The role of geo-tagging in Tokomart Tokopedia – The current Pandemic outbreak has resulted in a change in citizens' spending steps. The trend of online shopping is increasing, including shopping for necessities every day.

Tokopedia responded to this shift with a TokoMart presentation. This special page is equipped with geo-tagging technology to make it easier for users to find the store closest to their position.

At TokoMart, Tokopedia users can shop for daily necessities, groceries, and drinks and various other household needs.

"During 2020, the F&B group became one of the most popular groups on Tokopedia. In fact, business transactions have increased 3x compared to the period before the outbreak," said Hartawan Lesmana, Senior Lead at Tokopedia Merchant Development.

"Products such as eggs, fish, instant noodles, tea, honey and local coffee are most sought after in society," he explained.

Hartawan explained, Tokopedia works with partners in several areas that offer household, wholesale and grocery products.

"The great interest of the residents moved us to introduce TokoMart. We work with various important partners, in this case various business practitioners in Indonesia, starting from Hypermart, LotteMart Indonesia, Sayurbox to various local MSMEs from various industries to offer more. more than 200,000+ product options on the Tokomart website,” Hartawan's response.

He added that the arrival of TokoMart could help business practitioners reach their customers. The development of geo-tagging prioritizes sellers closest to consumers' homes to make it easier for business actors to optimize marketing.

In the first step, this geo-tagging development will be applied to Tokomart partners in the Jabodetabek and Bandung areas. Hartawan explained that Tokopedia will continue to add places so that all Indonesian citizens can immediately use this facility.

He explained, in addition to getting cheaper shipping costs, residents can enjoy other value added services every day so shopping is more economical. For example flash sales, cash back, and discounts up to 50%. There is also free transportation for various types of transportation.

"Tokopedia will continue to be committed to #AlwaysThereAlwaysCan" to work together with vital partners to bring a more complete, simple and economical shopping experience for citizens. This joint effort can accelerate the adoption of a digital basis for as many businesses as possible while the economy recovers," said Hartawan.

The treasurer explains by using the search field at Tokopedia, residents can connect to TokoMart to get the products they need.

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