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Rancakmedia.com – Do you already know how to make an aesthetic Instagram or Instagram font, let's look at the information in the following article.

Who doesn't know Instagram which is one of the most popular social networking applications with more than 1 billion users. Of course Smartphone users have the application.

Along with the times, there are lots of sites and accompanying applications that can give a variety of impressions in their use, one of which is the aesthetics of the IG font.

Various groups ranging from musicians, actors to politicians have used the Instagram application in large numbers. Having this application is an honor, because it contains a lot of useful information.

For example, such as video material, photos, IGTV, and others. Apart from that, users have the option to add stories, modify the bio design and do many other things.

Well, there is one unique item that this Instagram application has, namely the IG aesthetic font or generator. You need to know that the name is a tool that allows users to modify various types of phrases to make it look cool and visually pleasing with various fonts (writing) that you can choose as you wish.

By using the IG aesthetic font or generator, there may be a different style or change when using the Instagram platform. That way, the impression is much more interesting to look at. Interested in learning how to make your own? Please refer to the following reviews.

What Is IG Aesthetic Font or IG Generator?

Know that IG aesthetic fonts and generators are one of the tools you can use to format text however you like, such as aesthetic text, strikethrough, blank, bold, and other writing styles.

So when you use it, the impression will be very different when seen by other users, especially those of you who actually operate this Instagram application. In fact, you can also use this font on other social networking sites, such as FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, and many more.

It's just that so far this IG aesthetic font has been widely used by Instagram users to make it look attractive and look cool and different from the others. His debut is an invention that should be appreciated, because it is enjoyed by many people, especially in the current millennial era.

But before that, there are certain factors that you should know before using this aesthetic writing style.

Important Things Before Using IG Aesthetic Fonts

Typography is a work guaranteed or protected by intellectual property rights, and this must be asserted (IPR). As a result, don't be surprised if you have to sign some kind of license or agreement before you can use the font.

If you take a closer look, you will see that certain fonts are free to use for commercial purposes while others are restricted for personal use. Well, utilization for commercial projects is usually the same for personal and corporate business purposes. As for personal, they usually create a personal portfolio website and are not related to the company.

First and foremost, verify the license to avoid problems with copyright or intellectual property rights (IPR) infringement.

Recommended Website for IG Aesthetic Fonts

Here we have collected 12 websites for aesthetic IG fonts that you should test later so that your bio looks cool and beautiful on your Instagram platform. So that it makes people who see it amazingly amazed. Here's how it works:

Squirrel fonts

Font Squirrel is a website that provides a selection of high-quality fonts that you can download to make your Instagram platform look aesthetically pleasing. Just because the fonts included in this package are all professionally licensed, the procedure is more expensive. But don't worry, because after that you just have to verify all the licenses for any font you want to download.

On the other hand, this Instagram font provider site also has a variety of multilingual fonts and some really cool functions. The two main utilities are Webfont Generator and Font Identifier. You can create your own fonts online with Font Generator, while the Font Identifier tool can help you recognize and search for fonts based on photos.


Second, we believe that FontsSace is the most interesting, because it has 68,000 fonts that you can get for free from thousands of creators. That's a lot right? About 746,000 people have registered to be part of the website's community.

On this site you are not only looking for free versions of fonts, but you can also browse styles from designer names. Apart from that, you can also read interesting articles on blogs, verify font licenses, and much more.

Google Fonts

You can use Google Fonts for your IG font aesthetic writing requirements on Instagram social media, because this website provides a choice of cool and unique writing characters. There are over 800 types of fonts to choose from, including everything from Sans Serif to handwritten fonts to Monospace and more. It should be noted that all of these fonts are freely available to download.

Other than that, the web aesthetic is pretty neat and clean; has a minimalistic impression. Later you won't have to wait long to be able to receive accessible fonts, just one click, everything works. This is the main reason why fonts are so popular among font makers. That is, you can copy and paste it into the font code itself.


The 7NTypes website offers free downloads of design fonts with charming and whimsical characters. This website offers a large selection of fonts for personal and business needs. Now, for free fonts licensed for personal use, you can find them through the freebies in the left column. Many fonts for $1 are also available in the $1 Discount Offer category.

You can save a lot more money, though, by buying a plan. With this offer, you can buy several fonts at a much lower price. It is possible to create bundles based on specific font office preferences in the Create Bundles section of the application. It is also possible to purchase pre-packaged solutions where the fonts have been selected by the relevant parties.


Other than that, Urban Fonts is like no other in that it offers a wide variety of cool fonts and is free of charge to use on Instagram. Here you will be given extraordinary characteristics in depth. This implies that you can clearly see all the characters of each of the current font types. Moreover, you can taste it before choosing to download it.

Among the many types of fonts that can be found on this website are those categorized by alphabet, friends, and more. If you later wish to create an account on the site, you have the added benefit of saving the fonts for the benefit of future projects.


Another website that provides a lot of stock on the availability of IG aesthetic fonts for free is Befonts. Be aware that the fonts offered by this website are produced by skilled designers and creative individuals from all over the world, so a quality font is unnecessary. That is the reason why most of the fonts on websites are free samples of commercial versions.

An interesting feature about this Befonts website is the “Identification” section. In this menu you can ask questions about the font name you want to know by doing "Add Topic". You can also use these fonts for personal or business projects, you know!

1001 Fonts

For a wide variety of free fonts spanning decades, look no further than 1001 Free Fonts. Although named after a number, this site includes more than 9,000 attractive fonts. As a result of his wealth, he is able to keep his font library up-to-date with the latest fonts. This typeface is primarily intended for use in commercial fonts.


My Fonts is also a site that provides IG font aesthetics that you must try, plus it provides premium and free cool fonts. Because of the many discounts, it is very good value for the price it offers. Also make sure you then choose the right type of license so you don't get copyright claims.


If you're looking for a font to use on your own, we highly recommend checking out Dafont now. Because most of the fonts on this website are intended for personal use, such as designing the appearance of an Instagram bio or other similar projects. Note however that this site offers many commercially licensed fonts.

What differentiates this website from others that offer aesthetic fonts is the “Category System”, which allows users to browse through various photos organized by category. For example starting with horror video theme fonts, games, valentines, and others.


Your Instagram profile or other personal projects may benefit from the free fonts available through Fontly. There are a wide variety of fonts available, many of which are free and open source. But the fonts it offers are mostly intended for personal use.

The font types provided are Script, Techno, Holiday, Gothic, Foreign Look, Fancy, Dingbats, Basic, and Bitmap. You will be greeted with an ordinary appearance, but still beautiful.


Who doesn't know who's Award A very famous website among designers. For Instagram or other uses, you have the option to choose one of many beautiful fonts.

The most important feature is that the website also allows designers with many alternative fonts for their work. By using this font supplier site, you can receive the most unusual font shapes that you know nothing about.


Lastly, FontSpring is a marketplace that specifically provides premium type fonts. Even so, you yourself can download many fonts that can be accessed for free and quickly.

On the site you can also search for font types according to the categorization on the right. Tags, styles, and licenses are only the beginning; the language itself is not included. Font licenses are explained at length on this IG aesthetic font vendor website.

Latest IG Aesthetic Generator Font Example

So, of course, you already know what the IG aesthetic font generator is, right? For those of you who want to know more examples of aesthetic writing for Instagram, please check the explanation below, because we have summarized some of the best examples of aesthetic font styles for bios, captions and IG stories.

  1. ???????? ???????????????? ????????????????????
  2. ⓘⓝⓢⓣⓐⓖⓡⓐⓜ ⓕⓞⓝⓣⓢ
  3. ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????
  4. Instagram Fonts
  5. ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????
  6. ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????
  7. ???????? ????????????????
  8. (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ IG font symbol ♥
  9. ???????? ???????????????????? ????????????????????????
  10. ???????? ????????????????????.????????
  11. ???????? ???????????????? ????????????????
  12. ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????
  13. ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????
  14. ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????

How to Make IG Aesthetic Fonts

If the fonts in your Instagram bio are starting to tire you, we recommend using IG's aesthetic (Generator) fonts so that you can further modify or enhance your bio design to your heart's content. Starting from bold, italic, latin, and others.

So, what are the steps? To make it yourself is of course very simple, not as complicated as you might think. Check out the following steps for more information:

  1. The first step, please access the official io/font-generator website using the browser available on the device.
  2. Please enter the text you want to edit into the given field.
  3. The font selection menu will appear immediately.
  4. Then select the font you want
  5. If yes, please click Copy Link to copy your generated content.
  6. After that open Instagram and click Edit Profile then click Paste.
  7. Continue by clicking Save.
  8. Good luck.

Here's How to Make an IG Aesthetic Generator Font

Are you an Instagram fan who loves IG aesthetic generator fonts? So now is the time for you to clean up the appearance of your bio by updating and replacing all content to make it look cool and interesting to look at.

However, if you are not familiar with the terminology, we highly recommend listening to the tutorial below.

  1. A good place to start is to make sure you have access to a reliable internet network.
  2. Open each device's browser to the web page of the pre-installed browser to continue.
  3. After that, please enter the following URL io/font-generator.
  4. Then, in the upper right corner of the menu screen, select the alert option if you have already done so.
  5. In this approach, the most visually aesthetically pleasing font choice will be shown to you automatically.
  6. Choose the one that interests you.
  7. Copy the results of your previous text selection by clicking the Copy button again.
  8. Finally, all you have to do is log in to the Instagram application.
  9. Click Edit Profile and Paste previous content.
  10. Click again Save and done.

IG Aesthetic Fonts Really Support Instagram?

In fact, Instagram's own developers haven't provided any reliable information about IG's aesthetic generator fonts, and that's something to be stressed about. This indicates safe or not, we have not received any reaction from some of its users, but so far the use of aesthetic fonts is still continuing from the number of its users which continues to increase.

Because the official Instagram still limits the text that can be used in the bio, third parties have used font generators to make Instagram bios more aesthetic. Now you can also use it in a simple and amazing way.


Instagram is one of the most popular social networking apps with over 1 billion users. Users have the option to add stories, modify bio design and do many other things. The IG aesthetic font and generator is one such tool that you can use to format your text however you like.

Google Fonts gives you over 800 different fonts to choose from, including everything from Sans Serif to handwritten fonts. The two main utilities are Webfont Generator and Font Identifier.

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