Favorite Game of Kpop Idol, Kpopers Must Know

Rancakmedia.com - Lately a lot of kpopers are looking for their favorite kpop idol games, here we have summarized some of kpop idol's favorite games that you can download.

Playing games is quite popular nowadays. Moreover, games can fill our spare time. People who play well-known games like SuperStar, Sudden Attack, Fortnite, and Apex Legends make up a large part of the population.

Everyone loves to play video games, and K-pop idols are no exception. Despite having a busy schedule, it turns out that many K-pop idols still find time to play their favorite video games.

Know any of their favorite online games or consoles? If not, below I will share a little information about One of the Favorite Kpop Idol Games.

List of Favorite Kpop Idol Games

Even though K-pop idols have very busy touring schedules, it turns out that they still find time to play their respective favorite video games. Every Kpop Idol, of course, has a favorite game.

However, almost all K-pop idols like to play certain mobile and computer games. For you K-pop lovers, surely you know what K-pop idols prefer? If you already know it, you can try to play it.

Kpop idols are played to engage in various gaming activities, and this includes various games. Therefore, jobless applicants will only have a few games that your Kpop idols regularly play. What are the games? The following is a list of games that various Kpop idols like.

1. Sudden Attack

GameHi, a South Korean studio, created Sudden Attack, a multiplayer first game. This shooting game is definitely really fun to play, players can compete in one of the maps that have been provided.

People after people have been discouraging to play this Sudden Attack card game! However, it is more likely that this game is also enjoyed by women. For Kpop Idols who sometimes play this game include Hayoung Apink and Mina Twice.

2. Superstars

The second is SuperStar Game, a game that is almost identical to Guitar Hero and sometimes also played by K-pop idols. Where players have to tap NOT according to the rhythm of the song. And what's unusual, the songs in this SuperStar game are Kpop songs.

If players can complete the Challenge, they will get a Favorite Idol photo card. You need to know that this game has many variants, including SuperStar YG, SuperStar JYPNATION, SuperStar P NATION, SuperStar SMTOWN, and SuperStar STARSHIP.

3. Apex Legends

Game Apex Legends comes next. In Battle mode, you may have heard of a game made by Respawn Entertainment. Not a few Kpop Idols fill their spare time by playing this one game.

There are several K-pop idols who are known to be good at playing Apex Legend, especially Miyawaki Sakura. Sakura often plays this game, she can also be said to be very good at playing the Apex Legends game, besides that she has also won a Champion or victory in the Apex Legends game.

4. Fortnite

Fortnite, the popular Battle Royale game, comes in at game four on the list. This game made by Epic Games is very fun to play, it's no wonder that several Kpop Idol singers often play it.

In this Fortnite game, players must attack each other. There are several K-pop idols who often play Fortnite, such as Jae Day6, Miyawaki Sakura, and Mark Got7. The winner will be chosen from the last eliminated player.


The fifth is the PUBG game. This game made by Krafton, PUBG Corporation is also popular among K-pop idols. It's no wonder that many K-pop idols play the intimate game PUBG, so that PUBG is made a competition in the Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC).

In the ISAC tournament, there are dozens of K-pop groups that will compete for the championship. NCT Dream staff once won the PUBG title at ISCA. Not only that, Taehyung BTS also often invites his fans to play PUBG games together.

6. League of Legends

The next most popular game in South Korea is League of Legends. Moreover, there are many great League of Legends players who come from Korea. Many K-pop idols play this game, one of which is Jin BTS, Heechul Super Junior, and also Jay Day6.

7. Overwatch

The last game is Overwatch, which is also very popular among K-pop idols because it requires players to take out other players by shooting them. Many K-pop idols play this game, one of which is Jisoo Blackpink, Jungkook BTS, and Hayoung Apink.


In the article above, we have provided 7 game applications that are often played by K-pop idols, including Sudden Attack, SuperStar, Apex Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends, and Overwatch.

Thus the article about the Favorite Game of Kpop Idol, Kpopers Must Know. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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