SnapTik App, Easy Way to Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark – SnapTik App is an application that is very helpful for downloading videos from TikTok without using a watermark or watermark. Currently there is quite a lot of content on social media, such as TikTok in the form of videos.

Usually, videos that are posted will be given a watermark as a sign that the video is specifically for content on TikTok. If downloaded in the normal way, the watermark will also be downloaded. Of course the video is less interesting, especially if you want to repost or share it.

Videos that are downloaded directly via TikTok will usually get the TikTok logo watermark in their content. However, if you download a video via SnapTik, the download results do not include the TikTok logo watermark and automatically without providing affiliation back to TikTok.

So if you want to share it on other social media platforms, that would be great. Generally, the TikTok watermark logo will automatically appear when posting content on the social media.

If you download it normally, the watermark logo will still be visible so that if it is reposted to other social media it will be less good. Therefore, having SnapTik will be very helpful in removing the watermark from TikTok. For other watermark removal applications, see here

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About SnapTik App

SnapTik App is the best TikTok Downloader that can be used to download videos without watermark. SnapTik provides two kinds of options to make it easier for its users.

For users who prefer applications, they can download them via the Playstore for Android users or the Appstore for IOS users. The smartphone that is used does not need to have high specifications, even just using a smartphone with 1 GB of RAM can do it.

SnapTik can also be used via a browser via a website, which of course makes it easier without adding an application to the cellphone. The second method is easier because you don't need to download the application on your smartphone.

Especially if the RAM capacity is limited then SnapTik from the website will be very helpful. How to use both of them is easy and the results are still good even though everything can be obtained for free.

The SnapTik App from the browser can be obtained from PCs or laptops and Android and IOS smartphones. So, removing the watermark on the video is easier with this option.

Having a logo or watermark on a video is less attractive, especially if you want to edit it again or share it on other platforms or social media. Removing the TikTok watermark or logo via SnapTik has many benefits. Some of the benefits you get if you remove the watermark on a video are as follows:

  1. Videos that are shared become more interesting.
  2. Can share videos without a watermark more easily to other people or social media.
  3. Can share videos originating from TikTok to other social media or other platforms without being seen if you take them from TikTok.
  4. Other people will not know if you have a TikTok account.
  5. Can backup videos outside of TikTok and stored in device folder.

Advantages and Weaknesses of the SnapTik App

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the SnapTik App that you need to know, namely:

The advantages of SnapTik App

SnapTik App has various advantages that can spoil its users. For users who are just using it, they can run the process well. Steps to remove the watermark become easier and more practical. The advantages of SnapTik App are as follows:

1. Download or download videos without watermarks

Usually, the watermark in the video will be removed if you want to post it again or edit it into another video. Videos with watermarks in them will be very annoying and the appearance will not be good.

If you want to edit it into another video, combine it with other videos, and repost it, the watermark must be removed to make it clearer. Now there are indeed quite a number of applications that can be used to remove watermarks on TikTok videos.

One of the best video watermark removal apps is SnapTik App. How to remove watermarks on videos becomes easier using SnapTik.

2. Easily Download Videos

Videos stored on SnapTik can be large in number, even all videos in the TikTok application can be saved. So, there is no minimum number of videos stored and downloaded via SnapTik. If you want to find interesting or desired videos, you can use hashtags and then save.

3. Can be used on all types of smartphones

For users who prefer the SnapTik application, it can be downloaded via a smartphone. No need to worry because the SnapTik application has a relatively small size, is light, and doesn't make storage space heavy.

Usually, to download an application on the cellphone requires a decent amount of storage space. However, SnapTik is made with a relatively small size so as not to take up too much storage space.

This cool application can also be downloaded very easily on all types of smartphones. Low or high smartphone specifications, both can download and run the SnapTik application smoothly.

4. SnapTik Can Be Used on Any Device

SnapTik can be downloaded as an application on a smartphone. SnapTik can also be used without having to download the application first. To use SnapTik, just go through the web.

So it will make it easier for users who don't want to burden their cellphones with various applications. If possible, it is more convenient to use the SnapTik application, but using SnapTik from a browser is just as comfortable.

5. No Need to Use a VPN

To use the SnapTik App, you can go through a normal internet channel and don't have to use a VPN because the security of this application is guaranteed. Using a VPN is recommended to protect the security of personal data when using certain applications.

However, SnapTik is quite secure in personal data protection. So there is no need to worry about security when using SnapTik.

6. No Need to Login

Some apps require login to enter and use them. There are also applications that must register first and create an account.

Of course, all of these processes require an email, password, and cell phone number. If you don't use it, it's also too complicated for those who don't understand how to delete it.

The use of logins that require these data is also vulnerable to security. SnapTik App is provided without complicating its users.

To use SnapTik, you don't need to log in, create an account, or register first. When downloading videos from TikTok, you don't need to link or log in to your TikTok account.

All versions of the TikTok account are supported by the SnapTik App, from TikTok Lite, TikTok Global, and TikTok China Douyin without logging in.

7. Display Features are Simple and Easy to Understand

An application that has a simple appearance will be very helpful, especially for novice users. The SnapTik application is made with a simple and unobtrusive appearance.

Quite simple and easy to understand even for clueless users. The steps to remove the watermark from downloaded videos are very easy, practical and simple.

8. Give Wider Access

Snaptik provides flexibility and freedom in downloading videos. There is no limit to the number of video downloads using SnapTik. SnapTik users can be satisfied downloading the videos they want without the watermark without certain restrictions.

No matter how many videos you want to download to create the best content without a watermark, you can do it through this snaptic.

9. High Video Quality

Another advantage of the SnapTik App and much needed when editing videos is the high quality of the videos. The resulting video is clear, not blurry, still exactly like the original.

The video quality produced from SnapTik is super HD with clarity that is beyond doubt. The perfection and clarity of the video that will be edited is very important because it affects the quality of the video that will be posted later.

Generally, videos downloaded will experience changes, but videos downloaded using SnapTik will remain clear and of good quality.

10. Relatively Fast Download Process

To download a video, of course, takes time. But don't worry if you use this SnapTik. The video download process only takes a few moments and is relatively faster, so you don't have to wait too long.

SnapTik is very fast and there are no delays or loading. This will be very very helpful if you want to download lots of videos and don't spend too much time or quota.

As is well known, usually when downloading videos for a long time it can increase cellphone performance. Sometimes even if it's too heavy it causes an error cellphone.

Of course SnapTik will be very fun to download videos. The possibility for an error to occur is very small.

11. Has a Player Feature

SnapTik provides a player feature to check videos before downloading. This feature will play the video that will be downloaded first to suit their needs.

Generally, when downloading videos on TikTok, it only provides a download link. But if you use SnapTik, you can play the video with this player feature.

12. Provides MP3 and MP4 formats

The MP4 format is a format for video, while the MP3 format is a format for audio. SnapTik App not only provides video formats but also audio formats.

The audio format on TikTok is usually in the form of viral audio. This viral audio will later affect the post to become FYP.

Sometimes, there are those who only want to download the audio without the video. Later the audio will be combined with the desired video.

It could be that the audio in the video you are using needs to be adjusted again to make it look prettier. Only SnapTik is complete enough to process audio and video downloads without having to use another application.

13. Has a Nice UI

The SnapTik app has a nice UI so users of this app will love it with a very good interface.

Users will get options that are easy and can be operated without the need for other assistive applications. Of course it will be very pleasant for users who like the ease of operation of the application.

14. Can Download Videos from Other Social Media

The SnapTik application is not only for downloading videos without a watermark from TikTok. The use of this application is quite extensive because it can be used to download videos from other social media.

Videos from Instagram, Telegram, YouTube and WhatsApp can be downloaded using the SnapTik App. Only one application can be used to download videos from all social media.

15. Free SnapTik

Another advantage of SnapTik is that it is provided by the developer for free, so there is no need to pay for downloading or editing videos without a watermark.

The SnapTik developer only provides a few advertisements to support service maintenance and further development.

16. Provide a Website Version

SnapTik is indeed made to help those who want to download videos without a watermark and with clear quality. Not only is the application on a smartphone small in size, but it also provides a website version if you are worried that your cellphone memory will not be sufficient.

All you have to do is enter the official website, then downloading high-quality videos without a watermark can be done.

17. Maintain Privacy

Downloaded videos will not be stored on SnapTik, but will remain on TikTok's servers. This application also does not provide download history so that the identity of the person who downloaded the video cannot be traced.

SnapTik also doesn't require data to log in. So SnapTik maintains privacy and security.

Weakness of Snaptik App

Even though the SnapTik application has many advantages and disadvantages, it still has weaknesses. Moreover, SnapTik App can be obtained for free.

But the weaknesses of the SnapTik App are not too annoying and nothing to worry about. The disadvantages of SnapTik App are as follows:

1. Cannot Select Short Video Option from YouTube

YouTube often provides short videos which unfortunately cannot be downloaded through the SnapTik application because this application does not support it. If you want to download short videos from YouTube, you can use other applications that support it.

2. Bug Problems in the Application

Bugs in applications or software are very common. Almost all applications have this bug problem even if it's only small.

Users of the SnapTik application are likely to experience bugs and lag problems, but not too big of an impact. Developers will continue to improve the SnapTik App application so that it can be used without experiencing bug and lag problems again.

Features of SnapTik App

Each application has certain features that are superior compared to other applications of the same type. The features of SnapTik will make the download process easy and the results are quite good.

This feature is seen and selected by users, adjusted to their needs and convenience. SnapTik App has excellent features that make it easy for its users. Here are some features of SnapTik App.

1. Video Quality Settings

The quality of the video to be downloaded can be adjusted in advance as needed. The video quality that can be selected is normal (480p), HD (720p), and HDR (1080p). Just choose the video quality to make it more comfortable and clear.

Tips so that the downloaded video results are good, so the appropriate and desired video quality can be set before going to the download process.

2. Watermark Removal

SnapTik can remove watermarks or watermarks in videos in a very easy way. Watermark removal is done before the download process. The result is a video that is no longer watermarked and clean.

3. Fast Download

This feature makes it possible to speed up videos to be downloaded, especially videos with a long duration. The video download process can be done in just seconds with this fast download feature.

To activate this feature, press the fast download button. This feature is really fun especially if you have to download a lot of videos.

4. Backsound Download Quality

The quality of the backsound download in the form of MP3 music produced using the SnapTik App is high resolution so that it produces very clear sound in the video.

If you want to download backsound or music, you can select MP3 settings before the download process.

5. Switch Language

The SnapTik application provides a customizable language change feature. If you don't understand English, you can change it to Indonesian.

6. Advertising

Ads that appear on the SnapTik application are not too annoying. Indeed there will be several times an advertisement that appears when using SnapTik. This ad is used as a support for developers to make SnapTik even better.

But take it easy because the SnapTik application remains free even though there are ad impressions. To support application development, users can activate Ad Blocks from the browser.

How To Use SnapTik App

Before downloading SnapTik App, it would be better to know details about this app. The app name is SnapTik. The developer or developer of the SnapTik application for Android and IOS is SnapTik Studio.

The size of the application provided is quite small, which is 25 MB with the latest version 1.0. An Android smartphone that can be used for the SnapTik application, at least Android 5.0+. As for IOS, 4.1 Jelly Bean or above is recommended.

The SnapTik application can be downloaded via the PlayStore for Android and the AppStore for IOS. If you want it to be easier to download videos from TikTok, you can synchronize between SnapTik and the TikTok account. But it can also without having to synchronize both.

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How to Download Titok Videos Without Watermark ( Via Tiktok)

1. How to use Snaptik through the Application

The following are the steps for using the SnapTik App that you can follow to download videos without a watermark:

  1. Look for the SnapTik application through the Playstore for Android and the Appstore for IOS, then download or Click here to quicken your steps.
  2. To activate the SnapTik application, you can go to the settings menu then select 'install unknown source app'.
  3. When activated, go to the folder or file where the downloaded application is stored.
  4. Click the application logo 2 times, then checklist all the terms and conditions that exist and are submitted by the system.
  5. Wait a moment until the 100% application is installed. After that, the SnapTik application can be used safely.
  6. Open the TikTok app to copy the link or URL of the video you want to download and remove the watermark.
  7. Open the SnapTik application, then enter the URL into the blank field provided.
  8. Do click download video or download. Video quality settings can be made prior to the download process.
  9. Wait a moment for the video download process to finish.
  10. Download results can be seen in the gallery or smartphone storage file. Can also be stored on external storage.

2. How to use SnapTik via iPhone

The video storage is generally and usually used on Android smartphones. Meanwhile, the way to save videos downloaded via the SnapTik App on the iPhone is somewhat different.

Here are the steps to download videos via the SnapTik App on the Iphone:

  1. Get and copy the video link from TikTok.
  2. Open snaptikapp via safari or browser.
  3. Paste the link or URL of the video you want to download.
  4. Make settings on server 01.
  5. Click downloads.
  6. To find out which folder has been downloaded, you only need to open the folder on the download icon above.
  7. Select the desired video on the menu and click the share or share button. The selected video can also be arranged, such as playing right or left, compress, or rename.
  8. After setting as needed then click the save video option.
  9. The video is already stored in the storage space or library.

3. How to use the SnapTik App through the Website

The following are the steps for using SnapTik through the website:

  1. Open the TikTok account application on a laptop, PC or cellphone.
  2. Select a video or music that you want to download. Make sure that the selected videos and music are correct and appropriate.
  3. Select the share button or share icon located at the bottom right.
  4. Select copy link or URL.
  5. Open the SnapTik website at the link snaptikapp/ID via a browser available on a laptop, PC, or cell phone.
  6. Go directly to the main page of the snaptik website then tap paste the URL into the column with the text paste the link from TikTok.
  7. Then continue the download process by pressing the green icon with an arrow pointing down. This icon is located next to the video URL link column that has been pasted. There are 4 download options to choose from, namely server 01, server 02, server 03, and server 04. Select the appropriate option then press the download video button.
  8. Please wait a few moments for it to be processed.
  9. Choose server 1 or server 3 to download videos from TikTok without including a watermark.
  10. Downloading videos without a watermark without an application to the device is complete.
  11. View in gallery or storage folder.

Video Download Storage Rules

Usually, when downloading files will be saved to the folder that has been set as default. This folder setting is done in the browser which can be selected and changed manually for video download storage.

Video downloads via the SnapTik App can be stored as needed. Can be saved in gallery, internal storage or external storage.

In SnapTik App there is no feature of saving videos that have been downloaded or download history. So, all videos that have been downloaded through the SnapTik App are directly stored on the smartphone's internal storage or external storage.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about the SnapTik App, as follows:

Q: How secure is SnapTik App?

No need to worry about security from SnapTik because this application is an official site so security is guaranteed.

Q: Are there alternatives to SnapTik App?

A: To download videos without a watermark from TikTok, there is another alternative, namely using the TikDown application.

Q: What Is a Watermark?

A: Watermark or watermark is a graphic such as writing, logo, or other marks that are placed in the video. The purpose of this watermark is as a property marker, to clarify the origin of the media, and to avoid taking videos carelessly. Generally, videos with this watermark are not allowed to be reposted without permission or attribution.

Q: Is SnapTik App Really Free?

A: Using all the features available in the SnapTik 100% application is free and you don't need to pay anything. At the time of downloading the video is also free.

Q: Why is SnapTik Booming?

A: Many people like the SnapTik application because it can download videos without a watermark. The methods and features provided in it are very easy to understand. Not too difficult and very practical for people who are clueless.

Q: Does SnapTik Have a Watermark?

A: The free version of SnapTik may have a watermark, while the paid version doesn't.

Q: Does SnapTik Have a File Size Limit?

A: There is a maximum file size limit for photos and videos that can be edited with SnapTik, but specifications depend on the device used.

Q: Does SnapTik Provide International Language Support?

A: SnapTik may provide international language support depending on the version and type of device used.

Q: Does SnapTik Have Collaboration With Other Applications?

A: SnapTik may have integration or collaboration with other applications, depending on the version and type of device used.

Q: Does SnapTik Require an Internet Connection to Use?

A: SnapTik requires an internet connection to access online features such as filters and effects, but can be used without an internet connection for basic editing.


The SnapTik App makes it easy for those who want to download videos without a watermark in a very easy way. Not only downloading videos from TikTok but also from other top social media.

You can download videos without a watermark using the SnapTik App easily and for free, but you still have to use it as wisely as possible.

Thus the information about SnapTik App, an easy way to download TikTok videos without a watermark. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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