GFX Tool Pro Error Latest Version Settings for All Games – The latest information for gamers who don't know the details of the GFX Tool Pro application that can be used to customize the graphic settings of the game you are playing.

PUBG or Playerunknown's Battleground is one of the most popular battle royale type games. Many PUBG gamers play this game with other applications. GFX Tool Pro Mod Apk With correct settings can be downloaded from here.

GFX Tool Pro is application a complement that can be used together with the PUBG application. This software is actually available in the Play Store. Unfortunately, you have to pay to be able to use this one tool application. Fortunately, there is a modified version that can be downloaded for free.

What Exactly Is GFX Tool Pro

If you're new to PUBG, you'll want to learn about GFX Tool Pro and how to customize it. Its main application is to enhance the PUBG experience by changing the visuals as you play.

What Exactly Is GFX Tool Pro

By utilizing this complementary application, even lower-end Android cellphone users can improve the quality and visuals of the PUBG game by using the special options available. Users must pay first to access the pro version of the GFX Tool application.

If you don't want to pay for the software, use the modified GFX Tool Pro. The modified version or Mod contains all the full functionality of the pro version but can be accessed for free.

Various Features of the GFX Tool Pro Application

Like many additional applications, this one tool application also provides many functions. The features are significantly wider than the free version. Even all the pro features are included in this GFX Tool Pro Mod. Some of the main features of the Mod version of the GFX Tool Pro application include:

Various Game Variants

It's no secret that the PUBG Mobile game is available in many variants or editions. Region or area distinguishes all variations. GFX Tool Pro allows you to play all variations or versions of the PUBG Mobile game.

The PUBG game comes in various variations that you can choose from. To play PUBG Mobile in the Korean beta, Chinese version, or Global version, you must need the Mod version of GFX Tool Pro. Make sure you select the appropriate version so that the program can operate properly.

Game Resolution Selection

Another element that is just as important is the game resolution option. But this function depends on the resolution that your mobile screen has. If you are using the Mod version of GFX Tool Pro, you can reduce the resolution to a lower value. In addition, gaming performance improves.

Even though you can choose a lower resolution to play PUBG more smoothly, the quality of the graphics you will see while playing the game will be reduced. For a lower spec Android phone, this is a great feature.

There is a restore feature

Are your PUBG game settings as optimal as possible? If the configuration is the best but it turns out that the PUBG application was mistakenly deleted and you have to repeat the settings from the beginning again, take advantage of the restore option in the updated version of the GFX Tool Pro application.

The restoration option offered in the GFX Tool Pro application allows PUBG Mobile users to set all default settings. You will be able to experiment with different settings until you find the one that suits you best.

You don't have to worry about losing settings that allow you to play PUBG Mobile games more smoothly or find optimal graphics settings with this recovery option.

Custom Graphic Adjustments

Custom parameters can be added to the GFX Tool Pro program using the updated version. By default, there are three visual setting options in PUBG, namely low, medium and high settings.

However, the latest version of GFX Tool Pro provides more graphic settings. This add-on application offers five different visual settings: HDR, HD, Balanced, Smooth, and Default (default setting is the middle of five). Choose the one that is most interesting to you.

Unlock FPS

Another good reason to get GFX Tool Pro Mod Apk + setup is because it has a unique ability to enhance your frame application. There are at least four different levels, mainly Extreme, Ultra, High, and Default.

Game fluency is measured in frames per second (FPS). The low frame rate gives the impression that the game stutters. Usually, the standard FPS is 30 and the maximum is 60 FPS.

The capabilities introduced by this additional application allow you to play the PUBG Mobile game with maximum FPS. That way you can play your favorite game more fun. But make sure the characteristics of your Android phone enable this capability.

Graphic Style Changer

The enhanced GFX Tool Pro add-on also includes a graphic style switcher. There are five settings provided by this tool, including Soft Classic, Realistic, and Colorful.

Enables in-game shadows

The shadow function of the GFX Tool Pro application is the next one that you will find. In-game object shadows can be turned on or off using this function. The smoothness of the game will be greatly affected by the presence of shadows.

If you play the PUBG Mobile game using an Android smartphone with poor performance, you need to turn off the shadow function so you can play the game more smoothly.


MSAA is a unique type of antialiasing. This functionality can be enabled or removed using the latest version of the GFX Tool Pro application. You can improve the look of the in-game world by using tools like these. You can also see things that are far away easily.

In addition to the eight important functions mentioned above, third-party PUBG Mobile applications provide many additional functions. Make sure to download the updated version so you can explore all its features and use it for free.

Settings in GFX Tool Pro Modification

In the custom version of the GFX Tool Pro application, there are lots of parameters or settings that can be used and applied to the PUBG Mobile game on your Android smartphone. These options are separated into three groups of settings.

Settings in GFX Tool Pro Modification

Basic Graphics Settings

This initial group of options represents the most basic configuration options. Images in PUBG Mobile are controlled by this category. The game's graphical presentation can be adapted to the characteristics of an Android smartphone by changing a few simple parameters.

  1. Description of GFX Pro Tool Mod Settings GFX Pro Tool Settings has been modified.
  2. The best settings for your device Some of the latest flagship phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 and
  3. The Pixel 2, as well as the Xiaomi Mi 8, Oppo F9 and Moto Z2, have the ability to adjust their graphics settings in a variety of ways.
  4. 1080p High Definition Can be used to modify the graphics resolution in games.
  5. HDR Game Graphics If your smartphone has a low-end processor, you can enable HDR graphics using this.
  6. Amazing FPS levels The way to get access to Extreme FPS speed 60 fps.
  7. Style Designed to suit in-game graphical style settings.
  8. Shadows Shadows in the game can be enabled or disabled using a special function.
  9. In-game shadow quality can be changed using the Shadow Quality option.
  10. The in-game shadow pixel size can be adjusted using the Shadow Resolution (Pixels) option.
  11. 4xMSAA Anti aliasing can be enabled or disabled.
  12. MSAA Level Specifies the MSAA level.
  13. Anisotropy level Selects the AF level or anisotropic filter.

Miscellaneous Settings

The following set of options are still related to visuals or image display in the PUBG Mobile game. However, the four options listed below have no impact on game performance, therefore, they are not as important as those listed above.

  1. GFX Tool Pro Settings Mod Description Modified version of GFX Tool Pro Settings
  2. PUBG Mobile's visual quality can be improved using the Graphics Rendering Level function.
  3. PUBG Mobile visual settings can be changed by switching to a different profile in the Game Mode Details section.
  4. Lighting Effects In PUBG Mobile, you can turn off or turn on the game's lighting effects.
  5. Color rendering level Enables 32 bit and 64 bit color.

Advanced Settings

This is a broader and more complex group of settings. This category setting is more detailed than the previous two settings. Take care to understand all settings functions before applying these changes.

  1. GFX Tool Pro Settings Mod Description Modified version of GFX Tool Pro Settings
  2. With Battery Saving Mode and No Lag, Configure the PUBG Mobile game even more optimally.
  3. Graphic Profile Changes the visuals to match the amount of RAM of the Android phone.
  4. Potato Graphics Reduced texture quality to reduce lag when playing PUBG Mobile on low specification smartphones.
  5. Hardware Accelerated Rendering Enables special support for OPENGL 3.1+ and VULKAN APIs.
  6. Optimization of Graphics Processing Unit Custom OpenGL shader settings.
  7. Memory Boost Improves PUBG Mobile game performance.
  8. Safe Mode Use additional third-party applications without worrying about being blocked or blacklisted.
  9. Save My Layout & Sensitivity Settings Prevents resetting layouts and sensitivity settings.
  10. Smart Widget Custom configuration to activate a single button that will start the game without launching the customized GFX Tool Pro application first.
  11. Get to know how to use all the setting options of the GFX Tool Pro application. By learning about each type of option and its purpose, you can edit and adjust the parameters so that playing PUBG Mobile seems smoother and more thrilling.

Download GFX Tool Pro Mod Apk Settings Free

As previously explained, the GFX Tool Pro application is a premium application. But the updated version of the application can be directly downloaded for free without paying any membership fees. Unfortunately, the patched version is not accessible on Play Store.

It is necessary to use websites that distribute applications updated by third-party developers to get applications. To keep your phone data safe, never download anything blindly from the internet. Download the latest version of the GFX Tool Pro application from the link below.

  1. Application Name GFX Tool Pro for PUBG
  2. Application Version Version 10.2.1
  3. Application Size 5 MB
  4. Last Updated 2022
  5. Minimum Android Operating System version 4.3 or higher
  6. Tsomi App Developer
  7. Free App Price

Immediately get GFX Tool Pro Mod Apk + settings only from the link on this page. Avoid downloading Apk files from websites that include too many ads. Such websites will often hide viruses and spyware that may affect the functioning of your phone.

The GFX Tool Pro program has to be installed manually by opening the GFX Tool Pro Apk file once it has been properly downloaded. Confirm the installation and the application will be immediately installed on your Android phone.

How to Use the GFX Tool Pro Application

Additional apps like the updated GFX Tool Pro are unique apps meant to be used in conjunction with the main app, PUBG Mobile. Learn how to use the GFX Tool Pro application properly if you are a new user.

When configuring the GFX Tool, make sure to consider the characteristics of your Android smartphone. For example, if your Android smartphone has a Snapdragon 636 CPU and 3GB RAM, use the following settings.

  1. Starting with a custom application already on your Android device, start GFX Tool Pro. In it there are lots of options or setups that you can adjust.
  2. First and foremost, make sure your Android phone is running the correct version of PUBG Mobile. The worldwide version serves as an excellent illustration. After selecting the variation or version of the PUBG application
  3. Mobile, you can start moving on to additional options.
  4. Choose the optimal resolution and according to the characteristics of the Android smartphone that you have. For example, given the characteristics already indicated, the optimal resolution is HD.
  5. Once you have made your choice, make sure to keep an eye on your smartphone's performance and adjust the graphics settings accordingly. Use subtle visuals that will actually complement the capabilities of your Android smartphone.
  6. Once the FPS is determined, the smoothness of the game can be changed. The number of frames per second (FPS) you choose must also be adjusted to the capabilities of your Android phone. With high RAM, choose Extreme FPS or 60 FPS.
  7. Next, you have to tweak the Style options. For this one parameter, you are free to choose the configuration you want the most. Change the Style parameters and adjust to your liking.
  8. Shadow is the next configuration parameter. This option helps you play PUBG Mobile more realistically. But you need to disable the shadow so that the PUBG Mobile game can operate more smoothly.
  9. After you have finished updating the settings or configuration according to the methods above, you are ready to play the PUBG Mobile game more smoothly. First check whether the settings are to your taste by playing the PUBG Mobile game.

If you are still not satisfied with the result, you can use the modified version of GFX Tool Pro to modify the parameters until it is just right for Android phones.

Application for Optimizing PUBG Mobile

Based on all the material on this website, a very helpful add-on application. PUBG Mobile settings and settings can be changed using this app to make the game run smoother.

Use the link given on this page to get GFX Tool Pro Mod Apk + settings and learn how to use all the options. To get the most out of your PUBG Mobile experience, take advantage of all the available options.

Application for Optimizing PUBG Mobile

Is the GFX Tool Pro App Safe?

PUBG Mobile players in 2021 may be wondering whether the GFX Tool application is safe to use or not. Ok, let's help answer!

Before that, we don't need to explain more about an app called GFX Tools, which allows our PUBG Mobile game to operate smoothly without any latency, crashes or anything else.

Players with cellphones below the standard PUBGM (HP Potato) often use this application to speed up their gameplay.

The PUBGM system will definitely recognize GFX Tools as a cheat as it is a third party application. GFX Tool is not safe. Then immediately ban including your PUBGM account that very day.

To summarize, we strongly recommend against using this GFX Tool app for any purpose. It is true that this application is useful for many gamers.

Don't use third-party apps if you can avoid them, as many accounts have been banned for doing so.


PUBG or Playerunknown's Battleground is one of the most popular battle royale type games. This application allows you to play all variations or versions of the PUBG Mobile game.

Even low-end Android cellphone users can improve quality and visuals by using the special options available. PUBG Mobile graphic settings can be changed through this application. Graphic design modifications can be made on-the-fly.

There is a restore feature for your PUBG game if you delete it wrongly or restart it wrongly. PUBG Mod Apk + GFX Tool Pro add-on provides more graphics settings. This add-on allows you to play the PUBG Mobile game with a maximum frame rate of 60 frames per second. It also lets you change the look and feel of the in-game graphics.

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