How to Download Youtube Videos and Watch Without Internet

How to Download Youtube Videos and Watch Without Internet – The Indonesian government has implemented Community Activities Restrictions (PPKM) in several territories in Indonesia. This moves residents back to limiting activities outside the home.

Of course, this situation can lead to boredom, which is why diversions on a digital basis are increasingly preferred. The YouTube platform, which provides various videos, is an option except for broadcasts on TV.

On YouTube there is video content from various groups ranging from games or esports, celebrity YouTube accounts, and religious content from religious figures. Viewing each video will definitely suck up internet package but you can collect all videos and watch them without internet.

YouTube has long provided a feature to download or download YouTube videos for viewing without internet access. The downloaded video will be in the YouTube program for repeated viewing without internet.

Not all videos on YouTube can be downloaded or downloaded if you use free access, not YouTube Premium. This is known from the download icon button below the video being played.

If you tap your finger on the download icon, a description will appear containing information whether the video can be downloaded for free or you have to subscribe to YouTube Premium, aka paid.

A video that can be downloaded for free will immediately display a description such as the quality of the video image you want to select plus the size of the file to be downloaded.

However, it must be remembered that there are some videos that cannot be downloaded or downloaded at all, even if you have subscribed to YouTube Premium. This is because the creator or YouTuber does not allow his videos to be downloaded.

  • Select the image quality of the video you want to download

Continuing the previous explanation, you will be asked to choose the resolution or image quality of the video you want to download. Usually the options are divided into three, namely high, (High), medium (Medium), and low (Low). The size of the download file will depend on the selected image quality.

  • Find videos that have been downloaded or downloaded

Where is the location of the downloaded video? Still in the YouTube application, check the icon in the bottom row and it's called library. Click this icon.

Now on the Library page, there will be a Downloads section and the number of videos you have downloaded. Click on this menu and you will find the location of the downloaded video. You can enjoy all the videos from here every time you open the YouTube app.

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