How to Calculate Shopee PayLater Fines per Day – Do you use Shopee PayLater? If so, do you know how to calculate the shopee paylater fine? If you don't know it yet, you should read the article below.

Various services are provided by E-Commerce organizations to make users comfortable. One of them is Shopee, which provides features to make it easier for users to get the items they are looking for.

This convenience is provided through a transaction system that allows users to obtain goods without having to pay for them directly. Unlike the Cash on Delivery system, this system is primarily for Shopee to lend money to users.

SPayLater or Shopee PayLater is the name of the system or method. This feature is called Shopee “Pay Later” according to its name.

Even so, there are still many users who are still confused about this, especially when it's late or the payment terms. So, let's finish reading this article!

What is SPayLater

Shopee PayLater or SPayLater is a pay later system created by PT. Commerce Finance on the Shopee app. This system or method allows users to buy the desired items first without having to pay for them directly.

Shopee, an e-commerce startup, introduced this method in 2019. Service Authority Finance responsible for monitoring the direct payment feature (OJK).

SPayLater is not available to everyone, and those who wish to use it must first comply with terms and conditions. This was done as Shopee's effort to limit abuse of the "Buy Now Pay Later" payment method.

Purchases made using the “Buy Now, Pay Later” feature cannot be credited to the user's account after the fact. The user must reimburse the money that has been borrowed in the next month, or in payments over the months.

Detailed Terms in SPayLater

When a user who borrows must of course return it, it becomes a law that must be obeyed by every SPayLater user. Before taking advantage of this feature, users must be aware of the conditions applied by Shopee.

Users who have recently used SPayLater will have a loan limit of IDR 750,000 placed on their account. User payments will be distributed throughout the time period chosen by them. Payment terms are 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months (for certain users) (for certain users).

Every transaction using SPayLater will be subject to a processing fee of 1 percent and interest of 2.95 percent. For example, if a transaction of Rp. 100,000, the user must pay Rp. 103,950.

1 Day Shopee Paylater Late Payment Fine

As shown in the table above, if the late fee is 5 percent of the total amount of goods purchased. For example, a Rp. 5,000 fine will be imposed on a Rp. 100,000 transaction that is 1 month late (Rp. 100,000 x 5 percent). So the amount to be paid next is Rp. 105,000

If more than 1 month, the fee will increase by 5 percent every month. The 10% penalty, for example, will be assessed if the user is more than two months late.

Maybe I'll be a day late? Delays from month to month are also included in this. So even if it's only for 1 day, users will be charged 5 percent of the total number of items purchased.

How to Pay SPayLater Fines or Installments

When it comes to bill or installment payments, many Shopee PayLater users are still confused about how to pay. We have prepared procedures that can be followed, along with how to pay fines or installments at SPayLater.

  1. Select ShopeePayLater from the My Tab menu
  2. Click the amount you have to pay
  3. Select “Pay Now for Installments” to continue
  4. After the bill arrives, click Pay Installment Now
  5. Choose a Payment Method (ShopeePay, Virtual Account or Indomaret) (ShopeePay, Virtual Account or Indomaret)
  6. Select 'Confirm' to finish

How difficult is it to pay off Shopee PayLater payments over time rather than all at once? Try not to be a day late, because 1 day equals a 1 month fine.


In the above article we have provided information regarding Shopee PayLater, details, late payment fees, and how to pay SPayLater fines or installments.

Thus the article on How to Calculate Shopee PayLater Fines per Day, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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