Best Laptop 2022 Price 5 Million – If you want to buy the best laptop for 2022 at a price of 5 million, you can see the article below to find out.

As we know, a laptop is an electronic gadget that is quite comfortable to carry around because it can run various applications that you need.

Tablets and smartphones are also quite popular, but many of you may prefer and feel comfortable using laptops.

Laptops are the best gadget choice when it comes to writing papers, reports, editing movies and playing games.

The next concern is which laptop is adequate and should you buy? Today's laptops come in a variety of sizes, features, prices and other specifications.

Especially if you have set a budget price for the laptop you are going to buy, which is 5 million. Buying the best laptop for 2022 at a price of 5 million can be quite a hassle and confusing thing.

Because of this, this article will provide important information on how to choose the best 5 million dollar laptop.

You will be able to find out which laptop is best for you this way. Apart from that, you will also be given a list of 10 recommendations for a list of the 5 million best laptops along with their evaluations and how to care for them to make them more sturdy and durable.

Tips for Choosing a Good 5 Million Price Laptop

Bought a new laptop? Here are some pointers for narrowing your search to the top 5 million laptops on the market.

1. Choose Based on the Operating System

Choosing the right operating system that suits your needs is the most important and vital thing when you decide to buy your 5 million laptop.

The operating system you choose should be the one you normally work with. This is due to the fact that learning the user interface and functionality of a new operating system will take time.

2. Know the Processor Used

After you decide on the laptop operating system and the programs you will run on it. Next, you can find out the minimum hardware specifications you need to operate the program.

The 5 million laptop specification that is very important and recommended to check is the CPU. This processor is often also referred to as a chip or CPU.

There are basically two companies that make laptop processors: Intel and AMD so you can find advantages and disadvantages of each to suit your needs.

3. Pay attention to RAM size and storage

The capacity of a laptop for multitasking is influenced by the RAM it has. The amount of RAM you have depends on how you plan to use it.

Take, for example, your one in five million laptops, which you use to surf the web, take online courses, and do various other things on your laptop.

For these activities you can use RAM with a budget of 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage. Meanwhile, for medium use, I mean Core i3-i5 with 4GB to 8GB with 512GB SSD storage, very suitable for editing activities, programmers.

Meanwhile, RAM with a large size is often used by expert gamers, professional editors or those who work in parts related to photos, design animation, and similar activities. Typical RAM capacities are between 16 and 32 gigabytes.

4. Check the Completeness of the Features Offered

At this point, you need to realize that there are several features at your disposal that will make your task simpler and more efficient.

When the new 5 million unit laptop edition was released, this function was common. Before making a purchase, it's a good idea to look at the basic specifications of the product. USB Ports, Screens, Touchscreens, WiFi, Graphics, and 2 in 1 PCs are just a few things you shouldn't neglect when looking for a new computer.

List of the Best 5 Million Price Laptop Recommendations

Below we will provide recommendations for the best laptops for 2022 at a price of 5 million, we have prepared them below, as follows:

1. A407UA Brand Asus

Currently there are many laptop brands at low prices but the quality is not recommended. Unlike the Asus A407UA, you will find a high-quality laptop with a beautiful design. There are also very good specifications for such a low price.

You can get this 5 million laptop for the demands of business work to games and programming.

This is because this laptop has a RAM capacity of 4GB which can still be increased on demand up to 16GB and 1TB of storage.

The dimensions of the A407UA laptop are 328.6 x 246.3 x 21.9 mm and it weighs 1500 kilos. The screen size is also the same, about 14 inches and HD with Windows 10 OS.

2. Aspire E5-475G Brand Acer

Even though this laptop is sold in the range of 5 million, it doesn't forget its performance. Using the Aspire E5-475G laptop all day is not a problem, whether for work or play.

Apart from that, the specifications of the 6th generation Intel Core i3 laptop make it perfect for multitasking in the office. Programming and editing application, for example, all can be opened at the same time.

A laptop with 4GB of RAM and 1TB of storage is available for an additional 5 million yen. The dimensions for this 5 million laptop are 343 x 248 x 30 mm with a 14-inch HD screen size. Available with Windows 10 with Intel HD graphics on a VGA monitor.

3. 14-CM0005AU Brand HP

The next 5 million laptop recommendation is the 14-CM0005AU from the HP brand. This laptop is one of the laptops that fall into the category of gaming laptops.

This laptop's AMD Ryzen 3 2200U CPU ensures that even when performing intensive tasks such as playing games for a long time, it remains responsive.

This laptop made by HP is supported by 4GB of RAM with 1TB of storage so it can handle a lot of your business data.

For physical specifications, this laptop has dimensions of 335 x 234 x 19.9 mm and weighs approximately 1.5 kg.

As for the screen, this laptop is equipped with a 14-inch HD screen. The operating system used on this 5 million laptop is Windows 10 with VGA AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics.

4. V14 IIL i3 1005G1 Brand Lenovo

The V14 IIL i3 1005G1 Laptop from the Lenovo Brand is a 5 million laptop that you can get with the greatest CPU. Currently you can get a laptop with a 4-inch screen.

Although at first glance it looks almost the same as other laptops, if you take a closer look, this laptop has a rather wide keyboard key spacing.

This is for your own benefit, so you can type more easily. Even so, this 5 million laptop still has decent performance when used to open editing, office, gaming and other applications.

There's no way around the enormous storage capacity, which includes an Intel Core i3 1005G1 processor with 12GB of RAM and an SSD with 1TB of storage.

5. LIBER i3-8130u Brand AVITA

This is the only laptop from AVITA that is included in the 5 million laptop recommendation list. The LIBER i3-8130u laptop has a fairly slim design with a fairly large CPU size.

An Intel Core i3 CPU from the 8th generation, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB solid state drive complete the list of specifications for this ultraportable laptop. The Intel UHD 620 VGA size uses the Windows 10 Home Basic operating system.

Even though this 5 million laptop product is a new brand, it is quite worth it to get. The dimensions of the laptop are 333 x 222 x 16 mm with a weight of 1.46 kg and a 14-inch Full HD screen. So what are you waiting for, hurry up and buy before it runs out


Laptops are the best gadget choice when it comes to writing papers, reports, editing movies and playing games.

In the article above, we didn't only discuss a list of recommended laptops priced at 5 million, we also discussed tips for choosing a 5 million laptop.

Thus the article about the Best Laptops for 2022 with a Price of 5 Million, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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