What is GB WhatsApp Application

Rancakmedia.com – If you don't know what the GB WhatsApp application is, you can see the article below until it's finished.

This application has gone through a series of changes by third-party developers so that it can be referred to as WA Mod.

The features themselves are clearly different from the initial version of WhatsApp and are more complete and interesting to use. Intrigued by this GB WA Apk? Further information is provided in the following text.

What is GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is a modification of WhatsApp Plus which is a self-modification application. WhatsApp Plus itself has been blocked by WhatsApp.

Only Android devices can use application this is not approved. However, WhatsApp GB will not be available on the Play Store.

This program can only be downloaded via APK from third-party sources, such as websites. As is well known, getting apps from third parties is more dangerous than getting apps from Play Store.

As pointed out by several Twitter users, WhatsApp GB provides additional features which are not present in Facebook Inc's official WhatsApp app.

Overview GB WhatsApp Apk

Currently what is known by a larger audience is the WhatsApp application which has a simple size and is quite easy.

But not infrequently people want to take advantage of it with enhanced features, so that a modified WA application with a variety of complete and interesting features is created.

Third-party apps can add their own flavor and make the user experience truly unique. Of course this is very profitable for users.

As a result, many people take a glance and decide to use WA GB regularly as a chat application.

Some of the things that interest users are the advantages such as being able to change themes as needed, removing blue ticks in chats, other people won't know you are typing, and many more.

However, there is a risk of being blocked, as this app is an unofficial modification made by someone other than WhatsApp Inc. After knowing what the GB WhatsApp application is, here are its advantages and features.

The advantages or features of GB WhatsApp 2022

Before using it, you must know in advance about the features offered. This will make you feel confident or even reconsider whether or not to use this modified application.

In its use, it must be accompanied by mature and wise thinking in deciding. Therefore, get to know more about the features offered on WhatsApp GB for you.

1. Can Manage More Than One Account

The ability to use two or more WA accounts is the first advantage offered. WA GB Official will provide extraordinary facilities.

For a business person, having the ability to use both personal and company accounts on the same device is a huge advantage.

2. Unlimited Themes

you can use the theme for free and not limited to using GB WhatsApp. This feature is provided so that when you open WA you won't get bored with the same theme.

In addition, you can create a theme design according to your wishes. You can also exchange themes with friends who both use GB WhatsApp. Isn't that great fun? Because the theme is one of the fun things that can be created.

3. Hiding Message Status

For WhatsApp itself, status messages sent or received by users include 3 categories, namely:

  1. Check one, which indicates that the message recipient is not active in WA.
  2. Tick two are gray, that is, the message has been successfully sent but the recipient has not read it.
  3. Check two blue, indicating the message received has been read by the recipient.

Some people will think that this message status is quite disturbing so many want to hide the message status.

With this modified WA, you can activate the feature for other WhatsApp users to see the status of your messages even when you are in the application.

4. Sending Large Capacity Files

For messaging, in the app Original WhatsApp can only send with a maximum size of 16 MB.

Unlike when you use a modified WhatsApp that allows you to send more than the stated maximum capacity, this is a different experience.

You can send up to 100 MB of music files and up to 50 MB of other file types, such as movies, photos, and other media.

Apart from that, if you want to make a WA story with a very large file size, you can too. That way, the quality of the video you want to send in the story won't drop.

Status videos can now last up to 7 minutes, without having to be trimmed for length or quality considerations.

5. Increase the Amount of Media

You can only submit a total of ten photos at a time in their original edition. However, if you want to send more photos, sometimes it may seem less efficient.

With GB WhatsApp, you can send up to 90 photos in one send, which is a fantastic feature. Businesses looking to send images to their sales group find this a very useful tool.

6. Can Download Stories

Sometimes WA users are interested in stories made by friends, both in the form of photos and videos. Unfortunately, if you want to have it, you have to ask first to be provided by the story owner.

This of course does not apply to modified WA because you can download it directly and without contacting your friends first.

7. Password feature

Security is very important, especially for private apps that can be seen by anyone who holds your phone.

On WhatsApp GB you can lock messages or applications using a pre-made password.

You can prevent the spread of private messages and conversations easily this way. That's because the original WhtasApp doesn't have this feature; only the modified version does.

8. Custom Fonts feature

It's very fun and you will never get bored using an application that has a large selection of fonts. For the most part, WhatsApp only allows users to use regular fonts, bold text, or italics.

If you use GB WhatsApp then you can choose many fonts that can be used in it. Of course, to be able to take advantage of this feature without the need to root. Make your chat messages interesting to read by using attractive fonts.

9. Avoid Banned Accounts

This anti-banned feature is what the modification application has been waiting for because it can prevent the account being used from being blocked.

All unofficial apps created by developers, including WhatsApp GB, can be banned from the market.

In the application to enable this, a new anti-ban feature has been modified to WhatsApp, which can be activated first.

As long as you're not running a modified version of the app, you can use this to protect your features from being stolen or broken.

10. Reply to Messages Automatically

Suitable for business people, official accounts, or those of you who are very busy with various incoming conversations.

When the message sender logs into their WA account, you can use this feature to reply to their messages instantly.

You can maximize this feature by setting what message content you want to send and when to send automatic messages.

As a result, busy formats are available, such as messages that will be answered as soon as possible, the owner is sleeping or created, and so on.


WhatsApp GB is a modification of WhatsApp Plus which is a self-modification application. WhatsApp Plus itself has been blocked by WhatsApp.

In the article above, we not only provide an understanding of the GB WhatsApp application, but also the features and advantages of the GB WhatsApp application.

Thus the article about What is the GB WhatsApp application, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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