The Get Name application on the Viral Disconnect Service – Recently, the Get Name application has become quite viral in the Kite Breaking series. Several years have passed since its first release, but it is only recently that users have begun to take advantage of the software's more advanced capabilities. Do you want to try it?

The popular “Drop Kites” series indirectly introduces Get Name. when one of the actors uses this software to track someone's identity. Many people are fascinated by her and want to take advantage of her attractive qualities.

What is Get Name Application

Getname is an application used to check the name of a telephone number. If you have ever received a call or SMS from a number you don't recognize, you can check it. By checking the number through the Getname application, you will definitely find out the name of the owner of the number.

Why are you so interested in this much-loved app? This is not bad because it is now viral and has many users. It turns out that Get Name allows someone to trace the identity of the owner of a phone number.

What is Get Name Application

Actually this application is called Get Contact. However, because of the complexity of knowing someone's name and how a contact is called on a smartphone, the Get Name application is better known. So both are the same type of application.

It's been a long time since the first edition of the Get Name or Get Contact application was published, but it seems that it doesn't seem to have found many supporters. When he stopped using it after a scene in the Kite series, it was in great demand.

Indirectly, actress Kinan took part in popularizing the Get Name application in Indonesia. When he wonders about someone's number, Kinan uses this app and it's easy to figure out the identity of the owner.

After that, the reputation of the Get Name app rapidly soared substantially. Applications that were previously underestimated and paid little attention to, were immediately sought after and utilized. It goes without saying that this is a boon for the programmer.

Until now, there are various versions available, both free and paid. Programmers also make changes to the application. Sophisticated, Huawei owners can also download directly from internet stores, apart from Android and iOS users.

Benefits and Uses of the Viral Get Name Application

This powerful function is already used by hundreds of downloaders. Starting from curiosity and desire to learn, to actually using the features of this application. If previously you were curious about the unknown number that entered your smartphone, now knowing it is quite easy.

This app has proven to be effective in finding the names of frequent callers from unknown numbers. It is even capable of blocking annoying phone numbers that call too often. How to use it is quite easy. Contact identities can be found by simply dialing their phone number and then performing a search.

Moreover, this application can be accessed for free. The maker of Get LDA Verification came with the term “Get” as a name. Google Play Store, App Store for iOS, Huawei App Gallery or widely shared URLs are all options that users can choose when they want to download apps. Users are attracted to download it because of its simplicity and many advantages.

Get Name is also a lightweight application. It only takes up 43 MB of your hard drive space. As a result, a lot of RAM is not needed. To take advantage of the advanced capabilities of smartphones, users do not need to delete other data. While the required OS version is at least Android 5.0.

There are two kinds of versions, namely free and paid. In general, the features that can be accessed are almost the same. But if you want to be more comfortable in use, you can get the premium type which of course has various benefits.

How to Download Get Name App

After learning the usage, now how to download it? Plus, it's the easiest portion. It is available for free download for Android and iOS users. Google Play, Software Store and Huawei App Gallery deliver this great app.

Get Name is an application for spam filtering and caller identification. its ability to screen calls and present only the option to talk to the person you choose is quite outstanding.

The technique for identifying callers is very good. So consumers don't have to worry anymore if a foreign number comes in. Likewise when you want to know the identity of the owner. All of this can be done quickly and simply with the Get Name application.

Crimes using cell phone conversations are common. This is what drives developers to build complex applications that can predict it. Of course his prowess makes the bullies anxious. His real identity can be ascertained in one step.

His expertise in predicting spam also deserves a thumbs up. Interference from pranksters via phone numbers is no longer a problem for users. Just launch this app, find the culprit and take action immediately.

The Get Name application can be used in a number of ways. It can be from a PC or laptop other than a cellphone. Now there is a choice between the original version and the newer version. Protect yourself from unwanted phone calls with this handy tool.

How to download the Get Name application

After successfully downloading this great application, don't forget to install it immediately so you can enjoy all its advantages. Installing this program is very similar to installing any other program. Just follow all the prompts.

How to use this application is very easy. It's as simple as looking for contacts that have been recorded on a smartphone. So there's no reason not to take advantage of it. The Get Name app is a must have for anyone interested in discovering someone's true identity or just having fun.

The download procedure is very simple, does not require significant memory and its advantages encourage more and more people to use it. So, how to activate the app once it has been downloaded to their smartphone? Here are the steps:

  1. Open Get Name after the application is finished and all files have been saved correctly.
  2. Installing new apps may not be possible because the device is configured to only accept apps that are currently allowed.
  3. If so, change settings or grant device permissions to allow unknown apps to install.
  4. Verification requires a telegraph number or WA. Both are optional, so you can choose one of them.
  5. To authenticate your identity, you will receive a personal identification number in the mail.
  6. Click the link in the WA or Telegram account that is used for verification, the application can already be used.

Knowing who owns the name number used to contact you via WA is one of the many advantages of using the Get Name application. This is a feature that many downloaders use.

How to use the Get Name application

The information offered may be very important and valuable. Especially if the substance of the communication is something sordid. Usually the recipient is curious and wants to immediately know the name of the sender. The get contact application can detect whatsapp contact names, see more details in this article.

The identity of the perpetrator can be known only by marking the WA number on the application. The next time someone is about to do something bad using a phone number, they should stop and reconsider.

If someone dares to take risks, then their actions will be immediately recognized and must be held accountable. Indirectly, it turns out that this application can support healthy and fun conversations. So what's the best way to use this? Follow the instructions below!

  1. Open the number you want to find the identity of
  2. Copy the number
  3. Then launch the get name viral application
  4. Then enter the number in the given column
  5. If the number is already used in WA, a tag will appear
  6. Click more tag, then the information from that number will come out.
  7. To find out their identity, this application requires the cellphone used to send messages using WA. Then what if the message is delivered via SMS? It's not difficult at all. Lure the number owner to send WhatsApp.

The trick, after receiving a message via SMS, immediately save the sender's number. Use any name because you don't know the identity of the sender. Then send a message using WA. Say that you have received the message.

Fishing by suggesting that there is no credit to reply to SMS messages, because it uses WA. Make the sender believe and respond. When they react via WhatsApp, they will be able to tag them and know their real identity instantly.

What steps should be taken to avoid spam after the sender's identity is revealed via WA? It's annoying when you get spam in your inbox. Not only that, time and focus may be drained because of it.

Imagine, when you are busy working on something spam mail suddenly appears. The recipient immediately left the work and opened it. It turned out to be just something useless. It must be very troublesome if you get hundreds of these every day.

How to Use the Spam Feature

Spam protection is one feature of the get name viral app that might help you avoid this. Unimportant and annoying notifications can be dealt with effectively in this area. How to use it is also quite easy. Remember the following:

  1. First, launch GetName application, then click Others
  2. After that, click Settings and then Spam Settings to continue.
  3. Currently, you have a choice between two alternatives. If you want to get alerts from Get
  4. Name regarding numbers that are recognized as spam, you can activate "Show Warning for Spam and Fraud Calls".
  5. If you want to prevent calls from numbers that the app has identified as spam, click “Block all Spam” next.
  6. These features can be obtained by availing the free version of the application. To get additional facilities, customers download premium by subscribing. Also, the absence of advertisements makes this version very user-friendly.

Featured Features of the Get Name Application

The capabilities provided by the Get Name application are no-nonsense and have proven to be useful. Users can block unwanted numbers and access various data in just a few simple steps.

Featured Features of the Get Name Application

While some of these fantastic capabilities exist in other applications, in reality there are many more users who choose to use the Get Name application. Easy, simple, does not require a large memory and many advantages are the reasons many people use it. So, what exactly are we left with? Come on!

Mobile Number Identification

Mobile number identification is an amazing feature of this viral app. Simply by entering the number you want to know who belongs to, Get Name can reveal complete information. The procedure is fast and uncomplicated.

To use this app, users just need to enter a phone number and then follow the on-screen instructions. In a few seconds, the identity of the owner can be found. This feature makes those who want to have fun, ponder a few times because they will soon be found out,

Want to know how someone saves someone else's number? That's where this software comes in. For example, if a user wants to know his mobile number is recorded on the associated device, just use this application.

Call Blocking

Does anyone just keep on calling even though there's no interest so it's annoying? This application might be able to help to overcome it. With the block option available, intruders will no longer be able to carry out activities. They don't even have access to the contacts at all.

This feature may be a precautionary measure for protection against attackers. What if one day feel the desire to hook up? Very easy, just unlock and access two-way conversation can take place. Simple and easy, also useful.


Sending spam has a variety of reasons, as seen by the large volume received. There are those who want to impart knowledge, just for fun or selling products. If you don't want to receive messages from people you don't care about, it might be a pain.

Just activate the spam prevention option from the Get Name app. Thus only messages that are absolutely necessary can enter the smartphone. The message sender will no longer be able to contact the recipient. Again, the user can relax.

Encrypted and Secure Chat

Worried about someone hacking emails on WA? That's no longer the case. To prevent eavesdropping, all communications sent through the Get Name application will be scrambled or encrypted.

As well as being secure, all conversations are carefully archived. In short, the content of communication can only be known by the sender and receiver. Even before reaching the server, where it can only be stored in encrypted form, the message is scrambled.


The Get Name application can be purchased for free at the Google Play Store, App Store, Huawei App Gallery and the link provided. Users can download and use it for free. Who doesn't love being able to access advanced features for free?

But for those who want to use it more comfortably, you can get the premium or paid version. Of course, there are some advantages to paying for this service over using the free version. Two tempting choices for consumers.

The free version is sufficient for most users if they only need basic functionality. Interference that occurs when using the application has a very big impact.

Available For Smartphone and Desktop

Although this application tries to identify and block the number of someone who accidentally gets on the smartphone, there is a PC version that can be accessed. As a result, customers have wider possibilities.

Developers have given a lot of consideration to desktop applications. This is confirmed by the release of an updated or latest version. Downloading via Google Play Store, App Store, Huawei App Gallery, or links is easy for consumers as there are so many choices.

A Brief Review of the Get Name Viral Application

The Get Name application, formerly known as Get Contact, is a small but powerful tool. It is free to download and use. Indirectly, perpetrators of illegal activity using cell phones can be reduced. Or even easier to find out their identity then can be followed up.

Its full features with easy-to-use techniques make it the choice of many people. Not only because it went viral through the series "Layang-Layang Disconnect", but the benefits themselves are able to make this application a lot of devotees.

Until now, its user base continues to grow thanks to the many advantages it offers. It's a great tool to find out someone's phone number, and spam and ban features are active.

Want to use it right away? Download directly to the device of your choice. All of these are viable options, including those listed above, as well as the links provided. Small memory does not interfere with application storage or other data.

Now you don't have to worry if you get a call from a foreign number. If you want to know their identity or block them, just do a few steps on the Geget name viral Name application. all welcome back. There will be no more bullying.

Get Name Application Brief Review


The get name viral application allows someone to trace the identity of the owner of a telephone number. The popular “Termination of Service” series indirectly introduces Get Name when one of the actors uses this software to trace someone's identity.

Many people are fascinated by him and want to take advantage of his qualities. Get Name is a lightweight application that takes up 43 MB of your hard drive space. GetName application you can read here.

The creators came up with the term “Get” as the name for the app's identity discovery tool. Get Name is an application for spam filtering and caller identification. It is available for free download for Android and iOS users. This app can be used in a variety of ways, from a PC or laptop to a cell phone with a built-in GPS locator.

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