Asus Rog Phone 6 Pro specifications and prices - In the following, we will explain the specifications and prices for the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro, for those of you who want to know the complete information, let's look at the article below.

For serious mobile gamers on a significant budget, the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro offers more than high-end performance. It also comes with a wide variety of add-ons and game elements.

Asus is back with its newest gaming phone for the high-performance market – the Asus ROG Phone 6 series. Between the 165Hz screen, Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 CPU, and 65W charging, this device delivers enough stats to attract advanced gamers with a flair for design. suitable

This year, the ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 6 Pro are the only options. Due to regional differences in price and memory requirements, Asus created the Ultimate edition, which has all the flagship features of the Pro models in a more affordable package. What chance do we have of taking first place with this leaner approach? Find out in the following Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro review.

Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro review

The Asus ROG Phone 6 series is the latest in a long portfolio of gaming phones from the Taiwanese company Asus, with the Pro variant as the flagship model for 2022. It has the latest Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 CPU, which makes it 10 percent faster and higher efficiency than smartphone that was announced at the beginning of the year.

These devices were built with a very specific target demographic in mind, as seen by features such as advanced cooling, controller attachments, and futuristic styling. Also, the phone has a faster 165Hz OLED display, but comes with the default 120Hz dynamic mode by default.

720Hz touch sample rate and latency of 23ms or less in 165Hz mode provide smooth gaming input. Asus has offered a few changes too, including IPX4 certification for the first time and Gorilla Glass Victus protection on the front.

Several minor tweaks have been made to the ROG Phone 5 family to raise the bar a bit. There are lots of special gaming features on Asus which you certainly won't find on a standard smartphone.

New push and lift settings and ten alternative motion control moves have been added to the series' standard “AirTrigger” technology. Rendering quality can now be adjusted per game using Asus' Armory Crate software switches for variable-level anti-aliasing, textures, and shading where supported.

These toggles are available in performance, balance, and quality modes. Now there are more options than ever to play your way. Phantom Black and Storm White versions of the Asus ROG Phone 6 are available, while the Pro version is only available in Storm White. The phone is going to Europe first, with a US launch date to be revealed later this year.

Specifications for the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro

Below are the specifications for the ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro, as follows:

  1. OS: Android 12
  2. Screen: 6.8 inch AMOLED
  3. Screen resolution: 2488 x 1080
  4. Refresh rate: 165Hz
  5. CPU: Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
  6. RAM: Up to 18GB
  7. Storage: Up to 512GB
  8. Camera: 50MP Wide Lens, 13MP Ultrawide & macro, 12MP front camera
  9. Battery: 6000 mAh (2x 3000 mAh)
  10. Charging: 65W
  11. Additional features: Active cooling, Airtrigger 6, GameFX Audio, 3.5mm headphone jack, IP4X splash resistance, HDR10+ certification

In terms of specifications, it seems that the ASUS ROG Phones 6, 6, and 6 Plus will be pretty powerful phones. The regular ROG Phone 6 model, for example, only sacrifices a few important parts such as RAM and storage, but there are other options.

Also, the phone has a touch sampling rate of 725 MHz, which should make it appear much sharper than its competitors.

According to ASUS, games like Genshin Impact will run much smoother on mobile than on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. This is done with a customizable phone mode, which lets you tweak the CPU boost clock for the best performance.

However, if you want to maximize your phone's performance, you can use the Aeroactive Cooler 6, which is a cooling accessory that connects to your phone. It is equipped with a thermal plate and a fan which allows it to dissipate heat from the phone and maintain the all-important framerate.

It's hard to believe that the phone in your pocket will have a CPU boost clock capable of hitting 3.2GHz, but that's exactly what ASUS promises. Also, the phone's improved internal cooling technology aids in this endeavour.

We're interested in Airtriggers, which let you hold your phone sideways and map buttons to the frame of the phone, and with the addition of up to nine additional gestures for Airtriggers.

Prices and Competition for the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro

There are only a few new gaming phones worth your attention, with the Nubia Red Magic 7 ($799) and Black Shark 5 Pro ($799) being the most competitive in terms of raw processing power and comparable price points.

Both promise chip and accessory cooling as well as gaming-oriented features that fit a market niche similar to that of Asus. For those of you who are looking for maximum performance, the Asus ROG Phone 6 series has a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor and a much bigger battery.

The Pro model is significantly more expensive than its competitors. It costs £1,099 (or €1,299 in Europe). The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ($1.199) delivers a much better camera configuration, wireless charging, older updates, and IP68 certification at a slightly higher price than an ultra-premium gaming phone like the LG G7 ThinQ ($1.199).

Granted, Samsung phones don't provide the same level of long-term gaming performance, dedicated cooling accessories and controllers, or shoulder triggers as competitors, but you still handle modern games well, and the Samsung Games Launcher offers a competitive feature set. to optimize and customize your experience on the device.

For those of you who really want a dedicated gaming phone but are on a much tighter budget, the Poco F4 GT (€599) is a bargain, but perhaps the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro's biggest rival is the slightly cheaper regular ROG Phone 6 (£899). .

It supports the same accessories, packs the same processor, and delivers the same game-oriented features. It just doesn't have an attractive rear display or 18GB of RAM, which isn't necessary as 12GB is more than enough to run many demanding games at the same time. That's a good deal for £899 or €999, and you can save it for accessories or a lovely set of headphones.

Pros of the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro

As the newest series of ROG Phone, of course Asus brings different changes to the ROG Phone 6 Pro series. That way, this smartphone offers many advantages over the previous series, or with rival gaming devices.

Here are all the advantages of ROG Phone 6 Pro:

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Powered Chipset

The first feature to note is the chipset. Qualcomm's newest and most advanced processor, Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, used in ROG Phone 6 Pro, gives it a built-in edge.

The chipset that was just announced a few months ago can operate up to 3.2 Ghz, or 200 Mhz higher than the previous generation of Snapdragon CPUs. CPU and GPU performance have increased by 10% and 20% respectively.

Asus combines Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 with 18GB of RAM and 512GB of memory, so ROG Phone 6 Pro is not only durable, but also has the capacity to accommodate very large programs and games.

Screen Refresh Rate 165Hz

Among the considerations gamers make when shopping for a gaming phone is screen quality. This is because the quality of the screen is related to the performance of the smartphone when used to play intensive games.

Realizing this, Asus placed an AMOLED screen measuring 6.78 inches with a resolution of 1080 x 2448 pixels. There's no denying that the screen is large, but it can also handle a very high refresh rate of up to 165Hz, ensuring excellent picture quality.

This smartphone is the first to feature a screen with a 165Hz refresh rate, as traditionally the refresh rate of mobile displays is often only locked at 120Hz.

Corning Gorilla Glass Victus protects the screen from scratches. The screen specifications are very high and loud, so it will undoubtedly damage the user's eyes.

GameCool 6 Cooling System, Cooler

The ROG Phone 6 Pro cooling system outperforms the previous version. Asus has added GameCool 6 cooling technology in both of its new gaming phones. The company believes this is the biggest upgrade to the cooling system since the debut of the ROG Phone series.

Asus has updated its CPU cooling system this time to make it more effective at dissipating heat. Asus claims that the performance has been increased by up to ten degrees.

AirTrigger6 Ultrasonic Touch Sensor

The Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro's Ultrasonic AirTrigger6 touch sensor is another notable feature. The right and back of the smartphone both include this sensor. While playing the game, the player has the option to customize this touch sensor.

That way, gaming activities on the latest Asus smartphone are more fun and allow users to win easily when playing heavy games.

IPX4 Certified Body

The superiority of the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro can be seen in terms of the resistivity of the body. A certificate for IPX4 protection has been awarded to the latest 5G smartphones. This means that the smartphone body is resistant to regular sprays of water from various directions.

As a result, even if the smartphone body gets wet or submerged for a long time, the cellphone will continue to work. As a result, you don't need to worry about the ROG Phone 6 Pro's water resistance.

Great Battery Performance

The Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro is equipped with a 6,000 mAh capacity battery with a 65W hypercharger. This 6,000 mAh battery has a endurance of 119 hours in stand-by mode, 16 hours 8 minutes when used for browsing and 19 hours 40 minutes when the battery is used to play movies.

Likewise for the duration of the charge which is quite fast. With a sufficiently large battery capacity, the 0 percent to 100 percent charging procedure only takes 42 minutes.

Improved Photo and Video Quality

The Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro's camera is not an afterthought for Asus. The main camera on this smartphone is a Sony IMX766 sensor with a resolution of 50 megapixels, while the ultrawide camera has a resolution of 13 megapixels and the macro camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels.

While on the front there is a 12 megapixel camera for selfies and video calls. Photos taken with the camera in bright or low light are said to be excellent.

With Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology, taking pictures and videos with the front camera is more stable than before.

Disadvantages of the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro

However, despite its many advantages, ROG Phone 6 Pro does have some drawbacks. Many flaws have come to our attention, but gamers seem to have a particular focus on two of them.

To find out more, here are the shortcomings of the ROG Phone 6 Pro:

AeroActive Cooler 6 Sold Separately

The Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro is powered by the AeroActive Cooler 6 accessory kit, which is a snap-on type cooler for the rear panel that can help the device keep temperatures down.

This wireless gadget that is linked to the back of the smartphone is said to be able to lower the smartphone's temperature by up to 25 degrees Celsius. The AeroActive Cooler 6 gadget can definitely help keep the device temperature stable, even if it's used for hours.

It's just that the AeroActive Cooler 6 is a gadget that is sold separately and the price is not clear. Unfortunately, Asus did not include the AeroActive Cooler 6 in purchasing this laptop.

No MicroSD Slot

The third issue with the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro is in terms of storage space. Because it does not have a MicroSD slot, this Asus gaming smartphone cannot be expanded in any way.

Maybe Asus is deliberately not providing a MicroSD port, considering that this smartphone has a large RAM capacity of up to 18GB and 512GB of memory.


The Asus ROG Phone 6 series is the latest in a long portfolio of gaming phones from the Taiwanese company Asus. The Asus ROG Phone 6 is going to Europe first, with a US launch date to be revealed later this year.

ASUS ROG Phones 6, 6, and 6 Plus are going to be pretty powerful phones. The phone has a touch sampling rate of 725 MHz, which should make it appear much sharper than its competitors. Hard to believe that the phone will have a CPU boost clock capable of reaching 3.2GHz.

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