How to Make Pocky Love Viral on TikTok - Lots of netizens are looking for ways to make Pocky love viral on TikTok which has become a trend lately, here's how you can do it to make Pocky love easily.

Internet netizens flock to Tiktok, a now popular and widely used social media app.

You can get information and have fun at the same time with the Tiktok app, which has short film content.

More than that the Tiktok application also offers many other features such as a place to advertise goods, a place to sell at the Tiktok Shop and many more.

What is Pocky Love TikTok

But the most prominent feature of the Tiktok application is that Tiktok can bring up many of the latest trends which eventually go viral on social media and the internet.

Pocky Love Tiktok, for trending, is now viral among users. Here's the review.

What is Pocky Love TikTok

The Tiktok application has long been known for its viral content on social media and the internet. Especially for current viral dance video content, such as Kiki Challenge, Goyang Pargoy, and other similar projects.

However, Tiktok is not just a platform for sharing photos; it's also a source of new ideas and products, like this heart-shaped gift bucket.

Now, many Tiktok users are making and enjoying the new trend of So Pocky Love Tiktoks. Pocky itself is the name of one of the snacks made by Glico Japan which is delicious to eat.

But apart from delicious cookie sticks, it turns out that Pocky's snack packs are also so extraordinary that they can be turned into gift buckets.

Now for the pocky love trend itself, it is a trend where social media users make their uploads giving gifts of pocky buckets as gifts.

Pocky special packs are often presented to someone dear to the recipient in the shape of a heart.

In recent days, this trend has gone viral, and many netizens are curious to create their own versions.

So, for those of you who want to try producing this Pocky Love bucket, see the explanation below.

How to make Pocky Love Tiktok

Making a Pocky Love gift bucket that is now viral on Tiktok is very easy to do. If you know someone special that you would like to gift, you might consider following a viral trend and using this approach.

To make your own Pocky Love bucket, of course, all you have to prepare is a pack of Pocky snacks. Pocky itself is still quite cheap, namely Rp. 8 thousand for one package and can be obtained at the nearest minimarket.

After that, we're going to set everything up to make a heart-shaped bucket, but first we need to empty it so the finished bucket can be shaped and made lighter.

Here's how to make Pocky Love Tiktok:

  1. Prepare 8 packs of Pocky
  2. Take out the pocky cake filling inside
  3. After that, also prepare glue or you can use double-sided tape
  4. After the materials have been collected, attach each part of Pocky to the top and bottom using the double sided tape
  5. You can follow the pattern in the image below to make the viral Pocky Love

Very easy right? After successfully making your own Pocky Love Bucket, don't forget to upload it to the Tiktok application.

In this way, you can also avoid being left behind by the Pocky Love trend that is currently viral.

If you are in LDR, you don't need to worry because you can use pocky love whatsapp stickers which you can send via whatsapp.


The pocky love trend itself is a trend where social media users make their uploads giving gifts of pocky buckets as gifts.

In the article above, we don't only discuss how to make pocky love, but we also discuss what pocky love is TikTok.

Thus the article about How to Make Pocky Love Viral on TikTok, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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