finish, if it's finished your cellphone will automatically reboot, the reboot process will take a little longer than usual, ranging from 10-30 minutes.

Those are the 2 steps to reset the cellphone Xiaomi Android-based easily, safely and quickly. Hopefully this tutorial can fix your Xiaomi cellphone which has an error.

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