Why are TikTok Lite Coins Not Appearing

Rancakmedia.com – Lots of TikTok Lite users ask, why the TikTok Lite coins don't appear? Below we will provide an explanation, check it out.

The Tiktok app includes a smaller version which has recently gone viral on social media. Yes, the application in question is ByteDance's Tiktok Lite. This is a free application.

Tiktok Lite is a small version of the original Tiktok app. The number “mini” in this context refers to anything that has been reduced in size due to the removal of certain functionality from the original application.

Therefore, this application can be used on cellphones with lower specifications and is faster when compared to the original version of the Tiktok application with the same content.

Why Tiktok Lite Doesn't Appear Coins

The Tiktok Lite application itself has recently become popular because it can be used to make up to millions of rupiah just by viewing videos and inviting friends.

But lately, many users have experienced problems and questioned why Tiktok Lite doesn't display coins so they can't enter the event page.

Why Tiktok Lite Doesn't Appear Coins

The event page of the Tiktok Lite app featuring money awards can be accessed by touching the Tiktok coin icon on the app's home screen.

Recently, some users have reported having trouble finding the symbol. As a result, users of this application will not be able to enter the event page.

Likewise, users who still have a lot of balance on the Tiktok Lite application are also affected because they cannot withdraw amounts that can only be accessed on that page.

This has worried a number of users, why isn't Tiktok Lite showing coins? If yes, how much longer will the Tiktok Lite event last?

[Update] The coin icon has reappeared on a number of users. Now users can invite or cash out via the page normally.

Tiktok Lite Event Until When It Ends

After a large number of users asked why Tiktok Lite failed to show any coins, we decided to check it further. There is a lot of curiosity whether the event from Tiktok Lite has ended. So is it true?

When creating the Tiktok Lite application, a notification or notification appeared some time ago. A notification arrives notifying that this event will end on June 9, 2021.

If the rules are followed, users will be able to withdraw their accumulated funds to their bank account, DANA balance, or OVO balance one week after the event ends.

Therefore, it is clear that the reason why Tiktok Lite does not display the coins found by many app users is not because this event has ended.

Is the Tiktok Lite Event Still Existing?

In addition, there are questions as to why Tiktok Lite is not on the list of available coins and how long the current promotion will last. Another question is are the Tiktok Lite shows still available?

If you see a notification that appeared some time ago stating that this event with prizes will end on June 9 2021, it shows that this event is still active.

However, despite this, a number of users are unable to access this event page because the coin symbol that might be linked to this event page has recently disappeared.

However, now some users can return to visiting the event page as usual by viewing the video, inviting a friend, or making a cash payment procedure.


In the article above, we have provided reasons why the tiktok lite coin doesn't appear, how long will the tiktok coin event last, and is the tiktok lite event still available.

Thus the article about Why TikTok Lite Coins Don't Appear, I hope this article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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