Download Selebgram Premium Lightroom Presets for Free – Selebgram Lightroom Presets are suitable for those of you who have difficulty adjusting the color tone of your photos in Adobe application products. Many argue that Lightroom presets help every user to minimize the photo editing process, so it feels practical and the results look perfect.

As it is known that Adobe Lightroom itself is a photo editing software that is quite well-known among photographers, because it has many interesting features and tools that can produce quite good and quality photos when compared to other photo editing applications.

If you've noticed that a lot of people want a color tone that appears consistent throughout their Instagram feed, and of course this is very difficult for you to achieve if the default photo turns out to have a varying hue, even if you change it in the Lightroom app. Therefore, for the answer, you only need the program's own lightroom presets.

Presets in Lightroom are collections of photo-related adjustments that can be saved and reused to achieve the desired look of a photo, according to the Design Shack description. In one setting, you can change everything from contrast to white balance to color blends to exposure and even finer details.

A Brief Review of Selebgram Lightroom Presets

Presets in the Lightroom application are editing settings files that include a mix of shades that have been produced during the photo editing stage in the Adobe Lightroom application, as you should know.

A Brief Review of Selebgram Lightroom Presets

Then also for its own purposes, it's basically exactly the same as a design template that uses presets to make optimal photo changes.

You can achieve more aesthetic photo changes using Lightroom presets as they make it easy to use and understand without having to make any changes to the standard effects. As a result, using it is not a problem for you.

Popular Lightroom Celebrity Preset Recommendations

Furthermore, here we have various ideas related to celebrity lightroom presets which you can later use as reference material or consideration to produce images that look attractive and have aesthetic value. Read the following customer reviews for additional information:

Aesthetic Lightroom Selebgram Presets

For the first celebgram lightroom preset, this is an aesthetic preset whose clear photo display you can find yourself on other people's social media, or by searching the internet.

A brown and lighting effect will be created, making the photo more interesting to look at as a whole. You can also get editing settings using the following link:

Celebrity Lightroom Vintage Presets

The classic vintage theme is next on the list of popular presets that are frequently used by celebrities. Well, later you can make presets with colors like the 90s using a mixture of many color effects which are quite gloomy.

A gloomy corridor or an old building would be ideal locations for a vintage-style photo shoot, and the two go well together.

Lightroom Dark Mode Selebgram Presets

Get a dark and trendy look. In this Lightroom tutorial, you'll learn how to compress highlights, change the tone with curve adjustments, and enhance skin tones. This screen is ideal for portraits and fashion photography.

Nature Theme Lightroom Selebgram Presets

First, we'll provide a Lightroom formula based on a theme, namely the landscape theme. Natural scenery such as mountains that have a green color will look livelier and fresher. Here is the formula for natural mountain lightroom editing. The result is like the image below. How did you get interested in this preset?

150 Cool Lightroom XMP Presets

Finally, in addition to the presets described above, we will provide a set of XMP presets that are customized for quick and simple use during the photo editing process.

How to Use the Selebgram Lightroom Preset Application

Here are a few things you should know about using the program's Lightroom presets, especially when it comes to importing files that actually depend on the type of preset format itself, either XMP or DNG.

If you know how, you don't have to worry about the results anymore, because with just a few clicks you can produce the perfect photo. For how to use it, please follow the instructions below, as follows:

Import DNG Preset Files

  1. First, make sure you launch the Adobe Lightroom application on every device you have.
  2. Then, on the first screen, select Add Photos in the upper right corner to start the upload process.
  3. Next, please select Files and enter the Preset file, dng. Select Copy Settings from the drop-down menu
  4. Arrangement.
  5. Finally, upload the photo you want and then select Settings > Paste Settings from the drop-down menu.
    It works and please test as soon as possible.

Import XMP Format Presets

  1. To get started, launch the File Manager application on your computer.
  2. Look for the XMP preset file that you downloaded earlier.
  3. The preset file must then be copied.
  4. Continue to navigate Android Directory – Data – com.adobe.irmobile – Files -Careouse1documents-0000000000xxxxx folder.
  5. Then Profile – Settings – UserStyles.
  6. Insert the file by pasting it into the appropriate folder.
  7. Good luck.

If you successfully import the XMP file, it will be added to the application automatically. Make sure you "Add" a photo, or add a photo object and immediately check in the preset menu area where you will see the preset file that you imported earlier.

Lightroom Selebgram Preset Setting Formula

As we all know, the Lightroom application is loaded with unique features, one of which is presets. Some Indonesians argue that this function is a recipe for configuring celebrity lightroom presets to make the picture look perfect and maximized.

Lightroom Selebgram Preset Setting Formula

The photos taken using it will give off a modern celebrity look. Here all you need is the Lightroom formula itself along with an attractive photo.

If later you already understand the formula, then all you have to do is ask how to install the formula on a Smartphone using the instructions that we will provide below. If you ever decide to install Lightroom the way you choose, you shouldn't have a problem.

All you need to do is use Lightroom to import the converted images as DNG files. That way, you can see how the formula works, and you'll have a better photo of how to get the best results.

Selebgram Lightroom Preset Formula

Who doesn't know Nabila Zirus, a celebgram who has succeeded in producing preset lightroom recipes for celebgrams that are developed with their own originality.

You can verify for yourself on his Instagram account that he is capable of producing photos with Korean drama tones with sharp and pastel color contrasts. He gained many new admirers and followers as a result of his transformation.

Intrigued by the formula? Please refer to the following explanation:

  1. Right in the Light area, please reduce exposure to -05.50 EV.
  2. Basic Light Value
  3. Exposure 0.50V
  4. Contrasts -20
  5. Black -44
  6. Whites -100
  7. Highlights -100
  8. Shadows +100
  9. Right in the Light section, please lower the exposure to -05.50 EV.
  10. For the color part, please ignore the Temperature to keep it at 0, then increase the Tint to 2, Vibrance 30, and Saturation -30.
  11. Color Value
  12. temperature 0
  13. Tints 2
  14. Saturation -30
  15. Vibrance +30

The formula table in the Mix section is as follows:

  1. Color Mix Hue Saturation Luminance
  2. Red -10 +32 +20
  3. Orange -16 -22 -22
  4. Greens 0 -100 +50
  5. Pink 0 26 0
  6. Purple 0 24 0
  7. Aqua +30 +75 0
  8. Yellow -100 +25 0
  9. Blue 0 -60 -26
  10. Focus effects only on Charity, Vignate, Feather, and Dehaze.
  11. Effects Value
  12. Textures 0
  13. Roughness 45
  14. Size 40
  15. Clarity -16
  16. Dehaze 26
  17. Grain Amount 10
  18. Highlights 0
  19. Feathers 100
  20. Midpoints 50
  21. roundness 0

You can adjust the Split Tone as follows:

  1. Split Tone Highlights Saturation
  2. Shadows 0 0
  3. Highlights 37 19

Lastly, for Details, you only need to increase the Sharpening right to 10. Here you can also make noise settings to reduce the level of photo noise:

  1. Value details
  2. Sharpening 10
  3. Details 25
  4. 1.00 radius
  5. masks 0
  6. Contrast 0
  7. Details 50
  8. Color Noise Reduction 15

Selebgram Lightroom Preset Dark Formula

Also, keep in mind that the dark formulas in the program's lightroom presets can help you achieve a cold and enigmatic impression. In addition, applying the right angle and object can later give an unusual impression, or look beautiful on the object of the photo itself. The following guide will help you get the dark look you want.

  1. Light: Please slide the exposure column until it touches +0.20 with the aim that the photo object can look bright.
  2. Color : In the coloring process you only need to reduce the Vibrance or Saturation. Then in the Temperature section ideally you don't need to change it, or just ignore it.
  3. Mix: As for the focus, it really impresses a lot on that part. The most important thing is that you apply every number in the table.
  4. Effects: In the effects section, please attach it to the Dehaze, Texture, and Clarity sections.
  5. Split Tone: to make the photo appear darker, it is recommended to adjust the split tone in the Highlight and Shadow sections according to the numbers.
  6. Details: The last thing to focus on in the Details section is color noise reduction and noise reduction. The goal is to make the edited photos look natural and elegant.

Influencer Selling Selebgram Lightroom Presets

The more you have a visually pleasing image, of course, the more people will receive compliments, especially if you are someone who is active with social media use. Similar to celebrity lightroom presets, which are widely used by Indonesian celebrities nowadays, it has a beneficial effect on the number of followers and the number of positive reactions.

In this sophisticated era, of course it's not difficult for you to be able to produce images that seem interesting for the public to see. There are so many photo editing software that you can use with a myriad of interesting and complex capabilities, one of which is the Lightroom application. Especially now that there are dozens of tools that offer decent editing presets with a quick one-click approach.

Edited presets for sale by celebgrams: who are these people? Let's look at the data in the following review:

Sarah Azka

For the first suggestion, a celebrity lightroom preset selling edited preset is called Sarah Azka. Please check later on your own Instagram account. This beautiful woman who loves traveling and photography actually offers modified presets which are both aesthetically pleasing and pleasing to the eye.

Of course, the quality is not in question as you can take stunning pictures with just one click. Ladies who are curious can keep an eye on the social media page @sarahzkapreset, where additional information will be shared in the near future.

For prices starting from Rp. 99,000 – Rp. 249,000

Toby Xiong

One of the top editing presets Stella Lee is a blogger and traveler who has come up with a version of the preset that is both visually appealing and easy on the eyes.

Later you will not only produce images that look bright and pleasing to look at, but the final product of the photo looks beautiful, attractive, and artistic. Isn't it interesting how much you don't think?

Specifically here, you can choose edit presets with warm or warm tones produced by modifications from them. For those of you who are interested and want to buy it, please check further at the Instagram address @themagicpreset. Prices mentioned start from Rp. 75,000 to Rp. 595,000.

Influencer Selling Selebgram Lightroom Presets

Juliana Stephanie

Next is the beautiful influencer Juliana Stephanie who also offers amazing edited presets that you can "drag" to her social media. Check out the Instagram account @presetbyjuli for lots of beautiful and useful editing presets that you can use as resources or even purchase.

Rates start from Rp. 70,000 – Rp. 535,000.

Of course, you don't understand it, but it turns out that guys can also make modified presets. One of them is Oni Hoironi, a writer and traveler who publishes his work under the name @onipreset on Instagram. For those of you who want pictures like those in social media posts, please visit the URL directly, so that the photo results are more artistic and beautiful.

IDR 69,000 – IDR 229,000 is the range offered.

Jennifer Ankamury

Finally, there are preset changes made by a blogger and traveler, namely Jennifer Ankamury, a beautiful woman who is able to design photo editing procedures to make them look more attractive, creative, and pleasing to the eye. Please check out his Instagram page for samples if you want to try it yourself.

For additional information, you can check it on the social media account @presetbyankamury. Prices mentioned start from Rp. 75,000 to Rp. 275,000.

So, now you have an idea of what celebrity lightroom presets look like and how you can use them in the process? We've provided links to the selected themes above, so you can access them later.

Now you can easily create images that look more attractive, stylish, and have great creative value thanks to the Adobe Lightroom application.


Presets in Lightroom are collections of photo-related adjustments that can be saved and reused to achieve the desired look of a photo. Many argue that Lightroom presets help every user to minimize the photo editing process, so it feels practical and the results look perfect.

The classic vintage theme is next on the list of popular Lightroom presets that celebrities frequently use. A gloomy corridor or an old building would be ideal locations for a vintage-style photoshoot, and the two work well together in a Lightroom shoot.

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