Here are 11 advantages of using an Android smartphone compared to an iPhone

Here are 11 advantages of using an Android smartphone compared to an iPhone – It is undeniable, the iPhone is a slick smartphone with many plus points. But for Android fanatics, it will be very difficult to be tempted to switch to using the iPhone because they know the advantages of Android and the advantages of using it.

This post is definitely not saying that the iPhone is bad. Anyone will be easily tempted to see the slick design and advanced features such as the iPhone's Touch ID. This may be the right phone for a lot of people, but for some of us, the Android experience can't be matched.

To use a simple analogy, the iPhone is a beautiful potential mate. But for Android fans who like to tinker with their smartphones, of course they will be able to feel quite a lot of difference between Android and iPhone.

Advantages of Android Phones Compared to iPhone

Well, without trying to promote anything, but here are the key points that you will miss if you ever decide to ditch Android and switch to iPhone.

  • Multiple Customization Options

The advantages of Android from the first iPhone are related to customization. You can freely mix and match each application and widgets to create a unique look on the Android smartphone home screen.

You can even set shortcuts for widgets and apps on the lock screen. Apart from that, you also have third-party apps and launchers that allow you to customize every aspect of the beauty, including animations and layouts.

While on the iPhone, you will have a list of applications that have been installed. But you can only choose a background image and create an application collection folder.

The advantage of Android is that it has a wide variety of widgets and you can customize them by changing the size, color, font, and data shown by the widgets.

This advantage will make it difficult for you to leave Android, especially those who often spend time fiddling with smartphone displays.

  • Google Apps and Services

Google has been "present" on iOS since the iPhone first launched, although it has been gradually replaced by Apple in recent years. There are apps like Google Keep that you certainly won't get on your iPhone.

And if you want to get the most out of Google Now, Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps and many others, then you have to use an Android device.

This is becoming increasingly vital because Google seems to want to add more value to each of its newest Android versions. Google continues to try to improve the capabilities of the previous Android.

  • Flexible Android Software

Android is easier to change or customize according to taste. You can't get this when using an iPhone. You can change the entire appearance of Android, either manually or by using the launcher.

Android also allows users to replace existing applications with other applications of their choice. Such as a browser, keyboard or music player. iOS itself has started to emulate it, but it's still not as free as Android.

iOS does get more regular software updates. Even so, you should never expect a matter of customization like what you get on Android.

  • Data sharing

Speaking of data sharing or data sharing, Android has the upper hand when compared to the iPhone. Some even say this is one of the most annoying weaknesses of the iPhone compared to Android.

Because, to send or receive data such as songs, iPhone users must transfer it via iTunes. This means you also have to install the iTunes application on your laptop or PC. Very complicated and annoying, isn't it!

You won't find that problem on Android, which gives freedom in matters of data sharing. Android can receive or send data without the hassle experienced by iPhone users. The important thing is there is a data cable, all matters of sharing data are in order on Android.

  • Android Application Defaults Settings

You'll find more apps on Android than on iOS. While there aren't many Android apps that you don't find in the App Store. And for Android users, apps that are not available on iOS will be a big problem for them.

Android lets you set third-party app alternatives as the default for all sorts of things. You can use it for messaging applications, typing searches, browsers, and much more. All you decide, not Google.

This full control is the reason why some Android applications, such as a free video player that can handle all formats, emulators, and so on, sometimes you won't find them on iOS.

  • Rooting and Modification

The next advantage of Android is that the device is very convenient for users who have knowledge or curiosity at the limit of their rooting capabilities.

You can access and tweak anything on your Android device to get the settings you want.

The fun thing is, Android users can join modding communities that are often found on the Internet. The XDA Developers forum is the best place to start exploring your skills.

  • Universal Chargers

Apple is known as a vendor that only "allows" its devices to be used with the ecosystem they have. Even to charge the iPhone battery, you can't use a random charger.

You won't find this hassle on Android, because of the patented universal charger cable. You can use a charger from any Android cellphone, the important thing is the type is the same.

  • More Android HP Variants

The next advantage of Android is the many variants of Android cellphones compared to the more limited iPhone. This is because Android is an open operating system, which can be developed by many vendors.

You can find Android phones from all segments, starting from the flagship class which is expensive, and also the mid-end, low-end, to entry-level classes which are priced at 1 million to 5 million and above.

The design is also quite varied, because each vendor has its own characteristics with the technology it carries. Meanwhile, the iPhone has a more limited variant, and the design is all the same.

  • Cheap Spare Parts

Android users can smile broadly, because if you talk about spare parts, they will be easier to get and the price is relatively cheaper. Meanwhile, iPhone spare parts are sold at a higher price and are difficult to obtain. Such as LCD screens, chargers, etc.

One recent example is the problem of the charger. iPhone 12 users even have to spend extra money which is quite expensive to buy a charger that is sold separately by Apple.

Different conditions are experienced by Android users. You don't need to worry if the original charger cable is damaged, because you can use a charger cable from a different Android smartphone because it is made universal, aka it can be used for all brands.

  • Hardware and Accessories

Because Android phones have a wide variety of models, you can get things that aren't on the iPhone. For example, earphone plugs, microSD slots, to a larger battery capacity with faster recharging technology.

Talking about cameras, Android cellphones are more varied, because they offer many features with new technology in collaboration with a number of camera manufacturers, such as Leica and Huawei, or also camera lenses from Sony.

This makes the quality of the best camera phone shots from Android no less than the iPhone camera. The resolution and number of lenses on Android phones are also much higher and more.

  • Large Memory Capacity + External Memory

Android cellphone users should be grateful, because they can enjoy a large memory capacity and the availability of an external memory card as an addition. So, if the internal memory capacity of 8GB or 16GB provided is lacking, you can add external memory up to 512GB.

Of course, this advantage means a lot for Android users who often play heavy games on their best Android gaming cellphone. There is no longer a problem of lack of memory capacity, because you can increase the capacity.

This cannot be enjoyed by iPhone users, because Apple has determined the amount of memory capacity in each series. If the capacity of the internal memory provided is 8 GB or 16 GB, then that's the capacity, you can't add it. Because the iPhone does not provide external memory like Android

Well, those were 11 advantages of Android cellphones when compared to iPhones. But for the record, the iPhone is not bad, because these two competitors actually have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your taste which one you want to choose.

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