Squid Game filters on Instagram

Rancakmedia.com – Many netizens are looking for squid game filters on Instagram to accompany their confusion, you can check the article below to the end to get it.

The Squid Game filter is an effect on Instagram where you can use it to generate movies on insta stories and Instagram reels.

Squid Game, a Netflix original video, went viral and became a hot topic on the internet recently, inspiring the creation of filters with this effect.

Now the Squid Game film itself depicts a narrative when adults pursue their childhood entertainment. It is possible that their life is in the game within the game they play. But if successful, these players have the possibility to receive prizes of up to hundreds of millions of WON.

Squid Game filter on IG

Suddenly, since the Squid Game series went viral, there is now an IG filter effect with the Squid Game concept and one game up. However, we must first learn the name of the filter effect in order to use it. Watch to the end.

Squid Game filter on IG

As previously mentioned, in the Squid Game series, players are required to engage in fatal childhood games.

One of the games featured in the first episode is hide and seek. Where the players have to sneak to the finish line in front of killer robots.

Red light, green light is the name of the game referred to here. As soon as the light changes from red to green, players can start moving closer to the finish line.

If you miss a step and move at a red light, the player will be killed quickly by a killer robot.

Well, it turns out that this game is someone who developed an IG filter. Games that can be played in this filter are the same as games that can be played in red and green lights.

Squid Game IG Filter Name

So before we try the filter, first we have to know the name of this Squid Game filter effect. As a result, the game Red Light Green Light inspired the name Squid Game filter. In insta stories, the search effect function allows you to search filters by name.

In addition, as an option, we can also search for these filter effects from the filter effect developer account. The Squis game filter maker account name on Instagram is @dude.sg. Just search for the account, open it and then move to the filter effect option.

Once you find it, you have the option to click Try to try the filter immediately or Download to keep the filter effect permanently.

How to use the Squid Game IG filter

It's easy enough to try using the filter effect that is currently going viral. You can immediately search for filter effects or visit the account of the filter effect creator.

For more information, please follow this short guide:

  1. Open and start application Instagram on your phone
  2. Enter the insta story menu or you can swipe the screen from left to right
  3. Next, move the filter effect selection to the far right until you find Browse Effects
  4. Click explore effect and enter the term game Red Light Green Light to look for the Suid Game filter effect
  5. The @dude.sg account offers a game effect Red Light Green Light, which you can then use
  6. Press once you have selected a filter effect. Try trying the Game Squid filter right now
  7. To save the filter effect, click the Download button
  8. Isn't that very simple? The Squid Game filter effect is currently viral and is widely used by netizens

For those of you who like to follow social media trends, of course, don't miss making videos with this viral IG filter effect. Don't forget to share the videos that have been made to social media, OK?


The Squid Game filter is an effect on Instagram where you can use it to generate movies on insta stories and Instagram reels.

In the article above we have discussed the name squid game filter, and how to use the squid game filter on Instagram.

Thus the article about the Squid Game Filter on Instagram, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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