5 Benefits of Mobile Communication for Personal

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Mobile is a form of technological progress that has various benefits for humans. With this technology, the range of communication from one person to another becomes easier. Even without need face to face communication, communication can be done smoothly.

In addition, with the current development of the Internet, the range of communication is increasing. Here everyone can connect to various social media platforms, chat with each other, comment and discuss interesting topics.

In this case it can be understood that the development of technology can improve the civilization of human life which is increasingly advanced and simple. So far, the existence of mobile phones has become a staple of society.

Apart from being a medium that can facilitate daily communication, there are various types of mobile phone features that are no less important. The function of the cellphone can serve as a means to operate various applications that support work with important data carriers.

So, it can be said that today's cellphone can act as a personal assistant for anyone, which can be used anytime for various types of work. The function of this cellphone certainly needs to be put to good use to support daily productivity more effectively.

Definition of Mobile Communication

Technological developments are now increasing very rapidly everywhere. It is no longer surprising that one of these communication technologies is very developed and useful in society.

Definition of Mobile Communication

This technology is Mobile Communication Technology. Where at this time, at an advanced age, many people want to receive information and even send data, audio or visual, just to support their work and even their own lives.

With the times, the development of communication technology is not much different. 1996, when the development of mobile communication technology reached its peak. Like the telephone previously invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

Then until now what is developing very rapidly is mobile phones, which can be taken anywhere, anytime, anywhere with the help of this mobile technology.

From the beginning of the AMPS signaling network to the present day, so-called EDGE has been introduced, which is the definition for this mobile communication technology.

Therefore, it makes sense to send some data that you want to send from your cellphone at high speed. It's called mobile. In the Web 2.0 era there is also this mobile communication technology.

The meaning of the mobile itself is "to move". So wherever and whenever we can communicate with anyone with this network that seems to move with its users.

Therefore, HP (mobile phone) which is one of human needs at this time is supported by mobile communication technology devices. Another case with smartphones, which can not only send SMS and make calls.

Basically the purpose of establishing this technology is to meet human needs in various regions with broad services. With the breadth of services, users become smaller areas or commonly called cells.

Benefits of Mobile Communication in Everyday Life

Here are some cell phone features that need to be known.

Mobile Functions in Everyday Life

Communication media

The main benefit of the cell phone is as a medium of communication. These are the basic uses of a cellphone that are needed by every person who uses a cellphone.

Mobile phones make it easy for you to make calls or send text messages to friends, relatives or anyone. Without having to meet in person, you can easily connect and be able to communicate even at a long distance.

In addition, currently with the development of the existing internet, communication can be done more easily and comprehensively through various applications and social media platforms.

Emergency Assistance

The next benefit can help you in an emergency. In this case, you can use your cellphone to call important numbers such as an ambulance, fire department, or other services when you are facing an emergency.

Of course, using a cell phone makes communication easier and more convenient. You don't need to come directly to the hospital to call an ambulance. Furthermore, cell phone functions can also be called up via the available camera function in an emergency.

You can use the camera to take pictures of stalkers or other criminal things to be taken as real evidence.


The next use as a place to store, it is very clear that mobile phones can be used to store various types of data. For example photos, videos, cellphone numbers, and other documents that are in routine life.

If you store various important documents on your smartphone, of course it makes it very easy for you to access wherever you are. One of them is by sending electronic mail or e-mail, you can send various kinds of work more quickly and easily.

Application Operation

The use of applications is also one of the functions of a cellphone that is no less important in everyday life. So far, there are various types of applications or software that you can use to carry out your daily work activities.

Examples are applications for creating documents, sending documents via the internet to basic applications such as alarms, calculators and converters.

Various types of sophisticated applications are now available and can be downloaded for free through application download services. With a cellphone, you can complete various work activities more easily and cheaply.


Equally important is the function of cell phones in everyday life as a means of entertainment. Smartphones that are currently rife in society are equipped with various types of entertainment features that can be obtained.

If you have multiple apps, you can play games, watch movies, watch videos, and listen to streaming music.

Even today, entertainment can be easily and more comprehensively achieved through easy access to one's social media applications. From fun entertainment to various information can be accessed quickly and easily.


On this occasion, we have also provided various answers to questions that many cellphone users have asked, see below:

What are the benefits of modern communication media for now?

Modern means of communication serve to disseminate information to many people. This communication tool can not only convey information, but also produce it. Technological developments change traditional communication tools to be modern, more practical and faster.

What are the Benefits of Modern Communication Media

Why is a cell phone said to be a means of communication?

Communication. The function of the first cell phone is of course as a medium of communication. These are the basic phone functions that every user needs. Mobile phones make it easy for you to make calls or send text messages to friends, relatives or anyone.

What are the Benefits of the Development of Information and Communication Technology?

Communication and information technology offers many conveniences, one of which facilitates the dissemination of information without being bound by space and time. Teachers can simultaneously deliver learning materials to students for small and large target areas anywhere, anytime.

What are the Benefits of Technological Developments?

Simplify communication. Make people's work easier. Time is used more efficiently in obtaining information, the information obtained is also accurate. Can help humans to improve and use new energy sources that are useful for human survival.


Mobile is a form of technological progress that has various benefits for humans. With this technology, the range of communication from one person to another becomes easier. Using a cell phone makes communication easier and more convenient.

It can also be used as a place to store various types of data such as photos, videos, cellphone numbers, and other documents that exist in everyday life. That's the information we can provide in this article, don't forget to always read other information on our website, thank you.

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